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24 Aug

New real estate crowdfunding company announces first investment offering for the Self Storage Opportunity Fund

By Robert Hoskins

Santa Monica, California – RealCap, a new real estate crowdfunding company based out of Santa Monica, California, announced the launch of their first investment offering, the Self Storage Opportunity Fund. RealCap will be raising $10 million from accredited investors for the project in order to acquire value-add, self-storage properties nationwide. Providing 10-15% target returns for investors, the passive investment will be open with a minimum investment of $10,000 per investor.

RealCap Crowdfunding Platform Offers Self Storage Opportunity Fund

RealCap Crowdfunding Platform Offers Self Storage Opportunity Fund

“The real estate investment world for individual investors has historically been deeply flawed,” stated Matt Schuberg, co-founder and CEO of RealCap. “High fees, low returns, and high minimums are not a good combination for investors. We launched RealCap to resolve these issues by cutting out the middlemen and migrating the entire transaction process online,” Schuberg added.

Self-Storage is one of the strongest sectors in the real estate industry. Rents have consistently been rising, occupancy remains high and there is a limited supply of new construction which has prevented an oversupply crises. One of the reasons why supply remains in check is that building new units can take years to obtain local approvals. Currently, the Self-Storage sector is a $30+ billion industry with nearly 55,000 units comprising over 2.5 billion square feet of rentable space.

Matt Schuberg further commented, “The goal with our first Fund is to provide investors with potential double-digit returns by acquiring under-performing Self-Storage properties and improving management inefficiencies. We take a fundamental approach to evaluate the property and how additional sources of income can be added to improve the quality of the asset, including solar ports for RV & boat storage, energy buy-back agreements, and cell towers,” continued Schuberg.

The founding members of the RealCap team have been successfully investing in real estate for over 20 years. The core philosophy of RealCap is to provide investors with the opportunity to leverage the Founder’s experience and expertise in order to take advantage of the benefits of owning and investing in real estate.

RealCap is a real estate crowdfunding company that raises capital to invest in high-end real estate, an investment that was previously only available to ultra-high net worth individuals. Our mission is to provide the opportunity to passively invest in high quality, cash-flowing real estate and self-storage properties without requiring large sums of capital. Our experience and industry knowledge enables our investors to reap the benefits of investing in real estate, with none of the hassle.

To learn more about this opportunity, the company, or how to invest, contact Matt Schuberg at, or visit

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LoanDepot Announces Closing of $150M Crowdlending Fund to Further Fuel Its Record-breaking Performance with Investments in Technology and Product Development Projects

24 Aug

As a national marketplace lender, the loanDepot platform is disrupting finance by dissolving the lines between mortgage and non-mortgage credit

By Robert Hoskins

Irvine, California LoanDepot announced the closing of $150 million in term debt financing and intends to use the proceeds to further fuel its record-breaking performance with continued investments in technology and product development, and to leverage its balance sheet to hold certain loan assets.

loanDepot, America's lender, matches borrowers through technology and high-touch customer care with the credit they need to fuel their lives

loanDepot matches borrowers through technology and high-touch customer care with the credit they need to fuel their lives

“Capital investment in consumer lending and in the mortgage industry is very tight and highly selective,” says Anthony Hsieh, chairman and chief executive officer at loanDepot. “Investors are interested in category leaders with scale who succeed in all credit cycles. This deal confirms the strength of our business model and the positive momentum of our brand. It also signals the competitive advantage loanDepot has in accessing capital in today’s market as we pursue our long-term growth strategy.”

As the nation’s second-largest nonbank consumer lender, loanDepot heads into the second half of 2016 with second-quarter fundings reaching nearly $10 billion in home, personal and home equity loans. Total fundings for the first half of 2016 are up 16 percent compared to the same time last year. The number of loans funded by loanDepot in the first six months of 2016 increased by 33 percent compared to the same period last year, further demonstrating the value of the company’s personal loan platform and cross-selling opportunities between loan products.

