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 The Ambi Climate Draws on Data from Sensors and User Feedback to Automatically Tweak a Room’s Ambient Temperature and Humidity

27 Jun

The Ambi Climate uses artificial intelligence (AI) software to generate temperature and humidity profiles and then collects and learns from actual user comfort feedback via a smartphone app to develop real world, year round profiles

By Robert Hoskins, Crowdfunding PR

Hong Kong – Optimizing AC use is not an easy task, which is why the Ambi Climate 2 makes use of artificial intelligence to personalize ambient conditions. Apparently, a lot of people loved the Ambi Climate unit’s value-added business proposition so much that Ambi Labs raised over HK$1,215,900 from 1,016 backers via its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that ended on June 22, 2017.

 The Ambi Climate that Draws on Data from Sensors and User Feedback to Automatically Tweak a Room's Ambient Temperature and Humidity

The Ambi Climate that Draws on Data from Sensors and User Feedback to Automatically Tweak a Room’s Ambient Temperature and Humidity

The Ambi Climate was created by Ambi Labs, a Hong Kong-based company founded by Julian Lee, Paul Sykes, and Tim Chang. They state their mission as being a sort of ‘leave no man behind’ approach to technology, wherein aged appliances are given a makeover using modern innovation. With the second edition of the Ambi Climate, the aim remains to make air conditioners more energy-efficient and customizable.

The device achieves that with the help of AI software, which studies user comfort and the corresponding conditions to create unique profiles for them. It finds out how comfortable a user is at any given time via a mobile app, where you can tell the device how much its estimation of your comfort level differs from what it actually is. As you do that over different months and passing seasons, the AI learns your individual preferences and optimizes the temperature accordingly.

While user feedback is one way the Ambi Climate tweaks its own operation, it isn’t the only way. The device uses a variety of sensors to track such factors as humidity and sunlight. It also gathers data from the Web to understand weather trends during that time of year, clothing people are most likely to have on, and temperature variations at different times of the day. It uses all this information to deliver the most appropriate climate control automatically. According to the creators, that leads to as much as 30 percent savings in power bills.

Ambi Climate can be paired with air conditioners using the Ambi Climate App, which is available for Android and iOS users. Once that’s done, you can place the device in view of the AC and leave it to do its thing. The app also enables a geo-location feature; the Ambi Climate finds out when you’re about to get home and fires up the AC, so conditions are perfect as you walk in. You can tie those features in with other smart home IOT paraphernalia thanks to IFTTT and Amazon Alexa integrations.

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