Customer Testimonials

Front Page PR Customer Testimonials

Mary Coyne
Mary Coyne
Public Relations and Advertising Professional at McCormick Company; Principal at AscentHealth Consulting

Robert Hoskins has been very helpful in guiding our efforts to establish a crowdfunding campaign for a real estate development project. He provided us with a comprehensive blueprint for rolling out the campaign, and advised us in a way that kept us from making a number of beginner’s mistakes.

December 31, 2014, Mary was Robert’s client

Glenn Willey
Glenn Willey
Looking for military grade Tactical Stun Guns to protect your workforce or resell in tactical stores?

My firm, Arc Angel Industries, hired Front Page PR to help us prepare for an upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Robert Hoskins has been very helpful in showing us the ins and outs of creating a social media crowd and his insight has been instrumental in taking shortcuts to success.We would like to recommend Robert and his crew to anyone seeking assistance with future crowdfunding PR and social media campaigns.

August 6, 2014, Glenn was Robert’s client

Kamni Gupta
Kamni Gupta

Entrepreneur, Political Scientist, Marketer and Crowdfunding Evangelist

Robert is a hard to avoid. Why you ask? He is a pioneer in the crowdfunding industry so he is everywhere. I had the pleasure of discussing our industry and our future needs at CrowdFoundme Magazine with Robert, and that consultation alone opened up so many resources for us. You will not regret employing his services when it comes to crowdfunding.

July 14, 2014, Kamni was with another company when working with Robert at Front Page Public Relations, Inc.

Alex Feldman
Alex Feldman

CEO and Founder at CrowdsUnite

Robert Hoskins is one of the most experienced PR/media
relations person that I have ever worked with. The PR and event
management support that he provided for one of our Crowdfunding
Meetups with Reality Crowd TV was exceptional. His expertise
at working with the media and publicizing the event helped
the NY Crowdfunding Meetup generate traffic for one of the
largest events we have hosted to date.

July 7, 2014, Alex was Robert’s client


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