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Movie Stars, Rock Stars and Celebrities Can Now Use their Star Power for Social Good on CelebrityCrowdfunding.com

14 Aug

Need a Star for Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign? That is One of the Perks for Launching on CelebrityCrowdfunding .com

By Robert HoskinsFront Page Public Relations

CelebrityCrowdfunding.com developed to showcase campaigns for or by celebrities is also offering Complimentary Celebrity-led disaster relief and charity Crowdfunding fundraisers and more. The website is now in the process of raising funds for marketing and promotions.

Crowdfunding is now the “go-to” source for raising capital for Celebrities and those with STAR Status.

Crowdfunding is now the “go-to” source for raising capital for Celebrities and those with STAR Status.

Prior to Crowdfunding and websites like Kickstarter and Indegogo you had to have your own funds or good credit, a job and a business plan if going to a bank for money. Then if approved have to worry about being successful enough to pay back your brand new Company’s brand new debt. With Crowdfunding anyone can raise the funds needed for any idea or cause. Based on the popular growing trend for Celebrities to Crowd Fund, launching the first official “Celebrity Targeted” platform is a great idea.

Celebrities are using their Star Status to their advantage and are Crowdfunding and asking fans to make donations towards their personal ventures or favorite causes. James Franco recently launched an Indegogo campaign to fund three individual films and is seeking 500K. Joining other celebrities to Crowd Fund Kristen Bell, who successful campaign raked in a record-breaking $5.7 million on the Kickstarter campaign for the Veronica Mars movie. Zach Braff also successfully completed a $3M dollar campaign on Kickstarter.com.

FundAnything now features its first celebrity campaign with comedian Adam Carolla who is Crowdfunding his next movie, titled “Road Hard.”

When asked about deciding on which platform to run his Crowdfunding campaign. “It was a no-brainer” said Luis Sevilla, Owner of CelebrityCrowdfunding.com. “ While Fund Anything recently launched only two months ago, it was started by Learning Annex-founder Mr. Bill Zanker and is backed by the rich and famous Mr. Donald Trump. The incentive being that Mr. Trump has promised to promote selected campaigns through his Twitter account. As well as personally contributing to one or more projects that strike his fancy. Since the two portals visions are like-minded I believe FundAnyting is the most obvious portal.”

Despite the fact that the domain name CelebrityCrowdfunding.com is the best-suited name for the Celebrities Crowdfunding on the Internet the website still faces the same challenges of any new start-up. Including being an unknown and the lack of a huge marketing budget.

However the website is counting on its “out-of-box” and “not-to-be-seen” anywhere else in the Crowdfundiing industry content, features and programs to entice and persuade celebrities, fans and backers to visit and make use of the website.

Some of the website’s list of benefits or rewards called perks you will find:

  1. Pay-IT-Forward Program that “Gives Back” To Celebrity Backers!
  2. Complimentary Campaign Summary Reviews and Press Releases
  3. Celebrity “Crowd Booking” Crowd Fund & Book a Celebrity for Your Next Event
  4. Celebrity Campaign Rewards and Incentive Perks
  5. Celebrity Group or Private Chat
  6. Celebrity Cam 2 Cam
  7. Campaigns Built-in Digital Downloads
  8. On-site Celebrity Charity Auctions, Classifieds and more

Only on CelebrityCrowdfunding.com Celebrity Specific Categories:

  • Celebrity Do-Gooder – Celebrities Star Power rallies up fans to donate to their favorite charity or cause.
  • Stop The Violence – Celebrity-led campaigns to raise funds for families of those who have lost their lives behind senseless violence. As well as campaigns to raise awareness and to take actions to stop it.
  • Hope, Prayer and a Celebrity! – Request a celebrity to sponsor your campaigns or make a partial or full donation.
  • Secret Celebrity Fundraiser – Celebrity invite only fundraiser.
  • Celebrity Dare – Celebrities daring Celebrities to do something daring for a cause or for fun

The website is climbing up daily on search engines and the only thing missing America is the funds to spread the word to let celebrities, their fans and others know about it. Hopefully we can all team up together to help make a difference in the world!

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Crowdfunding Industry Rolls Out the Red Carpet to Hollywood and Indies with First Crowdfunding Film Festival in California

29 May

Crowdfunding Film Festival Set to Roll Out the Red Carpet to Hollywood and Independent Filmmakers to Promote Revolutionary New Public Equity Crowdfunding Finance Tool

By Robert Hoskins

The First Annual International CrowdFunding Film Festival will be held October 2-6, 2013 in San Francisco. The film fest will bring together artists, filmmakers, entertainment and video game creators to showcase their craft, network and  raise money through the new crowdfunding finance tool. The film festival has plans to collaborate with film schools in New York, London and Paris.

Crowdfunding Film Festival Set to Roll Out the Red Carpet to Hollywood and Independent Filmmakers to Promote Revolutionary New Public Equity Finance Tool

Crowdfunding Film Festival Set to Roll Out the Red Carpet to Hollywood and Independent Filmmakers to Promote Revolutionary New Public Equity Crowdfunding Finance Tool

Film students from universities all around the country are increasingly looking to crowdfunding to find backing for their projects. With over countless films successfully funded through crowdfunding portals such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, Hollywood is now paying close attention to all this movement.

Director/Writer Rob Thomas has raised over $5.7 million for his movie “Veronica Mars” while Zach Braff’s feature “Wish I Was Here” has raised $2.6 million in donations. San Francisco State Student Sterling Cook keen on exploring crowdfunding of finance for production projects.

