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Shellback’s 2017 New Year’s Resolution for Drivers Facing Stiff New Penalties and Fines Associated with Talking, Texting and/or Even Holding a Smartphone While Driving

4 Jan

Buy a Smartphone Safe to store cell phones out-of-sight in a secured case that automatically notifies parents, fleet managers or employers if phones are being used while vehicles are in transit

 By Robert Hoskins

Los Angeles, CaliforniaShellback Smartphone Safes announced that the company wants to solve the #1 growing epidemic that is killing thousands of teenage and adults drivers every year — distracted driving — due to texting and/or talking on a cell phone.

Shellback Smartphone Safe Will Help Drivers Stop Texting and Driving Under New 2017 Laws that Prohibit Texting and Calling While Driving

Shellback Smartphone Safe Will Help Drivers Stop Texting and Driving Under New 2017 Laws that Prohibit Texting and Calling While Driving

The main cause of these accidents is the urge to look at a phone screen to read a text or to see who is calling on a cell phone or smartphone, which is like driving the full length of a football field blindfolded at 55 mph and twice as dangerous as driving drunk.

Yet, everyone who reads this will probably agree that they, too, have looked up from their cell phone just seconds before causing a preventable accident. The problem is that it takes two seconds to make a corrective action, which many times is too late.

“Our clients are having these types of problems when trying to manage their large commercial fleets. For example, one large Fortune 500 Company recently had a Responsible Vehicle Accident (RVA) resulting in a fatality. It was determined that the employee was texting while driving,” said Michael MaguireShellback Smartphone Safes‘ CEO. “And trying to figure out how to keep their driver’s eyes on the road is just half of the problem. They also need a solution to track drivers, guarantee that they were adhering to their company’s cell phone policy, and the ability to generate detailed driving compliance reports by enterprise, region, or for a specific driver.”

“As a result my brother, Thomas Maguire, and I invented the patent-pending Shellback Smartphone Safe, the only solution that actually confirms the phone is stored out-of-sight. This allows parents, fleet managers and anyone else that wants to regulate cell phone usage to generate accurate compliance reports in real-time,” Maguire continued. “Unlike other smartphone apps that are supposed to deter talking on cell phones, ours does not block a cell phone’s communication. The Smartphone Safe simply secures a phone inside a high-tech case that prevents a driver from looking at or reading a cell phone’s screen.”

The Smartphone Safe is the only solution that completely removes the phone as a driving distraction. The proprietary embedded technology confirms the phone is in the case, verifies that they are not able to see their phone, and sends alerts if the case is opened while driving.

“Combined with an app that runs on Apple iPhones and Android Smartphones, once a cell phone is stored in the ‘Smartphone Safe,’ it begins tracking the device as soon as the vehicle begins moving,” Thomas Maguire added. “If the Smartphone Safe is unlocked while the vehicles is on the road it automatically sends a report to the parent or fleet manager that records the GPS location, speed and direction of the vehicle and feeds the information into a compliance report for disciplinary action.”

To download a free spec sheet or to learn how to purchase a $250 “Shellback Smartphone Safe,” complete with a two-year monitoring contract, please visit http://liveundistracted.com/press-room/.

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