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HelloMD Receives $200k Boost for Dual “Form C, Series A” & “Reg. CF” Crowdfunding Raise of $1,216,314 with 27 Days Left

6 Jun

HelloMD launched its crowdfunding offering on the SeedInvest platform last month and has already received over $1,216,314 from over 795 investors

By Robert Hoskins

San Francisco, California – HelloMD – one of the nation’s largest communities of medical cannabis patients – announced that it had received an investment of $200,000 from SeedInvest’s “Selections Fund.” The money will count towards the amount HelloMD is targeting to raise from the crowdfunding platform, as well as from accredited investors in its funding round.

HelloMD launched its crowdfunding offering on the SeedInvest platform last month and has already received over $1,216,314 from over 795 investors.

HelloMD launched its crowdfunding offering on the SeedInvest platform last month and has already received over $$1,216,314 from over 795 investors

HelloMD launched its crowdfunding offering on the SeedInvest platform last month and has already received over $1,216,314 from over 795 investors for app that markets marijuana products/services

“We like what HelloMD has accomplished thus far and feel it’s well positioned to capitalize as an early leader in a rapidly growing market,” stated Ryan Feit, SeedInvest CEO and Co-Founder. “Our Selections Fund invests alongside individual angel investors in some of the most promising companies on our platform,” he continued.

Since launching service in California two years ago, HelloMD has developed a rapid following among medical marijuana patients seeking to remedy things like anxiety, stress and chronic pain to more serious medical issues like cancer and epilepsy. The site connects patients, doctors, retailers and brands in an online community where advice on product selection, health & wellness and anything related to medical cannabis can be discovered.

“We are on a mission to create the largest medical cannabis community and the first national retailer of cannabis products,” stated Mark Hadfield, HelloMD’s CEO. “We are thrilled that SeedInvest recognizes the value HelloMD brings to patients everywhere, and has decided to demonstrate that with a sizable investment of their own,” he continued.

HelloMD’s rapid growth has been fueled by its extensive library of proprietary patient generated medical information (question & answers about medical cannabis) as well as articles, videos and other unique content. Additionally, over 400 business partners (retailers and cannabis brands) have partnered with the site to make information available to customers seeking information on their use of cannabis. The company plans to use the proceeds of the equity round to expand it service offerings across all 30 cannabis legal states, as well as internationally.

HelloMD is the leading digital healthcare platform for medical cannabis patients. The service allows for easy, convenient online video access to physicians for medical cannabis consultations, recommendations to qualifying patients, product advice and more.

SeedInvest is a leading equity crowdfunding platform that provides individual investors with access to pre-vetted startup investment opportunities.  SeedInvest has funded over 160 startups and boasts a rapidly growing network of over 160,000 investors.  SeedInvest has had over 13,000 startups apply to raise capital since inception and has only accepted 1% of those companies to feature on the platform.

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Weekly Update 6/13 – Top 10 Title, Crowdfunding Regulation Offerings Update Report

13 Jun

Top 10 Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns Have Raised $711,196 Since May 16th Using Title III, Regulation Crowdfunding

By Robert Hoskins

Austin, Texas – Here is a update of the first round of Title III, Regulation Crowdfunding campaigns that launched on May 16th, almost a month ago. In aggregate, the crowdfunding campaigns have raised $711,196.  And that figure would be much higher if we included the all 40 of the equity crowdfunding campaigns that have been approved by the SEC for issuing Title III offerings.

To give crowdfunders an idea of which platform is raising the most money, we added up the totals for each platform and so far, WeFunder is ruling the roost with 61% of all money raised:

  1.  WeFunder.com            $433,094
  2.  NextSeed                        $112,500
  3.  StartEngine                     $91,302
  4.  SeedInvest                      $74,300

                                     Total: $711,196

Why are some companies raising a lot of money and others are struggling?  It comes down to how much money these crowdfunding campaigns are spending on marketing.  Its hard to raise money unless campaigns are spending money on advertising, email, PR, social media and website marketing to raise awareness for their campaign and its products or services. Simply listing a campaign on a fundraising portal is not enough and why 60% of rewards-based campaigns fail.

