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Fantem Unveils IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign Offering New Oomi, the World’s First Z-Wave Smart Home Built for Everyone

8 May

Oomi’ s Z-Wave MultiSensors gives customers more insight into what is going on inside of their domicile by detecting motion, temperature, light, UV rays, vibrations and humidity

By Robert Hoskins

Chicago, IL – Fantem announces Indiegogo campaign featuring it new Oomi Smart Home System, which includes a new, redesigned controller and a unique multisensor. The new controller, Oomi Touch, is encased in edge-to-edge glass and includes both tactile buttons and capacitive touch controls, offering control of smart home devices as well as television and music. Oomi Multisensor not only detects motion, but also temperature, light and humidity, and more, adding versatility to the home automation system already set apart by intuitive control and ease of use.

Oomi’s patent pending Tap-and-Touch™ technology sets Oomi apart from other systems by allowing for effortless setup and configuration. Oomi Cube, a hub with unrivaled functionality built on the Z-Wave Wireless Mesh Network Technology, instantly recognizes all system accessories and sensors without programming. Self-learning algorithms and adaptive automation allow the system to learn the user’s habits, schedules and preferences to deliver a new level of whole home control.

Oomis Z-Wave MultiSensors gives customers more insight into what is going on inside of their domicile

Oomis Z-Wave MultiSensors gives customers more insight into what is going on inside of their domicile

The latest Oomi smart home technology is available now for preorder on Indiegogo. The campaign offers three bundles, each based on Oomi Cube and Oomi Touch. Bundles also come with a choice of Oomi accessories, allowing contributors to create their ideal smart home.

Oomi bundles include:

  • Oomi Cube plus the choice of one of three Oomi Z-Wave accessories ($279) – limited time pricing
  • Oomi Cube and three Oomi Z-Wave accessories, plus the choice of Oomi Streamer or Oomi Air ($439) – limited time pricing
  • Oomi Cube, both Oomi premium accessories, and a choice of nine Oomi Z-Wave accessories ($699)

Oomi Z-Wave technology-enabled accessories include:

  • Oomi Multisensor. Comprised of a motion, temperature, humidity and ambient light senor, Oomi Multisensor can be mounted, recessed, or placed on a shelf and is 70 percent smaller than leading sensors.
  • Oomi Plug. Wirelessly control home accessories and monitor energy consumption, all with a tiny 56mm x 56mm x 42mm wall outlet. The light band on Oomi Plug changes color to display energy use, offering real-time energy monitoring.
  • Oomi Bulb. Control light output, including shade, just by screwing in this RGB bulb. With the ability to render millions of colors, the Oomi Bulb offers brilliant color or white for perfect ambiance any time of the day or night.

Oomi premium accessories include:

  • Oomi Streamer. Plug the Oomi Streamer into your TV’s HDMI port and instantly access the Internet and HD video.
  • Oomi Air. Monitor airborne pollutants that cause risks to you and your family and record environmental quality.

Lead by Fantem chief executive officer, Winston Cheng, the creators of Oomi boast experience in the smart home space spanning over a decade. Before founding Fantem, Cheng was a vice president at Aeon Labs, the creators of Z-Wave products, and also served as a software engineer for companies such as Zensys and Quantum3D. With its first product Oomi, Fantem seeks to facilitate consumer adoption of smart home technology by removing the complexity and frustration associated with existing systems.

Fantem is a developer of innovative products and solutions for the home. It is dedicated to the worldwide consumer adoption of smart home technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) through the development of home automation solutions that remove the complexity and frustration associated with existing systems.

Together with its global team of experts and partners, Fantem set out to create the first smart home management system that is not only the easiest to install, set-up, and use, but also the first smart home system that is actually smart.

The result of this effort, Oomi, is set to revolutionize the future of home automation, not only by positively impacting upon multiple areas (home safety and security, home environment and home entertainment) of users’ home lives, but by also making it accessible to the everyone – “a system designed for the rest of us!” Fantem is based in Chicago with offices and strategic partners spanning four continents.

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Klauf Lighting Launches New Remote Phosphor LED Lighting via Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign to Save Money and Energy

30 Apr

By Robert Hoskins

The most intriguing thing about the Klauf light bar is its price point. At only $55 for the 12-inch unit, it’s more than 70% less expensive than linear fixtures from other quality manufacturers – fixtures using nearly the same or even less forward-thinking technology.

Klauf LIghting Bar Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign to Save Money and Energy

Klauf LIghting Bar Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign to Save Money and Energy

A year ago, Klauf Lighting got to work on an LED linear fixture which could deliver new technologies, dimmability, better light, and a price point accessible to most consumers. The company tried and tested many new LED technologies, giving up on most. Then, better-quality TRIAC dimming drivers and remote phosphor technologies started making steady headway into the luminaire industry. In rapid development form, the Klauf staff worked through difficult challenges, developing a lamp which exploits these cutting-edge technologies, yet could be deployed with quality components at a lower consumer price point.

Enter the Klauf light bar. The end result of a year of research and development is a quality-made, warm white, and dimmable (with standard inexpensive dimmers) linear lamp. It doesn’t look much like an under-cabinet lamp, nor does it resemble most other linear fixtures from local big box stores. It’s in a class of its own.

Sporting a high-tech extruded aluminum housing and a yellow-orange diffuser, which consumes much of the fixture’s exterior profile, the Klauf light bar is different. It’s unique. It’s interesting. It’s cutting edge. And it’s very bright!

Typical high-brightness LEDs are manufactured with a potting compound, containing phosphor, flooded on top of the tiny and heat-sensitive, light-producing chip. When the chip’s blue light waves pass through the phosphor, they are combined with yellow light waves and a more natural white light is produced. However, this also keeps a blanket of heat at the source, diminishing the LED’s light quality and lifetime.

By separating the phosphor from the LED chip and instead coating the Klauf light bar’s diffuser with the phosphor compound, the LEDs are ensured a cooler operating temperature. This also ensures a longer life and allows the fixture to produce better-quality light – 80CRI and a 2700K warm white color temperature.

More innovations are packed into the Klauf light bar. One is the ability to near seamlessly chain multiple fixtures, end-to-end, and with only one power cord. No bulky and unsightly transformers are required, as the LED driver electronics are all somehow contained in the small fixture’s housing (self-driven). The light emitted is fluid, not pixelated like most other linear fixtures, eliminating multiple shadows on work surfaces. And since the fixture is cool to the touch and small enough to hold in your hand, the light bar’s design also allows for portability. It’s available in 6 and 12-inch segments, can be used as a standalone fixture, or connected to a series of other light bars.

Klauf has decided to launch its light bar on Kickstarter.com’s crowdfunding platform. “With this new and innovative fixture, we wanted to put it in the hands of the real consumer, people who might not have been able to afford newer LED technologies,” states Susan Hendrix of Klauf. “The Kickstarter community is made from people who are excited to back projects by companies which strive to produce better, more efficient, and affordable products.”

The Klauf light bar’s Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 days and allows Kickstarter members to receive their own Klauf light bar at a 40% discount.

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