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SwitchBot Curtain, make your curtains smart in seconds

15 Nov

Automate opening and closing your curtains with Alexa, Google Home, Siri or a SwitchBot remote control

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  •  Automate any curtain (rod and rail type), with App, Schedule, and Sun light sensor.
  •  Install in 30 seconds without any screws, nuts or bolts.
  •  The most affordable motorized curtain solution. Don’t waste your curtain, retrofit it.
  •  Voice control your curtain with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri, with Hub Mini.
  •  Open and connected with API, IFTTT, and SmartThings support with Hub Mini.
  •  Smart, automated and healthy lifestyle, enabled.
  •  Practical and useful for high ceiling curtains, elderly, and disabled people.
Seeing is Believing

Buy one new at https://switchbotcurtain.kckb.st/aff612f3!

Rods and Rails, Retrofitted.
Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, SmartThings and IFTTT with the Hub

Energy saving

Even the most eco-friendly air-conditioning consumes energy to cool your room. We can reduce energy consumption by minimizing temperature fluctuations in your room. Close the curtains to block out sunlight to keep your room cool.

Sun light sensor for keeping the room cool

The SwitchBot Curtain has a built-in sun light sensor to detect sunlight. This can help save energy by reducing the workload on your air-conditioning and heating. It can be set to automatically close during the day time in summer to block out the sunlight and keep your room cool. You can also have it automatically open during the day in winter to warm your room with sunlight.

Save energy with the solar panel strip add-on

You can also install the solar power strip add-on to charge the SwitchBot Curtain’s battery using sunlight, thus eliminating the need to recharge the battery. Don’t worry about “charging anxiety” on the SwitchBot Curtain. Install and forget!

Buy one new at https://switchbotcurtain.kckb.st/aff612f3!

Smart living

Leverage technology to take care of the daily routines through automation and voice control. A “Lights Off” scene turns off the light and draws the curtains brighten the room naturally with sunlight. Or you can just say it  “Alexa/Ok Google/Hey Siri, give me sunlight”.

Lifestyle automated with the Schedule feature

Healthy lifestyle

Maintain a regular light-dark cycle in your bedroom to keep your sleep-wake rhythm in sync with your circadian rhythm. The SwitchBot Curtain can be set to close at night and open when it senses daylight. Get better sleep and wake naturally to sunshine.

Wake up naturally to sunlight


Set your curtains to close automatically when you’re out of the house to hide your valuables from prying eyes. Can’t remember if you closed the window? Check via our app and remotely close the curtains where necessary. Or set them to automatically open at regular intervals to give the impression that someone’s home.

Your curtain keeps the bad guy away.

Adapt your existing curtains instead of replacing them. We at SwitchBot are firm believers in retrofitting your home to create a smart home instead of replacing trusty old appliances or furniture that are still in work well.

Retrofitting is simple with SwitchBot Curtain. It only takes a few seconds to make your existing curtains smart. You have to see it to believe it.

Seeing is believing

The average price of a set of smart curtains is USD $1,000. The SwitchBot Curtain is way more cost-effective at a fraction of that price. You don’t just save money with the SwitchBot Curtain, you do your part for the environment by retaining your existing curtains instead of throwing it away.


We support 99% curtains

Some smart curtain solutions only support a single type of curtains. Others are too bulky or require tedious modifications to provide a power source.

The SwitchBot Curtain supports different track types such as U-rail and I-rail, and also rod types. It is also wireless. Just clip it on and you’re ready to go. It is that simple.

We even handle that “BUMP” for extendable rods and rails

 Rods, retrofitted

The round rails allow the SwitchBot Curtain to glide smoothly along the rod. Just clip on the rails and you’re all set.

For those of you who have a longer rod with a bump where the rod extends, we’ve got that figured out. The SwitchBot Curtain is not affected by such bumps.

Install in seconds

 U Rails, retrofitted

The SwitchBot Curtain has hooks for U-rail. It is simple to attach the respective hooks to the rails.

Install in seconds

 I Rails, retrofitted

The SwitchBot Curtain has hooks for I-rail. It is simple to attach the respective hooks to the rails.

Install in seconds

Open and close the curtain at your fingertip. We offer intuitive App control for iOS and Android, with weekly/bi-weekly updates following feedback from you. OTA firmware update is also available for better user experience.

Intuitive UI

Smart living is powered by your voice commands. Wouldn’t it be great to just say it?

“Alexa/Ok Google/Hey Siri, close my curtain please” (Hub is required)

Even with SwitchBot Curtain, you’d probably still instinctively draw the curtains by hand some times. When it senses you drawing the curtain, the SwitchBot Curtain will kick in and do the work for you. We call this Touch & Go.

SwitchBot Curtain makes even the conventional way to draw a curtain smarter.


A wireless remote button add-on for you to place anywhere.

Hold it or mount it. Your say.

Double-sided curtains are very common and we have been getting a lot of enquiries about how to use the SwitchBot Curtain with these. You could get two units and part the double-sided curtains from the middle. Or, you could try out this tip from the King of Retrofit! Attach the top curtains with a velcro strip or a strong clip so the curtains will move as one. Then install the SwitchBot Curtain on either ends to let it work its magic!

So your next question is probably where to find a velcro strip. Good news is, we believe so strongly in retrofitting that we will ship every SwitchBot Curtain with a velcro strip in the box as a standard accessory.

The SwitchBot Curtain is so small that it hides nicely behind your curtains. It will work in its own way without getting in your way.  Likewise, we keep the sophisticated mechanism within the body of the SwitchBot Curtain, giving you fast and easy installation so you can enjoy the benefits it brings.

Size fits in your palm.

Read more at => https://switchbotcurtain.kckb.st/aff612f3

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