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YouCaring.com Offers Free Online Fundraisers and Crowdfunding Donations Raised

29 Apr

By Robert Hoskins

YouCaring.com set a new records for visitors and money raised for its users during April 2013. In one day, the site attracted more than 87,000 unique visitors and raised $181,841.

YouCaring online Crowdfunding Website

YouCaring online Crowdfunding Website

The increased traffic continues a trend for YouCaring, which has nearly doubled its traffic since February to more than 1 million visitors in April. Site founder Brock Ketcher believes the growth is due to an important feature of the site that sets YouCaring apart from other fundraising websites.

“When people fall on hard times, other people are always looking for ways to lend a helping hand,” Ketcher said. “And YouCaring.com is the first truly free way to raise money online. Every dollar our users raise from friends and family is able to go to their medical expenses, vet bills or memorial fund.”

Unlike other crowdfunding websites, YouCaring does not take a percentage of donations to cover its costs, but instead relies on the generosity of donors to support the site along with the cause they’ve chosen to fund.

“Our users make all the difference, and we are happy to provide a place where more people can raise the money the need for any cause that they believe in,” Ketcher said.

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