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Front Page PR Seeks Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and Franchises that Want to Take Advantage of the New Texas Crowdfunding Rules to Market Equity Investment Opportunities

29 Oct

Top 50 cities in Texas are home to 13.3 million residents that will soon be able to invest up to $5,000 per year in private equity investment opportunities

By Robert Hoskins

Austin, Texas Front Page PR (www.crowdfundingPRcampaigns.com), one of America’s leading crowdfunding PR and marketing firms, announced that the firm is now seeking new startups and entrepreneurs that want to take advantage of the new Intrastate Texas Crowdfunding Exemption rules that allows companies to raise up to $1 million from non-accredited investors.

Front Page PR is one of the leading Crowdfunding PR firms in America

Front Page PR is one of the leading Crowdfunding PR firms in America

On December 1, 2014, for the first time in 80 years, Texas-based startups and entrepreneurs will be able to sell private equity shares to all residents living Texas. In addition, all parties will be able to use mass marketing to advertise and publicize their equity investment opportunities using media outlets that focus on Texas Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), which are home to more than 26 million potential customers.

Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) Population
Houston – The Woodlands – Sugar Land 6,484,279
Dallas – Plano – Richardson – Irving 4,627,393
Fort Worth – Arlington – HEB 2,358,186
San Antonio – New Braunfels 2,334,363
Austin-Round Rock 1,938,858
McAllen-Edinburg-Mission 862,768
El Paso 862,638
Killeen-Temple 445,356
Corpus Christi 443,351
Brownsville-Harlingen 439,437
Beaumont-Port Arthur 413,982
Lubbock 304,682
Laredo 275,686
Amarillo 265,821
Waco 260,728
College Station-Bryan 246,910
Longview 226,407
Tyler 222,781
Abilene 170,164
Wichita Falls 152,426
Midland 150,721
Odessa 145,960
Sherman-Denison 125,901
San Angelo 113,969
Victoria 96,883
Texarkana 93,457
Total:   24,063,107

Approximately 20 million of these customers are over the age of 18 and will be able to invest up to $5,000 per year in private equity placements. Once the state educates its residents and new investors become Internet savvy investors, Texas will represent a $100 billion per year pool of venture capital that small businesses and entrepreneurs can use to raise start up funding.

This will prove to be a boon for the large majority of ideas and business plans that are currently being rejected or ignored by the states 70+ business accelerators and incubators.

Any business that has received the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) rubber stamp to be pre-approved for SBA loans should strongly consider opening a business in Texas. Franchisors and franchises are the perfect business model to help franchisees raise money using the new Texas crowdfunding rules. Unlike many startups that will have an unproven track record, franchises with 5 or more profitable locations should be able to provide investors with a better than average chance of success.

Rural areas are a prime target for economic development in Texas where the demand is present for new restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls, trampoline parks, entertainment venues, but until now have not had access to traditional venture capital due to their location.

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Robert Hoskins
Front Page PR
(512) 627-6622


New Crowdfunding Consulting Site Aims to Take Hands-On Approach to Help Crowdfunding Campaign Managers Achieve Higher Success Rate

29 Apr

KarmaKrowd Invites the Crowdfunding Industry’s Best Business Development, Advertising, Email Marketing, PR  and Social Media Campaign Experts to Help Crowdfunders Put Together Leading-Edge Fundraising Campaigns

By Robert Hoskins

Chicago, IL  – KarmaKrowd.com, a leading rewards-based crowdfunding site, announced that it will be providing a full suite of crowdfunding consulting services for its fundraising campaign managers who are seeking a professional team of experts to help them plan successful crowdfunding campaigns. And campaign managers will work their way through a four-phase process to perfect their campaigns.

KarmaKrowd Building a Legal, Financial, and Marketing Crowdfunding Consulting Firm to Offer Crowdfunding Campaign Managers Better Chance for Success

KarmaKrowd Building a Legal, Financial, and Marketing Crowdfunding Consulting Firm to Offer Crowdfunding Campaign Managers Better Chance for Success

“Using a completely different strategy from other Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, KarmaKrowd takes a robust approach to every campaign that launches on our site,” said Cindy Summerfield, KarmaKrowd’s CEO.  “We start by offering the best legal services possible to pursue an in-depth Intellectual Property (IP) protection strategy.  Once their IP is buttoned up, KarmaKrowd helps clients engage in a four-step campaign building process and provides a directory of professional manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment consultants who can help campaign managers build a streamlined business model.”

