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World’s Best Chair: The New Generation Chair (NGC) Announces Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign 

10 May

Best Chair in the World Brings Endless Possibilities with Epitome of Modern Technology: A Gift for Mankind

By Robert Hoskins

Orlando, Florida – New Generation Chair (NGC) has been designed and created by an American company called Over Design Corp. from Orlando, Florida. It is literally the best chair in the world and has been launched in two models of electric and manual variants. It is not only just a chair but also a sofa, a bed, an office, a place to study and much more. The chair can adapt to more than 30 comfortable position and has endless possibilities that have never been integrated into a single chair. The chair becomes whatever a user wants it to be from an office to a bed or a massager or even an entertainment station.

The chair can adapt to more than 30 comfortable position and has endless possibilities that have never been integrated into a single chair

The chair can adapt to more than 30 comfortable position and has endless possibilities that have never been integrated into a single chair to maximize your preferred space in the home or office

“We combine modern aesthetics with a series of technology accessories that will make your use the preferred place of your home or office,” said Ana Mercedes Paz, the Founder and CEO of Over Design Corp. “NGC has super comfortable, anti-allergic foam along with especially ergonomic and independent springs and it comes in 8 different colors as 14 different style of combinations that can match perfectly in your home or office,” she added.

Following are some of the main features of this amazing chair:

  • 12 whisper-quiet motors for an invigorating massage
  • 2 holder arms that can use for tablets, laptop and phone
  • Musical environment with surround of 4 Bluetooth speakers
  • Main control that has lighting and cellular hands-free
  • Dual socket 110v and USB 3.0 amp
  • Stainless steel cup drink holder with a blue led
  • Multi-colored led system to harmonize the environment according to the moment
  • Turns on the 2 front LED lights with just clapping hands
  • Night lamp with touch led intensity level of light
  • An optional mini refrigeration that you can use for storing bottle of Champagne, wine and much more
  • drawers
  • Super tough and can support up to 440 lb

The Kickstarter campaign offers pledge levels from $1 to $5000 and more, with perks and rewards ranging from gratitude to a top of the line electric model and an invitation to NGC VIP Event at Orlando.

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Power Practical Launches Kickstarter.com Crowdfunding Campaign to Solve Slow Charging Problem for Android and iPhone SmartPhones

25 Jun

New Practical Meter, Special Charge-Only USB Cables will Maximize Charging Rates for iPhones and Android SmartPhones Commonly Experienced with PCs and Laptops

By Robert Hoskins

Power Practical, a Utah-based start-up, is hoping to shake things up in the USB charging world. Their new device is called the Practical Meter. It monitors charging rates and lets users know when their phone or other USB device is charging at a slow rate. To cover production costs, the company is launching the new product on popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

New USB Meter Aimed at Solving Slow-Charging Phones Launches on Kickstarter.com

New USB Meter Aimed at Solving Slow-Charging Phones Launches on Kickstarter.com

Many smartphone users charge their phones on desktops or laptops, oftentimes at rates far slower than expected. In many cases, phones will take over four hours to reach a full charge. This is because USB doesn’t have a well-defined standard for charging above 2.5 watts. It varies from iPhone to Android and so on. To combat this problem, the Practical Meter comes with charge-only cables that maximize charging rates.

The product is now available through a 30-day Kickstarter campaign. Interested backers can receive a Practical Meter and custom charging cables for only $19 USD. People who depend on their phones can rest assured with the Practical Meter. It will immediately identify and solve slow charge times, solving a problem experienced by millions.

David Toledo, founder and engineer at Power Practical, said the new meter will bring attention to a charging problem that millions of people experience. “Many people charge their phones on PCs at work or home, and experience slow charge times,” Toledo said. “The Practical Meter will identify these slow charge times and help users fix them with our fast-charging cables.”

To learn more about the Practical Meter, check out the product’s Kickstarter campaign and watch the video. The product will be available until the campaign ends in July.

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