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ArborCrowd Offers Investors Estimated 13%-17% IRR with 4-7 Year Hold Period on $69.7 Million Crowdfunding Real Estate Investment Opportunity

16 Jun

The business plan is to cultivate tremendous value upon sale of this property, while maintaining strong annual returns for new investors that want to invest alongside seasoned, experienced ArborCrowd institutional investors

By Robert Hoskins

Miami, Florida – ArborCrowd, one of the top commercial real estate equity crowdfunding sites, announced today a new real estate investment opportunity – known as the Lago Paradiso. A profitable and stabilized multifamily complex, this property is located in Miami, Fla., one of the most international and desirable marketplaces to live in the United States.

A new commercial real estate investment offering, Lago Paradiso is a value-add, multifamily lakefront apartment complex located in Miami

A new commercial real estate investment offering, Lago Paradiso is a value-add, multifamily lakefront apartment complex located in Miami

ArborCrowd investors have the opportunity to own a piece of a $4 million equity stake in Lago Paradiso. The Property has a targeted 13 percent to 17 percent Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and a projected hold period of four to seven years.

The goal of the business plan is to cultivate tremendous value upon sale of the Property, while maintaining strong annual returns for investors. This will be executed through a value-add repositioning, experienced property management and operational efficiency.

“ArborCrowd is the engine that brings successful real estate investments with the industry’s best sponsors and crowd investors,” said Ivan Kaufman, Co-founder and CEO, ArborCrowd. “The long-standing relationships that ArborCrowd has developed with institutional real estate investors has enabled us to attract a network of successful leaders who know how to source, manage and execute some of the best multifamily deals in the country.”

ArborCrowd’s investment model is unlike other crowdfunding platforms – the quality of the real estate is at the core of the business. Other models pool investors’ money into funds that are blindly allocated to different assets. ArborCrowd created a better way to invest by providing investors the transparency and knowledge to choose what deals their money goes into.

“Looking at just the returns of a property are not enough. ArborCrowd will only post what we believe is a strong investment offering. In order to be confident in the deal, we hone in on the depth and breadth of the sponsor’s experience,” said Adam Kaufman, Co-founder and Managing Director, ArborCrowd. “This commitment to only presenting high caliber deals is proving to be successful as all our previous deals funded quickly – with ArborCrowd’s last equity raise oversubscribed in just three business days.”

Lago Paradiso Deal Highlights
The Property was acquired in May 2017 for $69.7 million. Lago Paradiso is a lakefront apartment complex that consists of 27 buildings with 424 one and two bedroom units – currently 97 percent occupied.

Lago Paradiso, a new commercial real estate investment offering, consists of 27 buildings with 424 one and two bedroom units

Lago Paradiso, a new commercial real estate investment offering, consists of 27 buildings with 424 one and two bedroom units

The business plan is to create value by increasing rents through renovations, and by implementing new property management and operational expertise. Robbins Electra and its affiliates own and operate more than 22,000 units. This extensive management experience, particularly in Florida, means the Sponsor is well equipped to manage rent escalations while leveraging proprietary systems to improve operational costs.

Key benefits for ArborCrowd investors, include:

  • Basis: As an off-market transaction, this property was acquired at a favorable purchase price.
  • Proven Plan: Prior to the acquisition, 14 units were renovated and re-leased at higher rents. The current plan is to significantly expand this proven approach and accelerate renovations to generate even more cash flow and increase overall property value.
  • Cash-on-Cash: The projected cash-on-cash return remains strong during the renovation period, approaching 10 percent in the second year. Once renovations are complete, the new units are expected to enable an even stronger cash-on-cash return throughout the holding period.
  • Experienced Management: The deal sponsor is an affiliate of Robbins Electra, one of the fastest growing operators in the country. The key principal of the Property, Joseph Lubeck, is CEO and Co-Manager of Robbins Electra and has executed similar business plans with aggregate deal capitalization in excess of $3 billion since 1991.

Lago Paradiso is located 20 miles southwest of Miami’s Central Business District and South Beach. This helps to strengthen the demand for the Property.

Key stats of the Miami/South Beach area:

  • Miami and South Florida is base to more than 1,100 multinational corporations, including American Airlines, Cisco, Exxon, FedEx, Microsoft, Sony, Visa and Wal-Mart.
  • The metro area has high demand as occupancy rates are 97 percent with rents increasing in the past 5 years.
  • The Property’s rent price point appeals to the middle and working class – one of the most stable tenant bases in multifamily. This base also achieves the highest rate of lease renewals. Overall, Miami ranked in the top 10 nationally for 2016 renewal rates.

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Predictions for the Top 15 Crowdfunding Trends that Will Emerge During 2015

22 Dec

New Developments Expected from the SEC, Texas Crowdfunding Portals, Crowdfunding Service Providers, State Banks, Corporate Crowdfunders, Non-Profits and Secondary Trading Markets

By Robert Hoskins

Austin, Texas – Front Page PR predicts the top 15 crowdfunding trends that will emerge by the end of 2015 for the United States crowdfunding industry:

  1. The SEC will do the right thing and surprise the U.S. by introducing rewritten Title III crowdfunding regulations formulated to appease both Wall Street and entrepreneurs.
  2. Texas Incubators/Accelerators will add equity crowdfunding portals to their investment models to earn extra revenue, improve deal flow and tap 20 million unaccredited investors.
  3. There will be a rising tide of third-party crowdfunding service providers needed to produce Private Placement Memorandums (PPMs) and necessary disclosure documentation.
  4. State banks will seize the opportunity to create new revenue streams by setting up crowdfunding equity escrow services that larger banks will probably ignore.
  5. Advertising, PR and social media firms will improve the success rate of million dollar crowdfunding campaigns to more than a 50% success rate regardless of crowdfunding site.
  6. Major corporations like Sony will begin to launch substantial crowdfunding campaigns to test the market demand for their company’s latest and greatest high-tech, clean-tech, bio-tech, fin-tech and film/music products and services
  7. Major corporations will follow IBM’s example by opening their own intranet crowdfunding platforms to allow employees to fast track innovative products and services by using crowdfunding campaigns to override political and corporate management roadblocks.
  8. Major publishing houses will follow Reddit’s and YouTube’s example by launching their own crowdfunding platforms to harness mature electronic commerce & marketing capabilities.
  9. Real Estate will lead the marketplace in offering attractive equity crowdfunding deal flow.
  10. Texas will become one of the largest equity crowdfunding markets in the United States.
  11. More than 50% of U.S. states will approve crowdfunding exemptions by the end of 2015.
  12. By Q4 2015 a secondary market will begin to emerge for trading equity crowdfunding shares.
  13. Crowdfunding investing will cause private equity investors and venture capitalists to lose their ability to take advantage of startups/entrepreneurs who will find it much easier to raise venture capital funding.
  14. Non-profit fundraising organizations will move their entire fundraising operations to a pure online donation-based crowdfunding platform to substantially streamline their organizations and reduce their operating expenses.
  15. As in many early growth industries, large players like GoFundMe, IndieGoGo and Kickstarter will begin buying up smaller sites to increase market share and expand their global presence.

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Robert Hoskins
Front Page PR
(512) 627-6622

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