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Bluesmart Luggage Portfolio Raises More Than $1 Million via Ongoing Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

7 Jul

 The world’s first smart luggage system helps travelers avoid baggage fees for overweight luggage, breeze through airport security and keeps bags protected

By Robert HoskinsCrowdfunding PR

New York City, New York – Bluesmart has successfully launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to fund the 2nd generation of one of the world’s first smart suitcases. The new Bluesmart travel product line includes: a carry-on luggage, a checked bag, a laptop bag, and a passport pouch. Powered by its second-generation technology, all products connect to Bluesmart’s new app, to work as a system assisting travelers along their journey. The line brings upgraded materials, expanded capacity, colors and a new sleek, iconic look.

The world's first smart luggage system travelers avoid baggage fees for overweight luggage, breeze through airport security and keeps bags protected against theft

The world’s first smart luggage system helps travelers avoid baggage fees for overweight luggage, breeze through airport security and keeps bags protected against theft and can locate them if stolen

“The travel experience is in desperate need of an upgrade. We started a revolution three years ago with the creation of the world’s first smart suitcase, now being used in more than 100 countries,” said Tomi Pierucci, co-founder and CEO of Bluesmart. “Our ultimate goal is to make the traveler’s journey as enjoyable as the destination. Series 2 is a further step in that direction, incorporating the feedback and ideas from thousands of users and harnessing the latest technologies.”

With the Series 2 Luggage System travelers will know the location of all their belongings at all times and never again have to deal with lost luggage, forgotten passports and bags left behind. It helps travelers avoid baggage fees for overweight luggage, breeze through airport security and keeps bags protected against theft. Additionally, Series 2 travelers can keep all devices, including laptops, powered up along the way. A detailed listing of all Series 2 products’ features and specifications can be found on the Bluesmart website: http://bluesmart.com/indiegogo.

Bluesmart’s second-generation technology upgrades the location tracking system making it compatible with every country’s cellular networks and improving accuracy to unprecedented levels. The new battery system allows for faster charging and longer duration of charge. The new weight sensors system increases accuracy and usability. The Series 2 line is compliant with all major aviation and transportation regulators (FAA, DOT & TSA).

Bluesmart’s Second-generation Technology Options:

  • Bluesmart Luggage Cabin – The Series 2 Cabin has been thoughtfully redesigned increasing packing capacity by 25%, improving the fabrics and materials and refining its silhouette. The product features GPS+3G location tracking, remote auto-locking and supercharging capabilities.
  • Bluesmart Luggage Check – The Series 2 Check is a 29 inches robust suitcase that expands the Cabin’s technology and design for longer trips. In addition to the GPS+3G location tracking and remote auto-locking, it features a new smart weight sensing system that alerts for potential overweight baggage fees via the app.
  • Bluesmart Luggage Laptop Bag – The Series 2 Laptop Bag is an elegant business briefcase that attaches seamlessly to the Series 2 suitcases. This bag features Bluetooth location tracking, distance alerts and a removable supercharger that powers up smartphones and laptops.
  • Bluesmart Luggage Passport Pouch – The Series 2 Passport Pouch helps travelers never again leave their passports and travel documents behind. It protects travelers’ essentials with Bluetooth tracking capabilities, RFID blocker and water-resistant materials.
  • Bluesmart Luggage Mobile App – The new app provides a more intuitive travel experience, identifying and anticipating travelers needs through all stages of the journey – from flight schedules, gates, destination, currency exchange, weather and more. With the app travelers are able to manage all Bluesmart products in one central hub.

Bluesmart Series 2 is available for pre-order through Indiegogo. The pre-order campaign will last 30 days and the products will ship approximately 90 days after the pre-order campaign ends.

Pierucci continued, “We came back to Indiegogo for this launch because we care deeply for our original community, who supported us on our first product launch. We want to thank them by giving them first access to the limited units of Series 2 that are available at big discounts and will ship in just weeks.”

“We are very proud to have enabled Bluesmart to emerge thanks to our platform,” said Slava Rubin, Founder of Indiegogo. “It’s amazing to see it return to Indiegogo for their second generation product. Bluesmart was one of the most successful campaigns on Indiegogo and it delivered a great, quality product on time. We’re confident that Bluesmart will continue its amazing success with their Series 2.”

