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RentUs.com Seeks Equity Crowdfunding via Wefunder to Reinvent the Rental Industry

11 May

Investing in Rentus.com Provides an Investment Opportunity for Non-Accredited and Accredited Investors to Buy into the $60 Billion U.S. Rental Industry for as Little as a $100 Investment

By Robert Hoskins

Los Angeles, CaliforniaRentus.com, the leading online and mobile rental marketplace is launching a Crowdfunding (Reg CF) campaign on the Wefunder equity crowdfunding platform. The crowdfunding campaign allows anyone to become an investor and get in at the ground floor for as little as $100.

Investing in Rentus.com Provides an Investment Opportunity for Non-Accredited and Accredited Investors to Buy into the $60 Billion U.S. Rental Industry for as Little as a $100 Investment

Investing in Rentus.com Provides an Investment Opportunity for Non-Accredited and Accredited Investors to Buy into the $60 Billion U.S. Rental Industry for as Little as a $100 Investment

Rentus.com is a website and mobile app available on Apple iOS iTunes store that allows people to shop, compare and rent anything. And users can also make extra income by renting out items they already own.

Rentus.com is targeting the enormous rental industry estimated to be $60 billion strong in the US alone.

With the crowdfunding campaign, Rentus.com is allowing potential investors to get in at the ground floor giving them the opportunity to make money off their investment as Rentus.com grows and expands.

To date, the Sharing Economy has produced very lucrative returns. For those that got in at the ground floor of Uber and Airbnb it turned $1,000 investments into $15 million for Uber and $10 million for Airbnb.

“The rental industry is old-fashioned, out-of-date and needs an upgrade, just like the taxi industry did not too long ago,” said Rentus.com’s CEO, Elias Chavando. “Rentus.com is giving it a new life by providing a technology up to create a brand new online, interactive, and accessible marketplace. Rental companies can now have online reservations and will be able to attract new customers while using our system as their back-end inventory system.”

Rentus.com is a mobile and online rental marketplace where people can rent just about anything. From tools and equipment, to party supplies and camping gear. Rentus.com is tapping into the rising trend of a sharing economy to bring the person-to-person rental industry to a user-friendly and trusted platform. For companies, already in the rental business, it provides efficient access to consumers.

“With the crowdfunding campaign, we are giving our users and crowdfunding investors an opportunity to get into the process early on as we continue to grow our business,” Chavando added. “It’s an opportunity for those that missed out on their chance to invest with Uber and Airbnb to buy into the the next wave of the sharing economy.”

Unlike traditional crowdfunding campaigns on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, regulation crowdfunding through Wefunder enables campaign supporters to purchase an equity stake in Rentus.com and share in the rewards when the company goes on to future financial success.

“Rentus.com provides us with an additional source of leads and a consolidated portal where our clients go to find what they need,” said Dan Toomey, Pro HD Rentals’ President. “Understanding our need for additional sources of revenue was very attractive and led to our decision to become a client. Understanding the huge need for a platform like Rentus.com also convinced me become an investor.”

Rentus.com is available online at Rentus.com and the Rentus.com mobile app is available for iOS on the iTunes store. To learn more about the crowdfunding campaign and to invest, please visit Wefunder.com/rentuscom

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Super Angel Investors, Eduardo Shoval and Yori Nelken, Launch “OurCrowd First,” a $10 Million Global Early Stage Fund for Seed Investments

21 Jun

With an investment minimum of $50k participation for accredited investors, the OurCrowd First Fund is further democratizing the world of seed stage investment funds for accredited investors

By Robert Hoskins

Jerusalem, Israel  – With its OurCrowd First Fund, OurCrowd will leverage its established infrastructure to bring equity crowdfunding to approximately 20+ seed-stage companies providing OurCrowd investors even earlier access to promising opportunities. With an investment minimum of $50k participation for accredited investors, OurCrowd First is further democratizing the world of seed stage investment funds, since most other funds require million dollar minimum investments.

OurCrowd Equity Crowdfunding in Israel

OurCrowd Equity Crowdfunding in Israel

“We are proud to be launching our entry into the funds market with the OurCrowd First seed fund,” said Jon Medved, OurCrowd’s founder and CEO. “Our investors have asked for more access to earlier stage deals, which have been hard to do until now on OurCrowd, given the rapid growth of our platform and our average deal sizes of millions of dollars. OurCrowd First will cover the earliest stages of the startup funding journey providing up to $500,000 for a select group of companies.”

OurCrowd First will be managed by General Partners Eduardo Shoval and Yori Nelken, who both come with highly successful track records in early-stage company-building and investment. Shoval has over 25 years of experience in high tech management and as an entrepreneur, co-founding seven tech companies with five successful exits – four of them with valuations in excess of $400M and total revenues of billions of dollars. Nelken has over 18 years of leadership experience bringing startups from concept to exit, including Banter, TimeBridge, and Local Sciences.

“OurCrowd First came about following numerous requests from our 9,000-strong OurCrowd investor base to expand the platform’s reach to include seed-stage opportunities,” said OurCrowd First General Partner Eduardo Shoval. “The fund will provide our investors with a risk-balanced approach to seed-stage investment, allowing investors to build a highly diversified seed-stage portfolio, which could include the next Uber or Facebook, with as little as $50k.”

“Entrepreneurs want more than just checks, and we will roll up our sleeves and work closely with the early stage companies in our portfolio,” said General Partner Yori Nelken. “Providing money to startups is only one part of the equation. We will help each of our companies, to build their management teams, construct, explore and test go-to-market strategies and introduce them to our full ecosystem of support, mentoring and business networks. It’s our secret sauce for generating winning companies.”

The fund is launching with six early stage companies already in its portfolio representing diverse sectors, such as the Internet of Things, Energy, Mobile infrastructure, 3D Printing, and Digital Radiology. These companies include: Zebra Medical, Invertex, Turbulent, Stringify, Rimoto, and TechSee. OurCrowd First has already invested in these companies alongside leading investors, including Softbank, Khosla Ventures, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, and Artis Ventures. Two of the seed investments have already converted into larger Series A rounds of significant size.

“At OurCrowd, we see thousands of companies looking for funding every year,” said CEO and Co-founder Jon Medved. “With OurCrowd First, we are leveraging this enormous deal flow and expanding our investment offerings, enabling accredited investors to get involved in exciting companies even earlier. With venture investment at an all-time high and so many disruptive startups just getting off the ground, the potential is simply staggering. It’s just one more way OurCrowd is retooling the world of investment.”

OurCrowd is a leading global equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors to invest in Israeli and global companies. Managed by a team of well-known professionals and led by serial entrepreneur Jon Medved, OurCrowd vets and selects opportunities and invests its own capital alongside its accredited individual investors.

OurCrowd investors must meet stringent accreditation criteria and invest a minimum of $10,000 per deal of their choice. OurCrowd provides post-investment support to its portfolio companies, assigning industry experts as mentors and taking board seats.

OurCrowd has raised over $130 million in equity crowdfunding for its 70 portfolio companies including Borro, BillGuard, Consumer Physics (SCiO), BioCatch, Abe’s Market, and ReWalk (RWLK, -0.74%), OurCrowd’s first portfolio company to complete a successful IPO.

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