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Rocket Bottle Plus Launches Mobile Smoothies / Margaritas Blender/Shaker Machine via Upcoming Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

5 Jul

Crowdfunders can make blended drinks such as smoothies, margaritas, or protein shakes on the go, which is perfect for the beach, floating on the river, camping, road trips, gyms, or tailgating at the game

By Robert HoskinsCrowdfunding PR

Orlando, FL – The Rocket Bottle Plus plans to take the blending world by storm and is planning the launch of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to support its fundraising effort to fund the development and manufacturing of the new innovative portable, rechargeable blender to make blended drinks such as smoothies, protein shakes or margaritas anywhere in the world.

Crowdfunders make blended drinks such as margaritas, smoothies, or protein shakes on the go and is perfect for the beach, camping, road trips, gym, or tailgating for the big game

Crowdfunders can make blended drinks such as margaritas, smoothies, or protein shakes on the go, which is perfect for the beach, floating on the river, camping, road trips, gyms, or tailgating at the game

Rocket Bottle Plus Inventor

In August of 2015, Archie Askie inventor of Rocket Bottle Plus was stationed in Afghanistan and needed a suitable device to mix his protein drinks. With limited resources, it was nearly an impossible task to find the right blender that was portable, lightweight, and easy-to-use. Archie recognized this problem and being a warrior by body, and innovator by mind, formulated the perfect device to suit his nutritional needs. This device was named the Rocket Bottle Plus.

Rocket Bottle Plus Multiple Uses

The Rocket Bottle Plus is designed to let the user make blended drinks such as margaritas, smoothies, or protein shakes on the go. The Rocket Bottle Plus is perfect for the beach, camping, road trips, gym, or tailgating for the big game because unlike traditional blenders it doesn’t require an outlet to operate. Simply charge the Rocket Bottle Plus and use it whenever you are ready to make your favorite blended drinks.

Rocket Bottle Plus Features

The Rocket Bottle Plus sports a sleek design that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Its rechargeable motor spins 6 blades at a baffling 18,000 RPM, and of course, it is lightweight and portable to make blending on the go a breeze. Other features are below:

  • Leak Proof
  • Odor and Stain Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Holds 22oz (650ml)
  • 6 blade blending system
  • Up to 18,000 RPM
  • Rechargeable Batteries (20 blends or 2 hours run time)
  • Designed in America

Rocket Bottle Plus is Odor/Stain Resistant

Surveys show that 81% of people own multiple shaker bottles and blenders, and the Rocket Bottle Plus aims to cut that number down to one for everybody. 45% of these owners replace their mixer every 6 months and 75% of these owners experienced a foul odor coming from their shaker or blender.

The Rocket Bottle Plus will be the last blender bottle you will ever need, serving as a mixer that also blends ice, fruits, and vegetables. With its odor and stain resistant design, you will be able to drink in comfort without the foul smell of previous mixes.

Overall, the Rocket Bottle Plus will eliminate the need for fragile shaker bottles and bulky blenders leaving you with more money in your pocket to buy more nutritional supplements, take a vacation, and/or spend quality time with your loved ones.

The Rocket Bottle Plus is poised to take the blending and nutritional world by storm at an affordable price. Rocket Bottle, LLC is allowing early supporters to take advantage and is offering exclusive prices and rewards via his Kickstarter campaign that is coming soon.

Sign up for the Rocket Bottle’s newsletter here https://www.rocketbottleplus.com/ to receive $20 off your first purchase.

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Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Targets $100 Million Personal Submarine and Superyacht Market

28 Jul

DeepFlight launches Crowdfunder.com Series A fundraising campaign to fund the next evolution of super yacht submarines and meet the booming demand for the deep sea exploration and tourism industry

By Robert Hoskins

Point Richmond, CADeepFlight has launched a Series A round Crowdfunder.com equity crowdfunding campaign to address an estimated $100 million market for personal submarines for the superyacht and tourism markets. The Company has already established initial sales to early adopters, including the late adventurer, Steve Fossett; venture capitalist, Tom Perkins; the founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz; Sir Richard Branson, and others. The goal of the campaign is to raise $2.5 million to support the next evolution of the DeepFlight submarines and dominate the market for private submarine ownership, as well as access the emerging market of undersea tourism.

Led by industry pioneer, Graham Hawkes, DeepFlight has invested the last twenty years perfecting the DeepFlight submarines through five generations of working prototypes. The Company’s flagship technology, DeepFlight Super Falcon, is a fundamentally new type of submarine whose patented winged design offers the unparalleled experience of underwater flight and the unique safety of automatic return to the surface. Over the last two years, DeepFlight has refined its product roadmap with five different craft, optimized for the various market segments. While several other companies have recognized the market potential for personal submarines, none have adapted their designs for large-scale recreational use.

DeepFlight presently generates revenues through sales and service contracts, and currently has contracts in-house worth over $3 million. The Company’s first sales have been to high net worth individuals (HNWI), including superyacht owners. Its near term business model is to continue to target the $10 billion global superyacht market, with the goal of equipping 1% of the superyacht fleet with DeepFlight craft by 2020 for a projected $80 million in revenues. Additionally, the Company has delivered DeepFlight craft to two resort locations and the Company anticipates continuing to expand its revenues from resort and tourism operations..

DeepFlight is taking advantage of Title II of the Jobs Act which has recently allowed private businesses to generally solicit and publicly raise money from accredited investors via equity crowdfunding. This technique is entirely different from rewards crowdfunding which does not allow for equity investments. The Company is seeking to raise $2.5 million; information regarding the equity raise is available at http://www.crowdfunder.com/deepflight. The funds will be used to build and commercialize the next generation of DeepFlight personal submarines, including its newest product line to be introduced in Q4 2014, and to expand its marketing presence in its target markets.

President of DeepFlight, Adam Wright, stated, “We are excited to launch our campaign on crowdfunder.com. Having proven our technology and established initial sales, we see a great opportunity to grow the market for undersea recreation and tourism. In the short term, the Company expects most of our orders will continue to come from individuals, however, we anticipate expanding our business to include other large-scale recreational and tourism activities.”

Tom Perkins, venture capitalist and owner of a DeepFlight Super Falcon, said, “I spent three years adventuring in the South Pacific with my DeepFlight craft, and the experience exceeded my wildest imagination. I believe DeepFlight is well-positioned, with a proven technology, to capitalize on the new possibilities for private exploration of our oceans, and to grow this company to its potential.”

Graham Hawkes, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, added, “Even though we live on an ocean planet, there are few commercially available technologies that can provide an engaging underwater experience to a large number of users. From the beginning, our DeepFlight submersibles have captured the public’s imagination, and I am thrilled that we are now able to invite the public to support our initiatives to open the oceans to a larger audience. I look forward to introducing our newest product line in the coming year, and I am fully confident that our DeepFlight personal submarines will expand the market for undersea recreation.”

DeepFlight, formerly Hawkes Ocean Technologies, was founded in 1996 by world-renowned engineer, Graham Hawkes, with the goal of innovating underwater technologies to expand human access to the oceans. In 2012, the Company pivoted from a research and development organization to focus on commercializing its submarines for the recreation and tourism markets. The Company’s flagship technology, DeepFlight Super Falcon, is a fundamentally new type of manned underwater vehicle that is a combination of submersible and high-performance aircraft. DeepFlight is globally recognized for its series of advanced personal submarines, designed, built and operated for the private owner and recreational markets, including the superyacht and tourism industries.

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