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Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Offers Hot Deal on STCKBLS BBQ Grilling System for Organized Tailgating

15 Aug

The STCKBLS Grilling system is an affordable stackable, modular, portable solution that is perfect for organized tail gating, camping or backyard BBQs

By Robert HoskinsCrowdfunding PR

The STCKBLS Grill and related modules will also be offered at very attractive early-birds discounts for supporters during the beginning days of the crowdfunding campaign.

Features include:

  • Easy Expandability, with modules engineered to be placed neatly side-by-side to form a practically unlimited grilling area or large or small tailgating needs
  • Proper heat distribution, with the grill designed to foster even cooking without flare-ups
  • Sufficient heat output, with the grill providing 12,000 BTU per hour
  • Portable and modular design, with each module equipped with handles, weighing less than 44 pounds and having the same 18 by 18-inch footprint to allow for easy and organized stacking
  • Other modules include a cooler for storing beverages, meats and other items, as well as a utility box with sliding drawers.
  • Strength and durability, with all modules encased in high-quality steel
The STCKBLS Grill system, a stackable, modular, portable and complete BBQ grilling system

The STCKBLS BBQ Grilling system is an affordable stackable, modular, portable and complete for tail gating, camping or backyard grilling system

Developed by STCKBLS Founders Eric Djie and George Mathew, the STCKBLS BBQ Grilling system was developed by grill-masters for grill-masters.

“We wanted to create the ultimate grilling system. After designing gas and charcoal grills for many years for other companies, I wanted to create a BBQ grilling system that combined all my past design ideas that would foster the ultimate grilling experience,” Djie said. “We made it look and feel cool and sturdy. Some call it the first real ‘manly,’ portable grill system.”

Its associated grill stand also acts as both a table and a cart for the grills and other modules available, which makes STCKBLS both innovative and functional.

“We believe the STCKBLS Grilling  system design delivers a beautiful, portable BBQing solution that serves a very useful purpose,” Djie said. “Our complementary coolers and grill utility boxes can also be stacked and easily transported to form a complete barbecue grilling system.”

The STCKBLS Grill is also unlike many other portable grills on the market today because it is built with stronger materials and made to last longer than its retail competitors.

“The BBQ grilling industry isn’t high growth, so many grill manufacturers lower their quality standards to increase profits, which means most portable gas grills are only designed to last one or two seasons and then be discarded,” Mathew said. “We believe strongly in sustainability, so we designed the STCKBLS Grill system with higher quality materials to last much longer than normal. We want to grow profits from highly-satisfied customers buying other STCKBLS modules, not from replacing their STCKBLS Grills.”

Mathew adds that the company decided to offer the grill through crowdfunding rather than traditional retail outlets to make the revolutionary portable grill more affordable to consumers and enable the company to create higher-quality, longer-lasting products at the same time.

“Combining grill modules allows for a practically unlimited, contiguous cooking surface, which makes the STCKBLS Grill perfect for tailgating and outdoor parties,” Djie said.

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