Bluesmart is an award-winning travel goods company known for pioneering the smart luggage category. Founded by a group of entrepreneurial friends in New York, it launched the world’s first smart connected luggage, with a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $2 million in 2014. The BBC called the product “the iPhone of Luggage” and the FT “the biggest thing since wheels.”

Since then the company went on to scale production and ship to over 110 countries, entering 200 stores in prestigious retailers such as MoMA Stores and Neiman Marcus. The company has raised $18M in venture capital from prestigious investors in Silicon Valley and Asia. The products have received several awards including the “RedDot Design Award” and have been endorsed by celebrities such as Usain Bolt and Tony Hawk.

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LiveLink Mobile Launches $500k Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on LocalStake to Fund Wireless App to Help Sales Reps Close More Deals with Email Marketing and Social Media Campaigns

11 Jul

LiveLink is seeking to raise an additional round of funding via equity investments to further build out its business network and deliver additional enhanced mobile app features and benefits

By Robert Hoskins

Indianapolis, IN – In 2013, LiveLink raised $1 million from local Indiana angel investors through traditional techniques. As a result, Mike Alley, chairman of Patriot Investments, joined the board along with Bob O’Brien from Cambridge Ventures. The capital allowed LiveLink to acquire another software development firm (Cogent Media Group), make several key hires and to build out a mobile solution that helps sales professionals find more opportunities through email marketing, social media, VAR channel marketing programs and enables sales to create the sales & marketing content they need to close deals.

Click here to download the LiveLink Mobile Free Sales App

In 2014, LiveLink has turned to Localstake to raise an additional $500,000 to further prove its model and to make additional technology enhancements to its mobile solution. Localstake works with many types of companies ranging from breweries to software companies like LiveLink.

“We are $100K toward our $500K goal and expect the remaining amount to come in through the next several weeks,” said Jason Zickler, CEO and founder of LiveLink. “Localstake has the functionality for us to more effectively reach out via our online and offline networks to find investors that were previously very difficult to connect with.”

“We are excited to work with LiveLink on their fundraising goal,” said Ryan Flynn, co-founder of Localstake. “Marketing technology is very strong in Indiana, and we are excited to help in this arena. We feel our platform can help LiveLink connect with a wide range of potential investors and do so while managing the demands of using the new securities exemptions that are now available.”

LiveLink™ enables marketing to use mobile to get sales content and messaging directly into the hands of sales reps. Better yet, it’s free to use forever for up to 10 users. At LiveLink we enhance communication between marketing teams and field sales teams using mobile technology.

Marketing and sales know they have to work together to be successful. Everyone knows it’s a team effort, but in the day-to-day activities, differences in how individuals work slow down interaction and collaboration. We help address this problem by giving marketing the ability to get marketing tools and collateral directly into the hands of sales reps using a mobile app.

Not only do we help give on-the-go employees access to the latest marketing content, but we enable you to make it actionable. Every PDF, video and URL can be sent via email, shared via LinkedIn and shared via Twitter all with a few taps on a mobile phone. Marketing now has a direct communication channel with their on-the-go field sales reps.

A major rule change last September allows companies like LiveLink to publicly solicit and market for private investments. The SEC’s change to Rule 506 allows “accredited” investors with a net worth of more than $1 million, or who earn at least $200,000 a year, to participate in equity crowdfunding sites like Localstake.

Crowdfunding is the fundraising technique of soliciting small amounts from many individuals over the Internet. Localstake is an investment crowdfunding platform based in Indianapolis for start-ups and small businesses to raise funding from investors in their community.

