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Top 100 Crowdfunding Sites for Equity-based, Rewards-based, Perks-based and Donation-based Fundraising Campaigns

2 Jun

Click Here to Review the 2015 Top 10 Rated Crowdfunding Sites to Help Anyone Launch a Fundraising Campaign to Raise Money to Bring Creative New Business Ideas to Fruition

By Robert Hoskins

Austin, Texas – Thinking about launching a Crowdfunding campaign to raise money to fund your creative business idea and bring it to fruition?  The Crowdfunding Press Center provides regular news reports on new Crowdfunding sites that have opened their doors to help entrepreneurs and small businesses launch fundraising campaigns to help bring their ingenious business ideas to fruition.

Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites for 2014

Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites for 2014

The big question that most crowdfunding campaign managers want to know is what crowdfunding site is the best to launch their fundraising campaign? Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo, which crowdfunding site is better? Or would one of the other crowdfunding sites outlined below be a better match for their precise crowdfunding goals and objectives.

Directory of Recently Launched Crowdfunding Sites: [Click to Tweet]

Directory of the Top Rewards-Based Crowdfunding Sites[Click to Tweet]

Directory of the Top Disaster-Based Crowdfunding Sites[Click to Tweet]

Directory of the Top Non-Profit-Based Crowdfunding Sites[Click to Tweet]

Directory of the Top Music-Based Crowdfunding Sites[Click to Tweet]

Directory of the Top Film-Based Crowdfunding Sites[Click to Tweet]

Directory of the Top Design-Based Crowdfunding Prototyping Sites[Click to Tweet]

Directory of the Top Sports-Based Crowdfunding Sites:

Directory of the Top Publishing-Based Crowdfunding Sites[Click to Tweet]

Directory of the Top Photojournalism-Based Crowdfunding Sites

Directory of the Top Arts & Crafts-Based Crowdfunding Sites:

Directory of the Top International-Based Crowdfunding Sites[Click to Tweet]

Directory of the Top Crowdfunding Accelerators, Boot Camps, and Incubators:

Directory of the Top Lending-Based Crowdfunding Sites[Click to Tweet]

Directory of the Top Donation-Based Crowdfunding Sites[Click to Tweet]

Directory of the Top Equity-Based Crowdfunding Sites[Click to Tweet]

Directory of White-Label Crowdfunding Site Providers[Click to Tweet]

Directory of the Top Securities-Based White-Label Crowdfunding Site Providers: [Click to Tweet]

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Crowdfunding Conference Planned for Berkeley in Northern California, June 9th

27 May

By Robert Hoskins

Last year crowdfunding platforms raised $2.7 billion and successfully funded more than 1 million campaigns, according to California-based research company Massolution. Business executives that want to learn about this crowdfunding phenomenon and to meet leading industry insiders should register to attend the  CrowdFunding California Conference which will be held in Berkeley on June 9th.

California Crowdfunding Conference in Berkeley, CA on June 9, 2013

California Crowdfunding Conference in Berkeley, CA on June 9, 2013

The Crowdfunding West Conference is presenting an unprecedented lineup of experts from crowdfunding platforms, legal firms, investment community and entrepreneurs who have risen (combined) almost $2,000,000 for their projects through crowdfunding.

The morning session will consist of discussions about rewards-based crowdfunding. Special panel is devoted to community programs. The afternoon session will help the entrepreneurs better understand their fundraising options, including equity crowdfunding, peer-2-peer lending, angel investments and rewards based crowdfunding. Opponents of crowdfunding movement will have a chance to present their position at the debate moderated by David Drake, well known New York investment expert and speaker.

Among the speakers are the representatives of the global leader in microcredits, Kiva, crowdfunding platforms WhenYouWish and Realty Mogul from Los Angeles, Upstart from Palo Alto, “Investment bank for startups” MicroVentures, Colorado-based portal Community Funded and CrowdIt from Missouri, world’s largest network for entrepreneurs EFactor, fundraising platform for kids PiggyBackr, investment consulting companies North Capital, Inc. and Cutting Edge Capital, payment services platform BancBox, SaaS portal VentureDocs, well known lawyer and blogger Antone Johnson, CEO of uBiome,  Jessica Richman, the creator of the fifth most successful campaign on Indiegogo Sonny Vu and the founders of  Mothership HackerMoms community from Oakland.

Crowdfunding California Conference is created by Crowdfund Productions, the organizer of investment and crowdfunding events in the USA. Other 2013 conferences will be held in Boston, MA, Charlotte, NC, Seattle, WA and Chicago, IL. On January 6th – 7th, 2014 Crowdfund Productions will be hosting Global Aspen Investment Forum in Aspen, CO.

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Crowdfunding Isn’t Just for Adults Anymore; PiggyBackr Teaches Youth K through College Successful Crowdfunding Skills

21 Apr

By Robert Hoskins

Piggybackr launched a new crowdfunding website that teaches young people how to raise money for their teams, schools, and projects, launches today with over 1,500 youth and 10 partners nationwide. The crowdfunding website helps youth (K-college) bring their fundraising efforts online while applying skills needed to successfully raise money.

Startup piggybackr Launches Fundraising Website for Next Generation of Crowdfund Leaders

Startup piggybackr Launches Fundraising Website for Next Generation of Crowdfund Leaders

To date, Piggybackr has enabled youth to raise over $250,000, send 20,000+ emails to donors, and raise an average of $75 per supporter (equivalent to the margins of selling 150 candy bars or 25 boxes of Girl Scout cookies).

Founder Andrea Lo, a former Girl Scout and college fundraising chair, was inspired to start Piggybackr after helping her 11-year-old sister, Chelsea, set up a webpage to sell bracelets for the rainforest. Chelsea’s fundraiser was a success; she learned about pricing and online outreach.

“While entrepreneurs, artists, and nonprofits are increasingly going online to raise money from the ‘crowd’, crowdfunding hasn’t spread to youth,” Lo says. “Each year, youth communities are selling $3-4 billion dollars worth of fundraising products, but that number hasn’t grown for 10 years,” based on AFRDS data. “Kids don’t know how to fundraise online and aren’t allowed on most crowdfunding sites,” Lo adds.

Based on this, the Piggybackr experience centers around the efforts, learnings, and stories of kids. Rather than selling physical products, youth receive online donations in exchange for ‘thank you’ gifts (e.g. a day of volunteering or advertising a logo). Kids raise more, reach broader audiences, and learn business skills like building online communities and leveraging technology to advocate for themselves. Kids also earn digital badges as they complete tasks and learn skills. Safety is also an important consideration; users under 13 require a parent’s approval to participate.

Piggybackr has attracted diverse projects including a science museum engaging its youth, a wheelchair basketball team in need of new equipment, and a young entrepreneur building a Google Glass app for the deaf.

Piggybackr launches with 10 partner organizations Ashoka Youth-Venture, Bizworld Foundation, Cal Corps Public Service Center, California YMCA Youth in Government, GreeningForward, FIRST Robotics in the Pacific Northwest & Southern California, Mobilize.org, NCWIT Aspirations in Computing, SPARK Movement, and United Way Youth-Venture to support youth projects and causes nationwide.

“We are excited to offer Piggybackr as a tool to our youth,” says Rebecca Korduner, Assistant Director, United Way Youth Venture North Central Massachusetts. “United Way Youth Venture and Piggybackr see the value in educating kids to solve problems with self-funded solutions. These are skills that prepare them to be our future leaders.

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