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SOLOSHOT – Go Film Yourself… Automatically

15 Jan

SOLOSHOT automatically rotates your camera to keep it pointed at you, from a distance, with NO camera operator.

SOLOSHOT is great for filming a variety of outdoor activities from your surf sessions to your kid’s little league soccer games, without the pain of someone having to hold a camera for hours. It’s also great for making amateur films and professional documentaries too.

SOLOSHOT consists of a waterproof and shockproof “Armband” worn by the subject and a “Base” tripod that your camera attaches to. After an initial two step pairing process, your Base will automatically rotate to continually keep your camera pointed at your Armband. Any camera that can mount to a standard tripod will attach to the SOLOSHOT Base. The pairing process ensures that no matter how many SOLOSHOTs are in the vicinity, your camera only follows you!

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