The Haven Tent, a Hammock that Won’t Cramp Your Style!

15 Nov

A simple, lightweight, all-in-one hammock tent with a square bottom – Haven makes sleeping the highlight of every camping trip!

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The Haven Tent is a hammock with a square floor bed that won’t cramp your style!

Every Haven Crowdfunding package includes the shell with detachable rainfly and mosquito netting, two simple poles, straps, guy lines, and a custom air mattress.

The Haven Tent, A Hammock that Won't Cramp Your Style!

The Haven Tent, A Hammock that Won’t Cramp Your Style!

Suspension Arcs keep the sidewalls low while supporting the flat sleeping platform. Think suspension bridge!

  • Unobstructed views
  • Easy in and out
  • Lay flat as a pancake

Internal Spreader Bars keep the interior space open.

  • No pressure on sides

The Air Mattress with horizontal tubing creates a soft spacious sleeping platform.

  • More wiggle room
  • Insulation

The Structural Ridgeline means you lay flat regardless of tree spacing.

  • Stability
  • Place to hang your gear

Along with the tent body, the air mattress has been meticulously designed. 23”x78”x3” (52x198x7cm) Aided by the internal foot pump, the pad inflates in less than 60 seconds.

New to hammock camping? All overnight hammocks require an air mattress or underquilt for insulation.  A comparable ultralight air mattress costs $110+

Forecast calls for rain? Or just headed to the park? Be prepared with the whole system wherever you go, or trim it down further to reduce weight. Rainfly 14 oz (.4 kg) Mosquito netting 5 oz (.1 kg).

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  1. drwildone November 15, 2019 at 1:15 pm #

    I have an offering that I would like to have approved.

    Please have someone contact me.

    Darrell R. Wild

    Innovative Real Estate Service, LLC

    cell 608-755-1284


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