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Front Page PR Unveils Crowdfunding PR Program for Crowdfunding Platforms that Pays for Itself

6 May

Using Front Page PR’s Affiliate Crowdfunding Marketing Program,  Crowdfunding Platforms Can Earn a 10% Monthly Commission from All Crowdfunding Campaign Business Referrals

Austin, Texas (May 7, 2013)Front Page PR, one of America’s top Crowdfunding PR firms, announced a new affiliate Crowdfunding marketing program that provides a large portfolio of marketing services that Crowdfunding platforms can use to generate significant revenue to fund their own large-scale PR and marketing campaigns.

Front Page PR is the #1 Crowdfunding PR firm in America

Front Page PR is the #1 Crowdfunding PR firm in America

“The most critical aspect of developing  a successful Crowdfunding platform is to generate a large subscriber base of participating donors or equity investors who are visiting a Crowdfunding website on a daily basis looking for innovative Crowdfunding campaigns to invest in,” said Robert Hoskins, Front Page PR’s Director of Crowdfunding PR/Media Relations. “Even on Kickstarter, which has four times more traffic than its nearest competitor, Indiegogo, more than 60% of their Crowdfunding campaigns due to the lack of properly planned PR, media relations and email marketing campaigns which are needed to reach potential donors/investors with a high propensity to donate to their Crowdfunding campaigns.”

“Like many small businesses, many Crowdfunding campaign managers make the fatal decision to save money by trying to handle the social media, PR and media relations on their own and in the process shoot themselves in the foot,” Hoskins continued. “It is a very wise decision to hire a professional PR firm that can help them write a dynamite Crowdfunding profile, implement donor/investor email marketing campaigns and generate positive publicity through Search Engine Optimized (SEO) press releases and a serious media relations database of well-established media contacts that cover the Crowdfunding industry.”

Front Page PR’s marketing affiliate program pays a 10% monthly commission for all Crowdfunding campaign referrals. A serious Crowdfunding PR campaign retainer fee for a 30-day campaign is around $5,000, which comes with a successful publicity guarantee.   Once a Crowdfunding platform starts referring a minimum of ten Crowdfunding clients per month that sign contracts, they qualify for their own free Crowdfunding platform marketing programs.

The benefit of signing up for Front Page PR’s Crowdfunding marketing services is that overnight a Crowdfunding platform can go from zero to fifty press releases per month, which will include two links back to the individual fundraising profiles.

The good news is that Front Page PR’s Crowdfunding affiliate marketing has no start-up fees.  Crowdfunding platforms simply add a Crowdfunding Press Center to their website complete with a Crowdfunding business lead referral form.

Front Page PR provides a media clip report to both Crowdfunding clients as well as the Crowdfunding platform owners to be able to track the success rate of their Crowdfunding PR and marketing programs.  A typical Crowdfunding campaign should plan to spend 5% of the amount they plan to raise on marketing to ensure a successful campaign.  To learn more click to contact Front Page PR.

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Top 10 Tips for Selecting Crowdfunding PR Firm for Promoting/Marketing a Crowdfunding Campaign

4 May

Hiring an Experienced PR Firm with Strong Media Relations Experience and a Strong Database of Developed Crowdfunding Media Contacts Can Make or Break a Serious Crowdfunding Campaign Drive

Robert Hoskins, Director, Crowdfunding PR/Media Relations

Robert Hoskins, Director, Crowdfunding PR/Media Relations

By Robert Hoskins, Front Page PR

Follow these simple tips to find the best Crowdfunding PR firm to help launch a successful Crowdfunding PR campaign for fundraising platforms, portals, websites and individual Crowdfunding campaigns:

  1. Check to see how many years the PR firm has been in business and examine what industries they have served
  2. Review their Crowdfunding activity on popular social media sites such as Linkedin.com, Twitter.com, etc. to see how knowledgeable they are on popular Crowdfunding news trends in the media
  3. Make sure they include a wide variety of written press materials in their monthly retainer, such as a Crowdfunding campaign profile, at least four press releases for a 30-day campaign, a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) sheet, a short white paper, online press room, and media training/message maps for executive interviews, etc.
  4. Make sure that you will be working with a media relations expert that has at least 10+ years of media relations experience. The more media relations experience the better your publicity results will be.
  5. Beware of PR firms that recommend signing up for expensive online tutorials, which then later pressures clients to buy more expensive PR services when they realize that they simply do not have enough time, experience or media skills to pitch stories to reporters successfully
  6. Beware of PR firms that want to use free or cheap news wire distribution services.  Always use a premium news wire service such as Businesswire.com, Marketwire.com, PRNewswire.com or PRweb.com.
  7. Make sure the PR firm adheres a strict no conflict of interest policy meaning they do not represent two companies or Crowdfunding campaigns that would be considered competitors at the same time.
  8.  Ask for a PR publicity guarantee and a clip report that shows clients all the news stories that their Crowdfunding PR campaign generated
  9. Ask the PR firm what other types of value-added marketing services are available such as press conferences, community outreach, email marketing, Google advertising/analytics, building fundraising donor databases, data mining, trade show speaker placement, product launches and perks fulfillment.
  10.  Last, but not least, make sure the PR firm is thinking long term with initial Crowdfunding PR campaign. This means they need to completely understand building brand share awareness as well as business distribution channels for your products and services.

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Crowdtilt Raises $12 Million in Series A Funding to Support Explosive Crowdfunding Industry Growth

21 Apr

By Robert Hoskins

To meet the growing demand for crowdfunding financial services, Crowdtilt announced the close of their $12 million Series A funding. The round was led by Andreessen Horowitz, with participation from Sean Parker, SV Angel, DCM, as well as CrunchFund, Alexis Ohanian, Elad Gil, Naval Ravikant, Sam Altman, Matt Mullenweg, Dave Morin and Justin Kan. Also joining Crowdtilt’s board of directors is Jeff Jordan, partner at Andreessen Horowitz and former CEO of OpenTable.

Crowdtilt Closes $12 Million Series A Funding Led by Andreessen Horowitz

Crowdtilt Closes $12 Million Series A Funding Led by Andreessen Horowitz

The investment will support the explosive growth of the company, while further improving the product and user experience. Crowdtilt is being used for everything from collecting money for a fantasy football league among friends, all the way to an entire community rallying together to save their iconic toy store from closure.

“Our product and team are kicking ass, so we want to further invest in growing and expanding both. Our ultimate goal is still to help groups do more with each other, and this funding allows us to double down on various extensions of our product, such as our API, to further that goal,” said James Beshara, CEO of Crowdtilt.

Crowdtilt’s API, currently in closed beta, also allows anyone to create their own crowdfunding application, such as group payments, pre-sales commerce options, complete standalone crowdfunding applications or even social fundraising sites.

“Manual processes for coordinating payments across groups is inefficient and increasingly obsolete. Crowdtilt has built a highly efficient platform that is being used by all kinds of groups for all kinds of use cases — buying movie or concert tickets, collaborating on gift or travel spending, even funding school programs or public works projects. It is a robust collaborative payments platform for an increasingly collaborative web,” said Jeff Jordan, partner at Andreessen Horowitz.

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