Top 30 University Crowdfunding Sites

Top 30 College and University Crowdfunding Sites in the United States

University crowdfunding sites are one of the fastest growing segments of the crowdfunding industry.  Almost every college campus has some type of entrepreneurship center or co-working space.  Every university also has tens of thousands of alumni who have graduated from school and are slowly working their way into a successful career.  Many alumni like to give back to universities that launched their careers.

The problem for most alumni is how to find easy access to projects and/or student teams that need financial assistance paying for R&D, prototyping, filing intellectual property, etc., and vice versa.

Donation, Rewards and Equity Crowdfunding sites are the perfect way to build a bridge between students that need money and alumni who are shopping for opportunities to donate or invest.

Marketing these new R&D, business and investment opportunities via crowdfunding profiles makes it very easy and very transparent for alumni to invest money exactly where they want it spent. Not only can they invest dollars, but they can track the benefits and successes. Most alumni agree that it is much more rewarding to give back to pet projects versus giving blindly to universities and colleges with no idea how their money was actually spent.

Donations and rewards are great for small projects, but when it comes to donating money, why not invest in small startups that are selling equity shares, debt such or convertible notes?  The propensity for an alumni to give more and larger donations in return for equity shares just makes good common sense. It’s great to do something good for their alma mater, but it wouldn’t it be even better if that small investment grew into a billion dollar success story.

University Run Crowdfunding Sites:

  1. Arizona State University – ASU PitchFunder
  2. Babson College – Ways to Give
  3. Berkeley University Research Center – Berkeley Crowdfunding
  4. Berry College – Berry Funder
  5. Boston University – Give Crowdfunding
  6. Bowling Green State University –
  7. The College of New Jersey – Support TCNJ
  8. Colorado School of Mines – CSMF Crowdfunding
  9. Colorado State University – Take Charge
  10. Cornell University –
  11. Dalhousie University – ProjectDal
  12. Johns Hopkins University –
  13. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Crowdfund MIT
  14. Michigan University –
  15. Pepperdine University – The Pepperdine Impact Fund
  16. Penn State University – USEED Pennsylvania
  17. Portland State University – PSUF Crowdfunding
  18. Texas State University – Texas State University Crowdfunding
  19. University of California Los Angeles – UCLA Spark
  20. University of Colorado Boulder – Boulder Crowdfunding
  21. University of Colorado Springs – UCCS Crowdfunding
  22. University of California Santa Cruz – Crowdfund UCSC
  23. University of Maryland – Launch UMD
  24. University of Mississippi – Ignite Old Miss
  25. University of Rochester –
  26. University of Southern California – USC GenYrator
  27. University of Texas Austin – UT Hornraiser
  28. University of Texas San Antonio – Launch UTSA
  29. University of Texas Dallas – Impact UTD
  30. University of Utah – University Tech Vault
  31. University of Virginia – USEED Virginia
  32. University of Wyoming –

Crowdfunding Sites Serving Students:

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