“Once campaign managers have a good business plan and crowdfunding profile in place, we allow them to Beta test it on our internal database of KarmaKrowd users to gather instant feedback from insiders. This interactive process allows all users to learn from each other and build a best practice consulting service from both paid Alpha and Pro Bono Beta professionals,” Summerfield continued.

KarmaKrowd’s four-step crowdfunding consulting process includes:

    1.  The Idea Phase is the first step which assesses the potential patentability of the client’s idea and whether or not the branding infringes on any existing trademarks that have been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
    2. The Alpha Phase is the second step when a product/service idea is transformed into the beginning stage of a crowdfunding campaign. During this phase campaign managers have the option to browse through KarmaKrowd’s directory of business consultants to build a team of experts who can provide direction on how to shoot a great pitch video, how to write a persuasive crowdfunding profile and offer rewards/perks that offer the right calls-to-action to entice backers to support their campaign.In order to avoid a growing trend in crowdfunding campaigns of meeting funding goals, but failing to deliver the goods, Alpha Team consultants can help to ensure that campaign managers have a thorough understanding of their cost of goods as well as assist in the building of business plans, signing up a manufacturer, building distribution and fulfillment channels and planning integrated digital, multi-channel marketing campaigns.
    3. The Beta Phase is the third step once campaign managers think they are ready to launch their campaign live they move their campaign into the Beta Phase. This removes the veil of secrecy so that users can provide private comments and instant feedback to campaign managers to help them make last minute adjustments.
    4. KrowdReadyPhase is the final step when campaign managers signal they are ready to launch their campaign. The KarmaKrowd staff will help the campaign manager put on the finishing touches.

KarmaKrowd Business Services Directory

KarmaKrowd encourages advertising, business, competitive analysis, distribution, email marketing, film production, financial, fulfillment, manufacturing, manufacturer reps, public relations, and social media consultants to sign up for a free KarmaKrowd Business Listing.  Once vetted and approved Alpha Team consultants will be able to offer their expert, value-added crowdfunding business consulting services for a fee to campaign managers.

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Top Cities in the United States to Start a Crowdfunding Training Class, Seminar or Workshop Business

18 Apr

Top Crowdfunding Training Classes Available throughout the United States

Searching for an affordable crowdfunding training class, workshop or seminar to learn more about how to launch a crowdfunding campaign to start a new business and start bringing entrepreneur’s and inventor’s creative business ideas to life?   States below with a number have at least one scheduled crowdfunding training class. Those with a zero have none planned.

If you a true entrepreneur and there is a zero listed for your state, you should consider starting your own crowdfunding training business.  We supply the instructor training and class materials. All you need to do is find a venue and start setting up local training classes.  Click on any state with a zero for more information.

States that are listed in Bold Type have already approved Equity Crowdfunding for unaccredited investors. If you want to receive information on where to take a crowdfunding training class or to sign up up to become a certified Crowdfunding Training Instructor, please fill out this form:

Trident Design Introduces Service to Sketch Out New Inventions via Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

17 Mar

By Robert Hoskins

The product design world is on a roll in 2013 as new Crowdfunding tools and 3-D printing advancements propel the industry. According to Trident Design Founder, Chris Hawker, “There’s never been a better time to be a product inventor.”

Trident Design Introduces Service to Sketch Out New Invention on a Virtual Napkin

Trident Design Introduces Service to Sketch Out New Inventions and Print Them on 3D  Printer

Recent results from Crowdfunding favorite, Kickstarter, show that $61.38 million has been raised in public efforts to officially launch innovative, industrial design projects. Product prototyping, which used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, can now be done on-site with new 3-D printers for less than $2,000.

“While new technology creates exciting opportunities, inventors should always keep a few things in mind before attempting to bring the next big idea to market,” says Hawker.

Not every idea is the right idea. “The best ideas come from personal experience. Look for products or tasks that annoy you and think about a better solution,” explains Hawker. Test fresh ideas with friends and family first. “If initial reactions are not emotional and if it takes too long to explain your amazing invention – you need to move on to your next idea,” adds Hawker.

Successful product designers need to be able to separate themselves from their work. “After you settle on an invention idea that you think might have potential, don’t fall in love just yet,” cautions Hawker. It is absolutely essential that inventors make sure that somebody else is not already out in the marketplace selling something similar. Just because a new inventor has never seen a related product for sale means nothing. This research can be started with a simple search on Google. Many dreams have been launched and/or shattered with this initial search.