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PERES Indiegogo Campaign Gives Moms and Senior Citizens Technology to Sniff Out Possible Food Poisoning by Alerting Users of Spoiled Food

15 Apr

The unique electronic-nose scanner “smells” food to test for freshness. Scan results are instantly reported on a mobile app – helping users provide healthier food for their families and avoid health risks like food poisoning

By Robert Hoskins

London, UK – Are your parents getting older and have lost their sense of smell?  Many senior citizens and customers in third world countries without access to dependable refrigeration can now pre-order a PERES, a first-of-its-kind handheld device and mobile app, which provides information about the freshness and quality of meat, poultry and fish and protects against food poisoning, is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

PERES is an innovative electronic 'e-nose' which enables users to determine the quality, freshness of beef, pork, poultry and fish

PERES is an innovative electronic ‘e-nose’ which enables users to determine the quality, freshness of beef, pork, poultry and fish

The world’s first portable ‘e-nose’ and its iOS/Android mobile app enables users to determine the quality, freshness of meat, poultry, and fish and whether it has gone bad and could potentially cause food poisoning. The device also helps to limit unnecessary food waste, by testing the meat which is out of date or close to expiring.

To operate the device, users simply point the PERES at meat and click a button. It works by analysing a sample of the gases for volatile organic compounds and amonia. Within a few seconds, users receive information on their smartphone or tablet about the food’s freshness, whether it’s been left unrefrigerated and whether there may be a risk of food poisoning.

Food-related illness is a global challenge and in the U.S. alone it’s estimated that there are 48 million cases of food-borne illness, resulting in 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths, each year (source:CDC).

“The World Health Organization estimates that one out of three people living in industrialized countries may be affected by food-borne illness each year,” said Augustas Alesiunas, CEO of ARS Lab LTD (creators of PERES). “Having suffered through the horrible experience of food poisoning myself, I decided to create a device that would help families quickly and easily check the freshness and quality of food.”

The PERES can also help reduce the costly problem of food waste by determining if food is still fresh and safe to eat. It’s estimated that the average U.S. household of four is losing $275-$455 per year on food that’s needlessly trashed. It’s also estimated that up to 90% of Americans throw food out prematurely (source: NRDC/Harvard Report).

With its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, ARS Lab LTD is raising funds to complete product development and to bring PERES to market in late 2014. The Indiegogo goal is set for $50,000; and with early contributions, the campaign is on pace to surpass this goal. The campaign is set to run until May 31, 2014.

“We believe PERES will be an invaluable tool for families to monitor the safety and freshness of their food, and we are extremely grateful for the support and validation the device is receiving from early contributors on Indiegogo,” added Alesiunas.

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Golf Coach Pro iPhone App Launches IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign to Improve Golf Swings

1 Mar

By Robert Hoskins

Athletic Improvement Company is launching its Golf Coach Pro Mobile App on the popular crowd-funding platform on Indiegogo.com. The app is a “golf coach in your pocket” and is priced at $4.99 for iPhone or iPad. The funding campaign runs Feb. 19- March 21, 2013. Investors “perks” include a free copy of the app, non-breakable golf tees, golf towels, and 24 PGA/LPGA swings.

Golf Coach Pro Mobile App Records, analyzes, and compares golf swings on iPhone and iPad

Golf Coach Pro Mobile App Records, analyzes, and compares golf swings on iPhone and iPad

Golf Coach Pro Mobile Golfers enables golfers to improve their swings, by recording, analyzing, and comparing their performance instantly during practice or by comparing themselves to pro players’ swings, which can be downloaded separately. It can be used anywhere, indoors or on the driving range. The app also features a built in range finder, which uses the built in optics of the iPhone.

Athletic Improvement Company CEO Ryan Ditthardt says, “The success of our first app, the iRake Baseball Swing Trainer, showed us the enormous demand for this type of mobile sports app. Any golfer knows you can spend your whole life perfecting your game- well we aim to help you do that faster! With the popularity of golf at an all time high, we’re confident our app will make a lot of people happy.”

Golf Coach Pro Mobile users can compare their own swings side by side with professional players giving them the ability to learn from the pros and develop a more consistent swing. Golfers of all ages and handicaps can use the app, and if you have an iPhone, you definitely need this app.

The Golf Coach Pro Mobile app is priced at $4.99 from the app store in the Sports section.

Golf Coach Pro Mobile Key Features:

  •     Range Finder
  •     Record New Swing
  •     Analyze a Swing
  •     Compare Swing
  •     Purchase Pro Swings
  •     Share Swings
  •     View Swing History
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