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MySmartCar Automotive App for Smartphones Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign to Raise Money to License PID Codes and Test Market Demand from Chevy, Chrysler and Ford Drivers

7 Mar

The 2nd Generation Automotive App is designed for drivers with no mechanical knowledge and makes it easy to diagnose car problems and control in-car network devices

By Robert Hoskins

A new startup, based in Silicon Valley, announced the launch of a new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise money to develop a new wireless app for devices running Android and iOS operating systems.  The new MySmartCar Smartphone App will enable drivers to use their Android, iPhone or many other smart computing devices to view the intricate details of their automobile’s operation from the OBD-II and non-standard PID codes generated by their auto’s on-board computer.  These are the same codes that auto mechanics read when drivers take their car in when the Check Engine light comes on or when they take their car in for yearly state inspections.

MySmartCar App #1 OBD-II PID Code Smartphone App

MySmartCar Automotive App for Smartphones Makes It Easy Diagnose Car Problems

“The difference between our advanced MySmartCar Smartphone app, and other OBD-II, cable-based readers is that we plan to go way beyond what is currently available in the marketplace,” said Victor Nguyen, MySmartCar App’s inventor and co-founder. “Today’s smart cars also produce another type of code called non-standard PIDs, which are what we plan to use to develop the next generation of MySmartCar apps, which can not only read, but also control every thing that is attached to the in-car network such as touch screen dashboards, telematics or movie selection/sound volumes for backseat electronic amenities.”

“The reason most developers stop at low-level OBD-II codes is that the licensing fee for the advanced PID codes from auto manufacturers is very expensive, up to $50,000 for one brand such as Chevrolet/GM,” added Nagaraj Hedge, MySmartCar’s Software Engineer.  “Once we raise enough money to buy one license, we can finish developing our app and begin selling it.  This will generate sufficient revenue to develop a MySmartCar for every car manufacturer. We want to pre-sell enough apps to get our business off the ground and then the MySmartCar app will sell it itself.”

Many low-level code readers have been introduced over the years that allow mechanics to read what codes are causing problems, but they require bulky machines and a wire cable that has to be physically plugged into the car’s OBD computer port.  Mechanics then look up the code in an ASE code book to interpret what the codes meant.

The problem with this process is that drivers remain totally in the dark to the real problem that was causing their check engine light to turn on.  Mechanics are free to take advantage of consumers because drivers have no way to know what was wrong with their auto, but not anymore. The MySmartCar app will make it very easy for anyone to read and control a wide variety of vehicle information before going to see a mechanic.

Any blog, print or broadcast media outlet that runs a full-length repost of our Indiegogo profile at www.indiegogo.com/projects/mysmartcar-the-ultimate-obd-ii-car-app and sends us the link to the story will qualify for a single MySmartCar App, one Bluetooth OBD/PID transmitter, and one key chain finder tag due out in September 2014.

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FarmShorts Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Provide Crowdfunding Videos for Sustainable Farmers

5 Mar

By Robert Hoskins

Not surprising to FarmShorts Founder Kala Philo, it took less than a week for Dodge Ram Truck’s “So God Made a Farmer” ad to reach 10 million online views. The Superbowl airing of the commercial provided the initial exposure, but it was the gripping content — the powerful visuals and the farmers’ resonating role in all our lives — that got everyone buzzing.

FarmShorts Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Produce Crowdfunding Videos for Sustainable Farmers

FarmShorts Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Produce Crowdfunding Videos for Sustainable Farmers

Philo, a professional video producer, understands more than most the impact video can have in promoting local, sustainable farm and food businesses, each with a story to tell. But evocative, high-quality, video-based storytelling is expensive, and typically prohibitive to cash-, technology- and time-starved farmers.

So Philo launched FarmShorts.com, a collaborative video project and tech-savvy marketing initiative.

FarmShorts pools time, resources and expertise to provide gorgeous web video and distributable content about, and for, sustainable farms and food producers. Through crowdfunding, sponsorship and community support, FarmShorts aims to offset what would be thousands of dollars in marketing costs for an individual farm.

“Very few sustainable farms and food producers — less than 1% — market with video, even though quality web shorts are a viral medium with long shelf lives offering exponential return,” says Philo. “With FarmShorts, they now have a way to share their stories.”

Besides addressing video needs and extending promotional reach via online and mobile channels, FarmShorts is leveraging the marketing muscle of the community, enlisting all stakeholders — local farms, food producers, artists, supporters and a multitude of sustainability advocates — to co-promote these initiatives through virtual, social and real-world networks. Such social capital is prized currency for independent farmers who must stay focused on tending land and beast.

“On any given day, farmers with limited resources are pulled in a hundred different directions. It’s difficult to prioritize marketing and technology investments,” says Paula Manalo Gaska, who co-owns Redwood Valley, Calif-based Mendocino Organics with her husband, Adam Gaska.

“Programs like FarmShorts help farmers promote themselves beyond their base and to an increasingly tech-savvy audience.”

FarmShorts is planning region-specific video productions throughout California, for which local crowdfunding campaigns will be activated. The FarmShorts North Bay campaign, targeting farmers north of San Francisco, is now live at IndieGoGo and features the following initial participant farmers:

  • Mendocino Organics
  • Tara Firma Farms
  • Canvas Ranch
  • Wild Boar Farms
  • Full Table Farm
  • Victorian Farmstead
  • Felton Acres
  • Full House Farm
  • Stewart Ranch
  • Cow Track Ranch / The Bunk House
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