“I see in these directors, writers, and cinematographers, the same core passion for innovation. They are not only artists but more importantly, entrepreneurs – they are seeking to touch the world and make a difference through their films. We know of their struggle to find financial backing and I believe crowdfunding will be the answer,” stated the ICFFF’s organizer Sydney Armani.

A film production involves collaboration between dozens of creative groups and getting all the individual pieces to fit together is similar to managing a business. Crowdfunding is changing the production landscape and the movie industry is currently experiencing a real game changer

Ted Hope, advocate of America’s Independent Cinema Movement and Executive Director of the San Francisco Film Society, provides deeper insight into the current state of the film industry in his blog post “Why I Left New York for the San Francisco Film Festival.”

He said, “Our entertainment economy and the art it supports, was built upon the concepts of scarcity and control, but today’s reality is one of super-abundance and access – the exact opposite. To survive and flourish, today’s artists/entrepreneurs–and those who support them–must all embrace practices that extend beyond the core skills of development, production, and post-production of their art and reach beyond the attention and practice of marketing and distribution.” The meaning behind Hope’s words echoes the exact spirit and foundation that is the core of Silicon Valley’s passion for entrepreneurship and reflects the same spirit represented by the film festival.

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KrowdKidz Launches Crowdfunding Site to Help Raise Money for Infertility, Surrogacy and Adoption

2 May

By Robert Hoskins

KrowdKidz  launched a new  fertility crowdfunding portal designed to help families find donors willing to help defray the costs of infertility treatments, surrogacy and adoption. The portal launched today with three initial families seeking help. Donors have the ability to contribute as little as $10 to a family.

KrowdKidz Launches Crowdfunding Site to Help Disadvantaged Parent's Crowdfund for Infertility, Surrogacy and Adoption

KrowdKidz Launches Crowdfunding Site to Help Disadvantaged Parent’s Crowdfund for Infertility, Surrogacy and Adoption

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 10% of women in the United States ages 15–44 years have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant. This equates to 6.1 million women. Roughly one-third of infertility cases are due to women’s problems, another one-third are due to the man, and the remaining one-third are due to of a mixture of male and female problems or by unknown problems.

“Infertility brings tremendous emotional stress and financial strain. Costs for assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatments in the United States can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Surrogacy and adoption costs can be similar depending on a variety of factors,” said Jeff Crump , KrowdKidz founder.

Kara and Brian, an infertile couple from Myrtle Beach, S.C. said, “We are so thankful to have found KrowdKidz. This organization is truly a blessing!” The couple is seeking $16,000 to cover the cost of in vitro fertilization (IVF). The couple has no medication insurance and has spent more than $8,000 of their own funds attempting to have a child.

Crump said, “We know that crowdfunding works. In fact, actor Zach Braff — from Oz: The Great and Powerful and Scrubs fame — recently used crowdfunding to achieve a $2 million funding goal in three days from more than 28,000 backers to finance a follow-up film to his 2004, Garden State. However, unlike Braff, the families seeking funding on KrowdKidz don’t have the financial cushions a successful career in Hollywood provides.”

“This method of crowd funding is a great opportunity for those of us suffering from infertility to realize our dreams of starting a family. The fact that this is dedicated to family building makes this a premiere avenue for crowd funding to overcome the numerous financial setbacks that infertility introduces,” said Chris and Candace, an infertile couple from Portsmouth, Va.seeking $10,800 for surrogacy.

Unlike a generalized crowdfunding portal like Kickstarter, which Braff used, KrowdKidz serves families suffering from infertility exclusively. Due to this unique focus, donors have the opportunity to become emotionally connected. “Knowing a baby was born or a child adopted because of your support is felt on a much deeper level than backing the making of a film,” said Crump.

Donors have the ability to browse donation requests based on factors such as the category of the request (e.g. treatment type, surrogacy, adoption), parental orientation (e.g. gay, lesbian or straight) or religious orientation. “We felt it important to call out these demographic factors so it is clear that we support the uniqueness of families. As long as the funding request is relevant to our service, all the fields are completed in the request and the content is well-written it will appear on the site. We do not have a filtering or selection process,” added Crump.

Through its partnerships, KrowdKidz is able to provide additional benefits to families.  One example of this is author and infertility advocate, Fran Meadows , who is providing the e-book  version of her “The Truth Behind the Secret ‘Infertility'” for free during the first week of the site’s launch. Visitors can use a link available on the site to request a free copy. “Once a family opens up about infertility they begin to realize they are not the only ones going through it; they often feel the pain of emotion they’ve been holding in finally releases,” said Meadows.

Rick and Becky, a Maryland couple seeking to adopt domestically stated, “KrowdKidz is such a unique idea in the way that it’s not only an avenue to crowd source the funds for the very expensive and emotionally draining journey of adoption and infertility treatments, but there is also a sense of community with others who have been through a similar experience with trying to start a family.

“KrowdKidz has also partnered with the Los Angeles Surrogacy Center, which is providing a free 30-minute telephone consultation to all families who create a surrogacy donation request. “As a full service surrogacy agency, we regularly witness the financial challenges these families are faced with,” said Dawn Marmorstein , founder of the Los Angeles Surrogacy Center. “Our partnership with KrowdKidz enables us to extend our professional oversight and management support services to include this unique funding source. This is an exciting opportunity for our clients who dream of creating a family.”

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