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Crowdfunding Industry Drills Its First Oil and Gas CrowdFunding Platform in Houston

16 Aug

Accredited Investors Can Now Shop for Texas Oil and Gas Investment Opportunities in Texas on eOilBoom.com

By Robert Hoskins

eOilBoom.com, the first Oil & Gas CrowdFunding platform has officially launched at Summer NAPE in Houston, Texas. eOilBoom.com’s proprietary and patented pending platform pairs oil & gas deals with accredited investors. The entire process from the due diligence of a deal to completing the transaction will take place on eOilBoom.com’s funding platform.

Crowdfunding Industry Drills Its First Oil and Gas CrowdFunding Platform in Houston

Crowdfunding Industry Drills Its First Oil and Gas CrowdFunding Platform in Houston

“We finally have created a platform where the masses have the opportunity to invest in an alternative investment such as oil and gas instead of continuing to only invest in the traditional volatile stock market. eOilBoom.com’s oil and gas deals can potentially provide larger and more stable rewards for our investors,” says Rodney D. Giles, CEO of eOilBoom.com.

eOilBoom.com states they have been working for months with their in house development team and outside legal counsel on figuring out the right method to make this platform work correctly. Giles goes on to say, “Our platform is unique because typically an investor is only able to buy into an ownership of a holding company such as a LLC or LP, with our funding platform, our investors will have direct ownership through a working interest in a lease or through a direct mineral or royalty ownership.”

“We understand each investor has a different risk tolerance and with eOilBoom.com we provide both drilling prospects as well as long life production deals providing investor a wide variety of investment choice based on the investor’s risk profile,” says Giles.

Furthermore, eOilBoom.com choose Summer NAPE in Houston, TX, the premier oil & gas trade show to showcase its platform. eOilBoom.com is giving away a Royalty in a producing oil & gas well for anyone who registers for free at their booth.

Lead by serial entrepreneur Rodney D. Giles, eOilBoom.com is the first online Oil & Gas CrowdFunding platform that enables accredited investors to get direct access to a vast array of Oil & Gas Deals from multiple operators. eOilBoom.com has innovated a unique proprietary and patented pending platform that enables multiple buyers to purchase a single property and receive their direct proportionate share of the ownership.

New Crowdfunding Portal PROJECT 5650 Seeking Accredited Investors in Atlanta

17 Apr

By Robert Hoskins

Mini America Development announces new crowdunding web portal based in Atlanta, Georgia featuring American made products and something dubbed as PROJECT 5650.

Mini America Development Launches Project 5650 Crowdfunding Platform

Mini America Development Launches Project 5650 Crowdfunding Platform

“We are very excited about our new web portal, www.miniamerica.org, and the new fundraising opportunity, PROJECT 5650,” said Eric de Groot, managing general partner of Mini America Development. “Look for more information about a press conference, promotions and presentations very soon.”

Mini America Development is not only looking for accredited investors, but also wants to provide an affordable opportunity for Americans from around the U.S. to support the goals of entrepreneurs to come together and celebrate patriotism in this educational theme park.

“Project 5650 is a groundbreaking opportunity,” de Groot explained. “We are looking for 56 ‘Mini-Pioneers’ in each of the 50 states. Each of the state’s 56 people would represent the signers of the 1776 Declaration of Independence. Project 5650 creates a total network of 2,800 ‘mini founding pioneers’ who will help shape Mini America, focus on the promotion of Made in America products and services, and use networking opportunities.”

By contributing $50.00, devoted and patriotic citizens can be the first in their state to become a member of a foundation that connects, transforms and builds this great country. Darrellene Lindsey, founder of Darrellene Designs in Plano, Texas, is Mini America’s first official vendor. All mini pioneers will receive a Made in the USA coaster designed byDarrellene Designs. In addition, one lucky winner will have a street named after them in Mini America.

Marketing Executive Donna Wise is enthusiastic about the future commenting, “We are very excited about the new web portal, www.miniamerica.org, and the new fundraising opportunity, PROJECT 5650. Look for more information about a press conference, promotions and presentations very soon.”

On April 18, 2013, Atlanta-based The Ritz Group will host the Chumming for Crowdfunding networking meeting during their Shark Attack event. Larry White, CEO of the company has invited de Groot to be ‘bait’ and present Project 5650 and other Mini America Crowdfunding campaigns to the panel, also known as sharks.

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