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Cirkul Extends Successful Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign for Its New Patented Water Bottle, Which Has Surpassed $130,000

2 Jun

More than 2,700 Contributors have helped raise 656% of the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign’s goal of raising $20,000 to fund the Cirkul bottle, which allows drinkers to personalize their beverage with interchangeable flavor cartridges to

Tampa Florida Cirkul, Inc., developer of transformational hydration products that reimagine how flavored beverages are created, personalized and enjoyed at home and on the go, announced the extension of its hugely successful campaign for the Cirkul water bottle, which allows consumers to customize their flavored water with Cirkul Sip flavored cartridges.

Cirkul Extends Successful Indiegogo Campaign for its New Patented Water Bottle - Surpasses $130,000

Cirkul Extends Successful Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign for Patented Water Bottle with Flavored Cirkul Sips-Surpasses $130,000-to Reduce 250 Billion Water Bottles that Are Discarded Each Year

Founded by former Dartmouth College athletes, Cirkul utilizes single-use flavor cartridges—Cirkul Sips—to bring flavor to water. Once the cartridge is inserted into the top of the Cirkul bottle, water flows from the tilted bottle through the Cirkul Sip, delivering delicious flavor to the user. A one-way valve prevents any flavor from entering the bottle itself—keeping the bottle clean and residue-free. This feature allows the user to change flavor levels at will, from plain to fully flavored water, dialing in their exact flavor sip by sip.

More than 250 billion water bottles are discarded each year around the world, resulting in massive carbon footprints. Cirkul reduces shipment volumes by 99.6% and provides multiple beverage options for users on the go with compact, portable Cirkul Sip cartridges and one Cirkul bottle—saving trips to the grocery store and pantry space. One Cirkul Sip is the equivalent of four 20oz bottles—depending on the flavor intensity setting— and can be swapped out at any time for another flavor or turned off if the user prefers plain water.

“Through our personal experiences as college athletes, we realized the way people consume water was in need of an update,” said Garrett Waggoner, co-founder of Cirkul. “We really wanted to provide a unique experience that allows people to customize their beverages with ease while on the go.”

Features and benefits of Cirkul include: flavor cartridges that insert easily into the top of the bottle allowing users to switch out for a new flavor at any time; a one-way valve that ensures flavor only leaves the cartridge when the user drinks from the bottle; and a dial-in flavor preference that lets users select flavor intensity and change at any time from plain to fully flavored water. The Cirkul bottle offers multiple flavor categories containing vitamins, electrolytes or caffeine, is eco-friendly, BPA-free, leak proof and dishwasher safe. Cirkul is perfect for travel and a healthy option for kids.

The Cirkul LifeSip formula contains vitamins and provides enhanced flavor. It is available in Fruit Punch, Raspberry Lemonade, Coconut Pineapple, and Sweet Tea & Lemon. The Cirkul FitSip formula contains essential electrolytes to replenish those lost during an active lifestyle. It is available in Orange Tangerine and Mixed Berry. The Cirkul GoSip formula contains healthy energy (caffeine, ginseng, taurine) and gives users that extra push during the day. It is available in Black Cherry and Strawberry Watermelon. Stevia and unsweetened options are also available.

Founded in 2016 and based in Tampa, Florida, Cirkul is the brainchild of two recent Dartmouth College graduates who came up with the idea while playing football. The company plans to roll out additional technological enhancements for the personal beverage industry. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.DrinkCirkul.com.


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