Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo

Want to Know Which is the Best Crowdfunding Site, Platform or Website to Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign?

By Robert Hoskins

Many readers want to know, “Which is best Crowdfunding website to launch a successful Crowdfunding campaign?”  To answer this question with mathematics to prevent what might be considered industry bias, we will answer this question from an Advertising Media Planner’s perspective.

There are a lot of people that have jumped into the Crowdfunding marketing business offering free press releases, cheap public relations tutorial classes and/or consignment-based marketing agreements, which means the PR firm is willing do all the work for free and take a larger commission if the campaign  is successful.  There is no such thing as a free lunch in the advertising, marketing, PR or media relations business.  What this really means is that their company is willing to offer you something they cannot afford to provide and they will cut as many corners as possible behind the scenes that will result in less-than-expected Crowdfunding campaign performance.

A professional advertising, marketing or PR company will not only ask you to pay them for the amount of real work that goes into a Crowdfunding PR campaign, but they will ask you to pay the first month’s retainer before the campaign begins.

The reason for this is that for a 30-day Crowdfunding PR Campaign requires a professional marketing company to conduct a full competitive marketplace analysis; determine what target audience of donors/investors has the largest propensity to invest in a given Crowdfunding product or service; and then build a targeted list of media outlets where a combination of pay-per-click, print, broadcast, and social media advertising, marketing, media relations and PR can be used to reach the right target audience with the correct Crowdfunding marketing messages and call-to-actions to solicit a Crowdfunding donations or investments.

Next, they should write a full-blown marketing plan that recommends the right Crowdfunding marketing strategies needed to build a large crowd of followers on Facebook, Meetup, Linkedin, Twitter and other social media sites. A good campaign also needs to write a media plan that will place targeted advertisements that would reach the correct target audience with the right messages to solicit a donations.  Last, but not least, is a Crowdfunding PR/media relation campaign that will build multiple databases of reporters that will cover not only Crowdfunding campaigns, but targeted media that covers the client’s vertical business segments, which is where the real buyers with real budgets to buy a client’s products and service can be reached effectively.    The more targeted press stories that a fundraising campaign generates, the more successful they will be.

All of this takes time, money and years of  professional experience, which simply cannot be provided for free or after a campaign is completed unless the agency has extremely deep pockets.

Similar to using targeted media campaigns to reach media outlets that contain the highest density or composition of the correct target audience with the right buying power, Crowdfunding campaign managers should be evaluating Crowdfunding sites in a similar manner.  Within Crowdfunding, there are vertical segments of donation-based, perks/rewards-based, debt-based, royalty-based and many other types of vertical fundraising sites.   All of which might be used to fund a successful startup based on its real marketplace requirements.

There is a real need for Crowdfunding website audit statements to help Crowdfunding campaign managers analyze almost over a 1,000 Crowdfunding sites and determine which ones are the best fit for their campaign’s fundraising goals and objectives.

To get this process started, the Crowdfunding Press Center has created the first Global Top 100 Crowdfunding Platforms Index that provides elementary, but very useful Crowdfunding site auditing tools provided by  If there are better Crowdfunding tools out there to help measure website traffic, donation/investment demographic information as well as their propensity to give/invest by vertical business segments, please contact us to develop future stories on this subject matter.

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Robert Hoskins, a seasoned Front Page PR veteran provides more than twenty-eight years of external communications, media relations, digital social media and SEO skills to Front Page PR’s crowdfunding PR and media relations service portfolio.
Robert Hoskins
(512) 627-6622

Mr. Robert Hoskins is a seasoned marketing veteran with a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses as well as Fortune 500 corporations launch successful marketing communications campaigns to gain market traction for a wide variety of products and services.
On a regular basis, Mr. Hoskins consults with crowdfunding campaign managers as well as crowdfunding sites, portals and platforms to deliver successful crowdfunding marketing campaigns.
Google search “Robert Hoskins Crowdfunding” to see why Mr. Hoskins runs one of the industry’s foremost crowdfunding PR, social media and marketing agencies that has amassed a huge social media following and is dedicated to supporting a wide variety of donation, rewards and equity crowdfunding campaigns.

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