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RealCapInvest.com Offers First Equity Crowdfunding Opportunity Providing 10-15% Target Returns for Real Estate Accredited Investors

24 Aug

New real estate crowdfunding company announces first investment offering for the Self Storage Opportunity Fund

By Robert Hoskins

Santa Monica, California – RealCap, a new real estate crowdfunding company based out of Santa Monica, California, announced the launch of their first investment offering, the Self Storage Opportunity Fund. RealCap will be raising $10 million from accredited investors for the project in order to acquire value-add, self-storage properties nationwide. Providing 10-15% target returns for investors, the passive investment will be open with a minimum investment of $10,000 per investor.

RealCap Crowdfunding Platform Offers Self Storage Opportunity Fund

RealCap Crowdfunding Platform Offers Self Storage Opportunity Fund

“The real estate investment world for individual investors has historically been deeply flawed,” stated Matt Schuberg, co-founder and CEO of RealCap. “High fees, low returns, and high minimums are not a good combination for investors. We launched RealCap to resolve these issues by cutting out the middlemen and migrating the entire transaction process online,” Schuberg added.

Self-Storage is one of the strongest sectors in the real estate industry. Rents have consistently been rising, occupancy remains high and there is a limited supply of new construction which has prevented an oversupply crises. One of the reasons why supply remains in check is that building new units can take years to obtain local approvals. Currently, the Self-Storage sector is a $30+ billion industry with nearly 55,000 units comprising over 2.5 billion square feet of rentable space.

Matt Schuberg further commented, “The goal with our first Fund is to provide investors with potential double-digit returns by acquiring under-performing Self-Storage properties and improving management inefficiencies. We take a fundamental approach to evaluate the property and how additional sources of income can be added to improve the quality of the asset, including solar ports for RV & boat storage, energy buy-back agreements, and cell towers,” continued Schuberg.

The founding members of the RealCap team have been successfully investing in real estate for over 20 years. The core philosophy of RealCap is to provide investors with the opportunity to leverage the Founder’s experience and expertise in order to take advantage of the benefits of owning and investing in real estate.

RealCap is a real estate crowdfunding company that raises capital to invest in high-end real estate, an investment that was previously only available to ultra-high net worth individuals. Our mission is to provide the opportunity to passively invest in high quality, cash-flowing real estate and self-storage properties without requiring large sums of capital. Our experience and industry knowledge enables our investors to reap the benefits of investing in real estate, with none of the hassle.

To learn more about this opportunity, the company, or how to invest, contact Matt Schuberg at matt@realcapinvest.com, or visit www.RealCapInvest.com.

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