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Sundance Film Festival Announcements Reveal Crowdfunding Trends

22 Jan

By Robert Hoskins

Seed&Spark, Dogfish Accelerator, and Nice Dissolve revealed today at the Sundance Film Festival a group of independent film makes are building  a  new community forum, www.stayindiefilm.com, to help independent filmmakers Crowdfund their films in order to remain independent filmmakers.

“We are three companies working together to innovate the industry from different angles to restore true independence to filmmaking. This includes introducing new business models, financing and distribution channels as well as using technology and social media for film projects,“ said Emily Best, founder and CEO of Seed&Spark. “Creative collaboration and transparency are the cornerstones of innovation. We want to gather and share the wisdom of the independent filmmaker’s crowd to move the film industry forward together.”

Beginning at Sundance, the three partners will engage with filmmakers around the world to share best practices and new ways of creating movies that combine artful storytelling with audience engagement and sound business practices. They will meet them at film and media festivals. In addition, filmmakers can participate via the website, Twitter and Facebook.

“By getting all great minds together, we can form a community around best practices across the film industry. We won’t waste our time trying to reinvent the wheel, instead we will build a very fast, energy-efficient car, “ added James Belfer, co-founder and CEO of Dogfish Accelerator.

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