For example, check out the profiles below to see their company websites, their social media credentials on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and then Google their founders names and company names to see what they have done to promote their company in the news media.

It will be easy to see what management teams have done the proper prep work and planned effective marketing campaigns and which teams haven’t even been able to cobble together a simple company website.

If a management team can’t build a simple website, how in the world can they run a successful business?

One founder commented that, “They didn’t build a website because they wanted everyone to focus on their crowdfunding campaign profile.”

Most investors will read everything they can about the company, their products/services, news stories, research reports, industry analysts projections for the marketplace, etc., etc.

The goal should be to provide enough information to remove all the fear, doubt and uncertainty from the investment sales equation and give them the urge to invest before they even start reviewing the SEC financial disclosure information on the crowdfunding portal’s website.

For example, let’s take at look at NextRX.  They are on the StartEngine platform.

The good news is that they have a website, but not one shred of industry facts, figures or industry growth projections to support the fact that the Medical and Recreational Marijuana industry is currently the fastest growing industry in the United States and is expected to reach more than $22.8 billion in revenue in the next 4 years. Not one single fact about the 16 additional states that will probably sign new cannabis regulations into law during 2016 that will take the U.S. from 4 legal markets to more than 20.

Is providing some research on local or national marijuana industry markets important? Hell yes.

As an investor, I want to know, in detail, about my possibility of earning a nice return-on-investment for buying shares in their company. I would love to say this is why they haven’t raised any money, but its not.  A smart investor relations team would use their current banking problem and turn it into an opportunity to expose the hurdle they face with setting up an escrow account and use the example to try and put more pressure on the financial banking system and the U.S. Government to remove marijuana as a Class One drug so banks don’t have to worry about breaking federal law.

Why not provide a Marijuana Pitch Video like this one? It practically makes the investor want to jump in before it’s too late! If the big investors are doing it, then I certainly don’t want to miss out on the next big industry that is almost guaranteed to boom in the U.S.

Why not include a Marijuana Industry Analyst Report like this that projects a $22.8 billion industry in the next 4 years. It would be kind of like investing in a liquor company right before prohibition ended.

As a reporter, perhaps I want to write a story based on the marijuana’s industry’s potential growth. But the company’s management team has failed to provide a media kit with company backgrounders, executive head shots, bios, press releases, market research, white papers, photos, graphics, etc., which means they are very inexperienced business executives and have never worked in a big corporation. To me this means this company will mostly likely fail as business because they certainly do not understand marketing, which is the key to all sales growth.

6/13 Weekly Title III, Crowdfunding Update:

1. Taxa Biotechnologies (genetic plant engineers)

Crowdfunding Platform: WeFunder

Amount Raised:  $221,115

2. The Legion M Entertainment (media company)

Crowdfunding Platform: WeFunder

Amount Raised: $188,229

3. Native Hostel Austin (Luxury hostel in Austin

Crowdfunding Platform: NextSeed

Amount Raised: $112,500

4. MF Fire (an app-drive, low emissions wood stove)

Crowdfunding Platform: SeedInvest

Amount Raised: $63,300

5. Bloomery SweetShine (distillery)

Crowdfunding Platform: StartEngine

Amount Raised: $58,800

6. Gigmor (Connecting bands with venues and gigs)

Crowdfunding Platform: StartEngine

Amount Raised: $17,505

7. Urban Juncture (developing commercial real estate)

Platform: WeFunder

Amount Raised: $11,950

8. Treasure State Internet (fiber optic installation)

Crowdfunding Platform: WeFunder

Amount Raised:  $11,800


9. GameTree (Social network for gamers)

Crowdfunding Platform: StartEngine

Amount Raised:  $11,060

10. StartMart Cleveland (Coworking space)

Crowdfunding Platform: SeedInvest

Amount Raised: $11,000

11. Graphic Armor (personalized condoms)

Crowdfunding Platform: StartEngine

Amount Raised: $3,937

12. NextRX Inc (Medical marijuana network pass)

Crowdfunding Platform: StartEngine

Amount Raised:  $0 (on hold because escrow account closed by bank)

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