Front Page PR Launches New $150 Per Hour Crowdfunding Campaign Consulting Service

Need Some Expert Advice on How to Improve a Crowdfunding Campaign’s Profile, Perks/Rewards and Marketing, PR and Social Media Strategies?

Front Page PR’s new crowdfunding campaign consulting service provides professional advice on what clients need to do in order to research, write and launch a successful fundraising campaign.  We can also provide some very insightful direction on how to use strategic media relations, PR, social media and other types of marketing communications programs to raise awareness for the campaign’s goals and objectives and how to reach the most lucrative target audience with the right message points.

For people who are in a hurry Front Page PR provides a Crowdfunding Profile/Perks Evaluation Service that will analyze a crowdfunding campaign's profile and marketing strategies.

Front Page PR announced that the firm is now offering a cost-effective Crowdfunding Consulting Service to offer clients an affordable option to learn the best tips, tricks and strategies to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign

The crowdfunding PR firm can do this prior to the fundraising campaign’s kickoff or during the actual campaign should a crowdfunding campaign manager feel that their fundraising campaign is not generating sufficient website traffic, donations and/or investments to meet their project’s financial objectives.

Front Page PR will provide customers with professional recommendations on how to plan a successful crowdfunding campaign.  If there is a draft to review, we can provide professional advise on any necessary adjustments that need to be made to the profile itself as well as the most appropriate perks/rewards to offer and the right language to use in the “calls-to-action” that will have the best chance of persuading the most appropriate target audience to donate or invest in their crowdfunding campaign’s business initiative.

In addition to the profile and perks, we also can examine what marketing programs are being planned or implemented and what can be done to improve their overall effectiveness.

Many crowdfunders setup social media profiles, but they simply lack the professional experience needed to maximize social media outlets such as, or  Most also make an effort to issue a press release or two, but cannot understand why their press releases fail to generate a good response rate.

With a small amount of good direction crowdfunding campaign managers can learn how to properly research media outlets prior to a PR campaign in order to discover and understand the types editorial environments that will have a high propensity to publish a story on their product or service.

Researching the right media outlets that contain a large universe of the correct target audience also allows clients to write better press releases and social media posts with specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords in mind.

Understanding what key words to include in PR and marketing materials can significantly increase the number of media outlets and social media networks that will pick up, write news stories/blog posts and/or simply re-tweet press coverage on any given campaign’s products or services. This seasoned knowledge and expertise can “make” or “break” a campaign’s success rate.

Front Page PR’s Crowdfunding Campaign Profile/Perk Consulting only costs $150 for a one-hour phone consultation and can usually be setup in less than 24 hours.  Front Page PR’s marketing experts will recommend the most appropriate changes that need to be made and let the campaign manager do the work to help them save money.

Fill out this form to setup an appointment:

We understand that most crowdfunders have a limited budget to work with. Instead of only charging a large retainer fee, we wanted to give crowdfunders a cost-effective way to setup a quick call learn about the crowdfunding process and ask as many questions as possible during an hour-long conversation. This provides the most cost-effective way for any campaign manager to get professional direction at a very affordable price.

After trying to do everything themselves, many entrepreneurs learn quickly that the required marketing research and writing workload can become overbearing for someone that has a full-time job and is trying to get a crowdfunding project done in their spare time.For client’s that have a small budget in the $2,500 per month range and want to take a shortcut to success, Front Page PR can help offload a significant amount work associated with the most time consuming marketing processes such as media relations and social media.

Click here to review Front Page PR’s Crowdfunding PR, Social Media and Marketing Campaign Hourly Rates.

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Robert Hoskins, Certified Crowdfunding Expert , Helps Enterpreneurs Plan Successful Rewards and Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns

Robert Hoskins, Certified Crowdfunding Expert, Helps Enterpreneurs Plan Successful Rewards and Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns

By Robert Hoskins
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Mr. Hoskins is a serial entrepreneur and has been helping entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations  launch successful marketing communications campaigns for 25-years. He is positive that Crowdfunding will empower all Americans to rediscover the possibility of living the American dream with a little hard work, a great business idea and dedication to planning a well-thought-out crowdfunding campaign.

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