“Working capital and liquidity are essential for today’s nonbank lender, and only available if you have scale, a solid track record and a great reputation,” says Hsieh. “loanDepot is a strong and stable company responsible to our customers, employees and shareholders. We’ll continue reinvesting back into our platform in a variety of ways, including technology, the customer experience and product development. We believe this approach strengthens our position as the leading modern lender as the industry heads into the next generation of lending.”

In November 2015, the company postponed its initial public offering. This capital debt financing is the continuation of its capital strategy and commitment to pursue long- term growth plans.

Launched in 2010, loanDepot has achieved 80 percent year-over-year average annual growth from 2010 to 2015. The company continues to make significant reinvestments into its proprietary technology and marketing platform, credit and risk models, and product delivery systems.  The company operates from eight business centers and 150+ loan stores across the nation. loanDepot was the first nonbank consumer lender to offer home, personal and home equity loan products nationwide.

loanDepot matches borrowers through technology and high-touch customer care with the credit they need to fuel their lives. As a fast-growing national marketplace lender, the loanDepot platform is disrupting finance by dissolving the lines between mortgage and non-mortgage credit.

The company has funded over $70 billion in loans since inception. loanDepot is passionate about emerging financial technology and dynamic product delivery supported by excellent customer service to empower consumers.

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WaterField Design’s Intrepid iPhone Travel Wallet Shatters Kickstarter Goal by Reaching 600% on First Full Day

24 Aug

New backers may pledge for the one-of-a-kind Intrepid iPhone Travel Wallet — an RFID-blocking wallet, play-through iPhone case and travel attaché — through Kickstarter until September 25

By Robert Hoskins

San Francisco, California –  The WaterField Designs new Intrepid Travel Wallet shattered its crowdfunding goal by reaching 600% within its first full day after launch. The Intrepid is a leather, all-in-one travel case with iPhone play-through capability for scanning QR codes and downloaded tickets, or for checking texts, emails, and apps. The interior includes Intuitive organization compartments for passport, tickets, foreign exchange and coins. Having now reached nearly 750% of its initial funding goal, WaterField continues to add pledge options to meet growing demand. The Intrepid Kickstarter campaign runs through September 25, 2016.

Intrepide iPhone Travel Wallet from WaterField Designs

Intrepid iPhone Travel Wallet from WaterField Designs

“We’re floored and gratified to have achieved such success with our first Kickstarter campaign in such a short amount of time,” explained Gary Waterfield, company owner. “The Intrepid iPhone Travel Wallet is more than just a wallet or a phone case; it’s really an amazing travel companion. Its play-through feature is incredibly useful and becomes quickly addictive as you begin to see how efficient you can be with it.”

The Intrepid Travel Wallet is at once a wallet, iPhone case and a travel attaché. As a wallet, two interior side pockets hold credit cards, hotel keys and metro tickets; its main compartment is large enough for domestic or foreign bills and a pen. Built-in RFID-blocking capability offers extra security while traveling about. An included zippered pouch, the Micro Wallet, fits inside the main compartment to secure coins or keys. As an iPhone case, the Intrepid’s revolutionary play-through, scannable screen allows users to access the phone for texts, emails and apps, and to scan a boarding passes without removing the phone.

The Travel Wallet holds all this plus a passport in a custom-sized pocket in one organized place, as any good travel attaché should. The Travel Wallet saves time at TSA checkpoints and fits neatly in an airline seat-back pocket for easy access to in-flight necessities.

The Intrepid Travel Wallet is available in two sizes, one designed for the imminent iPhone 7 or similarly-sized phones and one for phones the size of the iPhone 7 Plus. An Ultrasuede ® liner keeps phones and other contents scratch-free and a handsome and heavy-duty G2 metal zipper keeps contents secure. A designated iPhone enclosure with transparent play-through screen, a special passport pocket and dual card pockets keep travel-related needs neatly organized.

Supporters may choose a black or brown premium full-grain leather exterior. Through this — its first Kickstarter campaign — WaterField builds on a seminal aspect of its business by allowing pledged supporters the opportunity to help determine final design details: an additional color and other features may be added based on backer’s feedback.

The WaterField Designs Intrepid Travel Wallet is available as a reward via the WaterField Designs Kickstarter page. Supporters may pledge until September 25, 11:59 PST and the first production run ships October 2016.

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