Inventors that make it past the quick research phase with the confidence that their big idea is unique are now ready to dig a little deeper on the legal side. “For many inventors, the mere mention of lawyers and patents can send them running for this hills, but this next step might not be as hard as you initially thought,” says Hawker.  A simple patent search related to your idea can be done for free on Google within their patent search section. This phase can get pretty technical in a hurry, but it’s another great place to validate the exclusivity of your invention.

At this point in the product design vetting process, many inventors are sick of staring at a computer screen and anxious to get their hands on something. For those that are really serious about bringing their big idea to market, the next critical step involves attending a relevant trade show in the industry most pertinent to your new product. “Trade shows are the quickest way possible to get a realistic feel for your potential market,” according to Hawker. “You want to be as educated as you can in order to contextualize all your decisions as you develop your idea into something tangible for the masses.”

Trident Design works with independent inventors and innovative manufacturers to help them create game-changing products. Trident has successfully propelled over 50 products to market with an established team of designers, engineers, patent professionals and business development specialists. Today, Trident is a full-service invention incubator in the spirit of Edison’s Lab, offering product design, engineering, prototyping, branding,

LinkMe Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign to Launch World’s Smallest Wrist Messaging Systems

17 Mar

By R. Louise Sparrow

One of the world’s first smart wrist billboards, LinkMe, launched on Kickstarter this month.  Making your entire social life available to you with just a glance at your wrist, LinkMe is designed to overcome the one issue we all face in our wired world: how to filter out the signal from the noise.  The innovative product created by Matt Sandy and Colin Glaum provides the solution to how we can stay in contact with those closest to us in situations when it might not be politically correct to do so.  LinkMe allows you to get the messages that matter most, exactly when you need them.

LinkMe Message Bracelets on Kickstarter

LinkMe Message Bracelets on Kickstarter

Whether in meetings or lunching with a colleague, being tethered to your smart phone can be frustrating.  The phantom vibrations in your pocket, or worse, the actual missed message that you wish had magically popped up to the top of your different feeds can be frustrating.  With the LinkMe bracelet, those issues have been solved.

Developed by veteran inventor and consumer display technologist with over 30 years of experience and fifty patents Tim Goldburt, LinkMe features a high performance light-emitting diode display housed in sleek, low profile design that translates and displays the messages and alerts you choose.  LinkMe works wirelessly with your smartphone to allow you to select whose messages you automatically want to receive.  The product is elliptical, not circular, to match the shape of the wrist.

After creator Matt Sandy received his MBA from Columbia University, he built high-tech start ups commercializing innovative technologies over the past ten years, including the launch of MEDEA Vodka. His experience includes over six years overseeing manufacturing, production and development of novel display applications.

Having served as the creative director of several leadings firms (OgilvyAction, Rapp Collins, Young & Rubicam), Colin Glaum is a creative guru of innovative consumer products. His direct experience involves bringing killer ideas with the potential to positively enhance the consumer experience to life.

The first 500 people to pledge at least $99 on LinkMe’s Kickstarter page will receive the product in August 2013.  Subsequent backers will receive LinkMe in September 2013.  Potential applications of LinkMe are numerous: concerts, sports stadiums, charitable causes, fraternities/sororities, safety, security and more. 

Crowdfunding helps inventors bring ideas to life

13 Feb

by Triangle Business Journal

Attention all inventors who just need a little seed money to get your idea off the ground: Indiegogo – and other crowdfunding services like it – say that if your idea is good enough, you will get the money from ordinary folks.

Crowdfunding Allows Inventors to Bring Creative Ideas to Life

Crowdfunding Allows Inventors to Bring Creative Ideas to Life

Sort of like, if you invent it, the money will come. At least that’s the idea.

Danae Ringelmann co-founded Indiegogo five years ago after she realized that it was really hard for inventors to get funding to grow their ideas from the concept phase to an actual business with manufacturing and sales, etc. Ringelmann spoke at the annual Emerging Issues Forum hosted by the N.C. State University Institute for Emerging Issues. The event this year is focused on manufacturing and is looking at ways for North Carolina to grow as a national manufacturing leader.

On websites like Indiegogo or Kickstarter, inventors can post a video of why their invention deserves funding and then just wait for others to donate. It might be $1 or $5 or it might be hundreds – even thousands – of dollars they receive from anyone who likes the idea.

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