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FitForLaunch.com Launches Rewards-Based Crowdfunding Campaigns for Enomad, Knops, M3 and Snapmaker

28 Jun

To date, the new crowdfunding platform has successfully raised $8.2 million for product development and guarantees delivery for crowdfunded pre-orders

By Robert HoskinsCrowdfunding PR

Fulton, MarylandFitForLaunch announced the launch of its new platform for crowdfunding pre-orders. FitForLaunch is unique in that it offers consumers peace of mind with a delivery guarantee, so that they can pre-order the coolest tech without any risks. Should a business fail to deliver within 12 months, FitForLaunch will either refund their purchase or secure an equal or better replacement.

FitForLaunch.com Launches Rewards-Based Crowdfunding Campaigns for Enomad, Knops, M3 and Snapmaker

FitForLaunch.com Launches Rewards Crowdfunding Campaigns for Enomad, Knops, M3 and Snapmaker

Every company that joins FitForLaunch undergoes a thorough vetting in 5 key areas: Market feasibility, technical feasibility, production feasibility, financial feasibility and creator feasibility. Each key area is evaluated by a team of subject matter experts; only companies that are viable in all key areas are permitted to join the platform and considered fit for launch.

FitForLaunch debuted in June 2017 with four companies (M3D, Snapmaker, Knops, and Enomad) that have already had successful crowdfunding campaigns representing a total of $8.2 million raised for product development. FitForLaunch expects to add a dozen additional vetted companies every month and aims to help them increase pre-order revenues by addressing new markets.

FitForLaunch companies also benefit by having access to strategic advice in areas of marketing, manufacturing, employment, and even taxes.  Helping companies learn how to keep their costs down and have sound strategies maximizes their chance of success.  FitForLaunch’s experience allows us to help companies avoid pitfalls and save hundreds of thousands, if not millions.  A short conversation with an expert can have a huge impact and is an additional value for companies joining the platform.

FitForLaunch encourages companies with new products to take pre-orders using a crowdfunding-type mechanism as opposed to setting up their own ecommerce site until they are in stock.  Leveraging a platform like FitForLaunch also helps protect them from fraud, chargebacks and merchant processor holdback reserves.  Many creators do not realize that credit card processors have the potential to devastate a startup by denying them access to the funds they’ve raised.  New companies also may lack the resources for setting up their own ecommerce site and maintaining it along with screening purchases against fraud and dealing with chargebacks.

FitForLaunch was born out of witnessing failures that were predictable due to our fundamental understanding of the crowdfunding space and experience with manufacturing operations.  We saw trust in the crowdfunding space falling and wanted to do something about it.  We developed a proprietary system for predicting success – our own underwriting process for gaging risk.  We then surveyed buyers and found an underserved market of purchasers that would pre-order projects only if given a guarantee, even with a significant additional fee.  FitForLaunch was then setup as a way to effectively communicate and support our own vetting and guarantee process.

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Kickstarter Pebble Time Steel on Track to Raise $50 Million via Rewards-based Crowdfunding Campaign

3 Mar

New color screen, water-proof, wearable SmartWatch simplifies communication while on the go and may have a chance to set a world crowdfunding record by catching the current champion, Star Citizen

By Robert Hoskins

United States – No one would be more proud than Dick Tracy to read the funny pages and watch his wrist watch spring from the comic book pages to a real life Pebble Time SmartWatch. Thanks to rewards-based crowdfunding, which brought this brilliant idea from the laboratory bench to the worldwide marketplace, at it’s current clip, the Pebble Time watch is raising around $98,286 per hour on Kickstarter.

Pebble Time Steel SmartWatch Sets Crowdfunding World Record

Pebble Time Steel SmartWatch May Set Crowdfunding World Record

At the time of this writing, there were 4 hours left to go in the day (3/3/15) and extrapolating the hourly earn rate puts the campaign at right around $15,065,431 at midnight.

With 552 hours left to go, at it current pace, there is a real good chance that the Pebble Time watch may raise up to $49.9 million. But as with many crowdfunding campaigns there may a surge toward the end of the fundraising effort that pushes the numbers over $80,000,000.

Not only would Pebble regain the record for the most funded Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign of all time, but they would also surpass the current world crowdfunding champion, Star Citizen, which last time I checked had raised around $72 million.

And many campaigns will start adding stretch goals or bonus items, such as the metal and leather wristbands that were added toward the end of the first week.

At $80 million, Kickstarter’s 5% commission would pay an amount of $4,000,000. Not bad for a 30-days worth of hosting a single crowdfunding campaign. 

It is also worthy to note that no equity was sold to raise this money.  There are definitely benefits of pre-selling products to test marketplace demand. Pebble Time’s venture capital and institutional investors should be quite pleased at this display of customer loyalty. It also shows the value of conducting multiple successful campaigns in a row. 

“George Zachary, a partner at Charles River Ventures and the first institutional investor in Pebble, said [back in June 2014] that the company’s revenue hit $43 million in [2013] and will double in 2014. Speaking on stage at the Silicon Valley Open Doors Conference he called Pebble the fastest-growing start-up he’s ever backed, a group that includes Twitter and Yammer, which Microsoft bought in 2012 for $1.2 billion.” – Source: CNBC

It will be interesting to see what the company’s valuation will be once the campaign has concluded. Perhaps a lucrative Initial Public Offering (IPO) will be next!  Or will Facebook decide to add another cool gadget to its growing Kickstarter collection? Time will tell.

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