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Titan Note Earns more than $500k with Four Days to Go via Perks-Based Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

31 Mar

Titan Note’s innovative technology promises to make pen and paper a thing of the past for taking notes in school and office environments

 By Robert Hoskins

Malmo, Sweden – Titan Note, the pocket-sized transcription device, has passed their most recent stretch goal of $500,000. Titan Note is a groundbreaking device that will forever change the way someone take notes. Since the beginning of time, people have taken notes by hand. Titan Note paves the way for the future and it is giant leap forward in a field that has not seen much progress. Titan Note uses cutting edge speech recognition that records audio by multiple microphones. It is equipped with advanced voice biometrics to identify who is speaking. It’s sleek and simple design is portable, water resistant, and now comes in a variety of colors.

Titan Note allows students around the world can now spend their time focusing in class, rather than taking notes that cause distraction

Titan Note allows students around the world can now spend their time focusing in class, rather than taking notes that cause distraction

“Titan Note is a device that millions of people will benefit from. Students around the world can now spend their time focusing in class, rather than taking notes that cause distraction,” Titan Note CEO Erik Jansson said. “We’re very proud to announce new features for Titan Note and continue to perfect the device.”

Titan Note transcribes in real-time, so there is minimal delay between recording and transcription. Titan Note’s application allows users to edit and add information as the transcription is rolling in. The word error rate for Titan Note is roughly the same as human transcription, so there is little need to go into the Titan Note application and edit. Titan Note can decipher between multiple speakers in a large lecture hall or office and is effective up to 70 feet. Titan Note is equipped with noise-canceling microphones combined with noise-canceling algorithms to filter out background noise and improve the accuracy.

On Indiegogo, Titan Note began with a goal of $35,000, which was quickly surpassed over only a couple of days. After fully funding, Titan Note announced a new goal of $150,000 then they were onto another goal of $250,000, which was rapidly reached. After that exciting jump, Titan Note was onto their next goal of $500,000. By reaching this stretch goal, the campaign has unlocked two new colors, genius green and success yellow.

Titan Note’s technology has incorporated extra features to make note-taking more fun. Titan Note is also endowed with a Bluetooth speaker that is able to play music through the Titan Note Application. The application will be available for free on Android and iOS. In addition, the device doubles as a power bank for any USB compatible charger. To ensure Titan Note is never left behind, it is equipped with an anti-lost system that will alert the user via the Titan Note app.

Titan Note created their first hardware prototype almost a year ago and are working hard to add more languages into the device’s translation capabilities. The team at Titan Note is thrilled to announce their new stretch goal of $1,000,000. They will be updating the device with new features and colors and will be introducing Savvy Silver and Focus Blue as two new color options. Two new features will include being able to upload old recordings to the app for transcription and getting timestamps to see how long each person has been talking.

Titan Note is currently being sold for $80 on Indiegogo. To learn more about Titan Note or to pre-order, visit

When Titan Note CEO, Erik Jansson, was in college and university, many complained that it was hard to listen and take notes at the same time. It was then he realized that there had to be a better way. It was then he got to work developing a more advanced and accurate method of taking notes. Jansson has a goal to save people time, headache and missed information with the introduction of Titan Note.

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Invesdor Granted a MiFID License to Expand Debt and Equity Crowdfunding Services across All 31 European Union and EEA countries.

28 Apr

Invesdor First in Europe to Receive an EU License to Boost Cross-Border Crowdfunding in SME Sector

 By Robert Hoskins

Helsinki, Finland – Invesdor has been granted a Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) license by financial authorities, to expand debt and equity crowdfunding services across all 31 European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) countries.  The fundraising site is the first crowdfunding platform to receive this level of operational license, part of the European Commission’s drive to harmonize financial regulations across Europe.

Invesdor has been granted a MiFID license by financial authorities, to expand debt and equity crowdfunding services across all 31 EU and EEA countries

Invesdor has been granted a MiFID license by financial authorities, to expand debt and equity crowdfunding services across all 31 EU and EEA countries

“Making the fundraising process fair, transparent and standardized for all participants is very important for us,” says Invesdor CEO, Lasse Mäkelä. “We give growth companies an alternative way of fundraising, and now we can scale our business across Europe,” he adds.

Global crowdfunding almost tripled last year, becoming a $16 billion dollar industry, and the new license means that Invesdor will be able to operate freely in Europe, without having to start from scratch in each country, and apply for a new operating license every time. As Invesdor expands into new countries, startups across Europe can apply for funding on the platform.

Even before receiving the new pan-European operating license, Invesdor had established itself as one of the Nordic region’s most innovative, secure and transparent equity crowdfunding platforms, holding a 46% market share in the Nordic region, based on a recent report by the University of Cambridge and E&Y. Invesdor intends to become the dominant cross-border funding platform for new ventures in Europe.

“Through Invesdor, people become part of great stories and diversify their investment portfolios,” explains Tero Weckroth, Chairman of the Board. “We’re not only helping tech and software startups achieve their full potential in a wider market, but other companies in the sports, medical, musical, and hospitality and catering industries are also current clients,” he says.

Over 30 crowdfunding projects have already raised 4.4 million euros of equity-based funding on the Invesdor platform. The largest round received more than 780 investors and the most international round received investments from 27 different countries around the world.

To build its crowdfunding platform, Invesdor itself has raised more than €800,000 through crowdfunding rounds and public grants. The company will open its new equity crowdfunding round to the public on May 5 at 10AM GMT to boost the platform’s international growth, allowing anyone to be part of its growth story.

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