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Front Page PR is the leading crowdfunding PR firm for generating positive publicity and marketing exposure for any level of crowdfunding operation including crowdfunding campaigns, crowdfunding platforms and crowdfunding service providers.

We have worked for small entrepreneurs like Addison Shelton, TaskLabs, who needed a quick boost during the middle of his iPhone Toolkit rewards crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.

Front Page PR is the #1 Crowdfunding PR firm in America

Front Page PR is the #1 Crowdfunding PR firm in America

With 18 days left on his crowdfunding campaign to go, Addison had only raised 46% of his goal.  He had issued one press release, which received some media hits, but he decided he needed some professional help him to reach his goal.

All it took was one correctly written press release with strategic search-engine-optimized keywords to generate some great media coverage, which quickly pushed him 124% past his original goal and ended up with fundraising campaign total of $39,821. TaskLabs received media hits in Cnet, Venture Beat, TrendHunter Tech, Ubergizmo, The Gadgeteer, and even more articles that can be found with Google.

Not bad for a $1,250 investment to conduct a one-hour long consulting session, write a 400-word press release, send it out via a professional newswire service (wire charges are extra) and then crafted one custom-tailored media pitch that was sent to a list of carefully targeted reporters/press contacts that covered his particular subject matter.

Others include VerteCore Lift at 375% of goal, Nuke Venom Modular Sun Glasses at 216%, Thermo Tents at 127%, iPhone Tool Kit at 124%, SaladShots at 103%, BomBoard WaterCraft at 88%, Toni Budz Skin Removal Surgery at 57%, X Mount  at Smartphone Holder at 41%, etc.

We also have outsourced our media relations services to a number of larger players including novice PR firms, Equity Crowdfunding platforms and others that have resulted in a tremendous amount of positive publicity.

For example, EarlyShares wanted to enter the Entertainment industry. Once again, we wrote one strategic press release with the right SEO keywords, and then used media relations to  generate very positive articles in BackstageHollywood Reporter, Upstart JournalVariety and  many other leading publications. In one month’s time, we generated over $95,000 worth of ink.  Not bad for a one month $5,000 retainer.

For another up and coming crowdfunding platform,, which provides a portfolio of legal services that protect crowdfunding campaigns’ intellectual property, one well-written press release combined with media relations resulted in articles in the Chicago TribuneUpstart Business Journal, Entrepreneur MagazineCrowdfunding Tip of the WeekChicago Business Journal, Crowdfunding Insider and hundreds of news stories that can be found by Googling KarmaKrowd on the internet. The same results can be found by Googling RealityCrowd

Before working with Front Page PR, these companies had zero awareness and barely showed up in the search engine results. Now they are everywhere.  That is what the combination of good PR and media relations can do for small startups that need a public awareness boost.

So if you’re planning a crowdfunding campaign, please give us a call.   We will show you how to develop a strong crowd of followers and donors using social media. A large crowd of social media contacts is the key to success when planning a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Next, we can help you write a series of press releases before your campaign begins so that your PR campaign is ready when you wave the green flag  and decide to launch your first crowdfunding campaign.

Last, but not least, we build custom-tailored media lists and spend a great deal of time calling/emailing reporters to build relationships between our clients and the press. This is the step that most people pass up because it is expensive, but media relations is key not only to launching a successful crowdfunding campaign, but more importantly a successful long-term business plan.

You can reach us in Austin at (512) 627-6622 or rhoskins[at]

If you would like to receive a free quote or sign up for a free consultation on how to setup a crowdfunding campaign, please fill out the following contact form to setup a teleconference call to learn how we can increase the reach and frequency for your fundraising campaign via our leading edge media relations, PR, social media, and crowdfunding marketing campaigns:


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