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Life-Spot Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Unveils Universal Gadget Charging Tower

1 Mar

In today’s world of  iPhones, Androids, Tablets, Kindles and other electronic devices that need to be charged, many kitchen counter tops resemble a a plate of spaghetti.  But with a little luck and plenty of Kickstarter donors, Life-Spot plants to roll out a  highly efficient and universal, multi-unit gadget charging station for the home, office and business.

Life-Spot Universal Charging Station for Household Gadgets

Life-Spot Universal Charging Station for Household Gadgets

With a beautiful, triangular design, Life-Spot allows users to charge up to eight devices at once and each of its storage compartments has a unique, retractable adapter that serves to connect devices easily and safely while keeping the area organized and clutter-free.

With two lightning ports, two 30pin dock connectors and four micro USB ports, Life-Spot can charge anything from phones to tablets, e-readers, iPods, cameras, headsets and other Bluetooth devices, GPS systems, battery packs and more. Life-Spot can also be sat on a table, desk, countertop or even mounted on a wall.

Judith and Aaron Altheim, creators of Life-Spot, came up with the idea while hosting their daughter’s birthday party at their house, and found they were surprised about the number of people asking to borrow a phone charger. However, Judith and Aaron only had two chargers which were not compatible with their cell phone models.

“As a married couple, we’ve been working on this project for two years,” says Altheim. “From the first sketch to the functional prototype, we spent hours and hours to ensure the best quality, most efficient and practical product.”

In order for Judith and Aaron Altheim, creators of Life-Spot, to bring the product to market, they need to raise $50,000 to cover the costs of manufacturing the charging station. The married couple is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on the most popular platform, Kickstarter, in order to raise the necessary funds.

Currently, Life-Spot has raised over $8,000 on Kickstarter, but still needs another $42,000 to make it to production. If you’d like to support this project, visit http://bit.ly/Life-SpotKS to learn more, or make a donation in exchange for one of the first products when it hits the market.

New Universal Stylus Pen Works with iPhones, iPads, SmartPhones and Tablets

29 Jan
By Robert Hoskins

Wish you had a stylus pen to work with your new Smartphone or tablet? Look no further than America’s favorite gadget/gizmo shopping mall, Kickstarter.com. Where average Americans are becoming leading inventors because of the power that new Crowdfunding sites are providing to ingenious inventions to bring them to life in the most non-traditional ways.

SimplePen1 Universal Stylus Pen for Wireless Mobility Devices

SimplePen1 Universal Stylus Pen for Wireless Mobility Devices

Simple, but useful, the white SimplePen1 has a white stylus, the first of its kind in the world, while the black SimplePen1 has a black stylus, the standard in the industry. Two styles are being made available on Kickstarter, one with a non-replaceable stylus and one with a replaceable stylus. The replaceable stylus style comes with two additional replaceable styluses in the package.

Additionally, a specialized refill is available for the pen that uses 1/2 gel ink and 1/2 ballpoint ink. This gives the smooth feel of gel and it dries instantly without being ‘smeary,’ just like ballpoint ink.

Charles Waugh already successfully launched the SlingShot by WOXOM on Kickstarter last year, raising over $70,000, so he is familiar with ‘crowd-funded’ projects. In addition launching WOXOM and SimplePen, he is a prominent portrait photographer in Portland Oregon.

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