Crowdfunding Jobs

Crowdfunding Jobs and Careers

Looking for a Crowdfunding Job?

Looking for a job in the growing Crowdfunding financial industry?  Click here to find executive management, financial, marketing and IT/application development jobs working for one of over 900 new Crowdfunding websites and platforms that have opened up due to the 2012 JOBS Act that requires the SEC to legalize equity Crowdfunding in 2013.

New Crowdfunding Advisory Board

The Crowdfunding Press Center is working with Front Page Public Relations to build an Advisory Board of Crowdfunding Experts that will consult with the world’s leading Crowdfunding platforms to provide a large portfolio of business services including marketing, investor relations, fundraising, IT/application development and legal counsel.

Crowdfunding Business Leads

Each month the Crowdfunding Press Center generates hundreds of leads from Crowdfunding Platforms that are seeking an Advisory Board of Crowdfunding Experts to consult with their customers who are launching Crowdfunding campaigns and are seeking expertise in marketing communications, PR, media relations and investor relations/fundraising services.

Lack of Crowdfunding Marketing Expertise

There are relatively few marketing firms with any Crowdfunding industry experience, which is why the Crowdfunding Press Center partnered with Front Page PR to handle our PR, social media and media relations to build awareness for our site.  We went from zero to one of the top Crowdfunding sites in the world in less than six months.  More than 22,000 unique readers have visited our site over the last six months and have read more than 67,539 pages of digital Crowdfunding-related content.

As a result, the Crowdfunding Press Center is now generating a ton of business leads from Crowdfunding Campaign Managers as well as Crowdfunding site that need help with a wide variety of Crowdfunding Business Services such as marketing, PR and investor relations.

To meet this demand we are searching for qualified business executives with 10+ years of experience in their respective fields who would like to work as paid consultants on these Crowdfunding/Fundraising campaigns. Please click here to submit your credentials for consideration.

Advisory Board of Crowdfunding Experts

Front Page PR has been tasked with selecting the final executive management team that will provide a full portfolio of Crowdfunding Business Services.  All director level members will receive business leads free-of-charge via an online business lead database that will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

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Advisory Board of Crowdfunding Experts

Interested parties can fill out the form below for consideration. Click here to see the list of Director positions that are current available.


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