Top 20 Title III, Reg CF Equity Crowdfunding Sites

Searching for a List of the Top Title III, Reg. CF Equity Crowdfunding Sites in the United States?

 By Robert Hoskins

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United States – Here is Crowdfunding PR’s 2017 List of Top 20 Title III Crowdfunding Sites in the United States.  This list has been updated to reflect the SEC’s Reg, CF Research Report that details which Title III, Reg. CF equity crowdfunding sites have launched and successfully completed the equity crowdfunding campaigns for non-accredited investors.

By clicking on the website traffic ranking links for each website below you will be able to research the very insightful resources from that details each website’s traffic ranking; the number of unique visitors per month; the average time spent on each site per visit; and the number of pages viewed per each visit as well as what type of marketing programs are being implemented to generate their website’s traffic.

For example, Title III equity crowdfunding campaign managers will be able to see the precise ratio of social media, content marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing and display advertising that is being utilized by each crowdfunding site’s marketing campaigns to drive readers and investors to their crowdfunding profiles.

GoFundMe vs Kickstarter SimilarWeb Stats

Even though these numbers reflect the aggregation of all of a given portal’s crowdfunding campaigns marketing efforts, they offer direct evidence of what is working and what is not.  Note the difference on how much social media and display advertising is being used by the Top 10 Title III Crowdfunding Sites. Normally, we wouldn’t list, but their sister company Angel List, is the #1 equity crowdfunding platform in the world so we expect them to rise quickly once their site goes live in the next few months. 

This information can be used by crowdfunding sites as well as their crowdfunders to get a thorough understanding on how to plan future marketing campaigns that will have a higher than average success rate.

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2017 Top 20 List of Title III, Reg CF Equity Crowdfunding Sites

  2016 Rank © Front Page PR   U.S. Traffic
#1, (#1 2016)        36,176
#2, (#4 2016)       45,087
#3, (#2 2016)       46,769
#4, (new)        63,201
#5, (#8 2016)        81,258
#6, (#3 2016)      126,289
#7, (#10 2016)      290,774
#8, (#14 2016)      356,593
#9, (#17 2016)     407,270
#10, (#5 2016)      464,515
#11, (new)      669,667
#12, (new)     696,703
#13,  (new)      724,283
#14,  (new)      837,736
#15 (#6, 2016)      927,561
#16, (#11 2016)   1,421,428
#17,  (new)   1,552,736
#18, (#16 2016)    1,591,165
#19,  (new)   1,870,801
#20, (#9 2016)  1,872,403
#21, (#12 2016)   3,291,441
#22, (#7 2016)  3,303,677
#23, (new)                  0

Source: March 2017 SimilarWeb Website Statistics

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