Database Marketing

Building Crowdfunding Email Marketing Campaigns

Need help building an email database marketing campaign to generate exposure for your Kickstarter or Indiegogo fundraising campaign?

Front Page PR email marketing programs are a great way to build a database of potential new customers that will have a high propensity to donate or invest money on your crowdfunding profile.  They can be used to solicit funds, build likes on Facebook, ask for network connections on Linkedin, build a loyal base of followers on Twitter, join Google+ Hangouts for chat sessions or watch your YouTube Video.

The larger a crowdfunding campaign’s social media networks are, the more people that can be tapped to distribute its strategic fundraising marketing messages.  Asking 1,000 social media contacts  to share the campaign’s news and updates with 500 of their extended circle of  500 friends, family and business associates will allow  campaign managers to reach 500,000 people for free.

In a similar manner, conducting an email marketing campaign that reaches 100,000 people, with a 3% response rate to forward a campaign’s news with an 500 additional contacts, would allow a fundraising effort to reach an additional 1.5 million possible donors/investors.  This is the key to success.

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