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Energy Savings: Crowdfunding Green Energy Innovation on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

17 Apr

By Robert Hoskins

It’s not easy being a green innnovator, but EnergySavings.com provided us with the nice infographic below to detail how creative people are using crowdfunding platforms to raise money to fund free green products and projects that are eco-friendly and help save or produce green energy.

As more and more people become concerned with the environment – some to the point of dedicating their lives to trying to come up with innovative solutions to the world’s problems. Unfortunately, many of these people with great ideas don’t necessarily have the means to bring their concepts to life – at least, until now.

Enter the the world wide crowd and the rise of crowdfunding websites.  Now anyone with a great idea now has the ability and opportunity to promote it and even raise money!

EnergySavings.com spent some time combing through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter.com and Indiegogo.com to find some examples of great people pursuing the greater good. Take a look!

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Crowdfunding Green Energy Innovation from the Crowd

Crowdfunding Green Energy Innovation from the Crowd

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EcoHub Launches Vermont-based Crowdfunding Platform to Fund Eco-Friendly Projects

26 Mar

By Robert Hoskins

EcoHub, Inc. launched an online community in Vermont devoted to a crowdfunding platform for eco-friendly projects (EcoProjects) and nurturing healthy relationships between people and the planet. More than just Crowdfunding, the EcoHub connects individuals to create a critical mass that is collectively working to improve the environment. The goal of the EcoHub is threefold:

The EcoHub Launches Crowdfunding Platform to Fund Eco-friendly projects (EcoProjects)

The EcoHub Launches Crowdfunding Platform to Fund Eco-friendly projects (EcoProjects)

  1. Be a crowdfunding agent for EcoProjects with built-in accountability measures;
  2. Nurture a community-driven educational outlet for individuals to learn about the issues; and
  3. Create a viable market for environmental initiatives.

The EcoHub launches with two Vermont-based EcoProjects ready for funding:

  1. The Bin Genie, created by Denise Schomody of Trip Trap Recycling, is a cover made for curbside recycling bins from nylon woven out of recycled fishing net. The goals for the Bin Genie are to keep neighborhoods clean, maximize the efficiency of recycling efforts, and create jobs in Vermont.
  2. The Vermont Sustainable Heating Initiative (VSHI), created by Tom and Beth Tailer, is a volunteer ­run, non-profit organization working to establish a sustainable heating economy for all Vermonters. For the past five years, VSHI has worked with the state’s fuel assistance program to provide pellet stoves and wood pellets to fuel assistance clients.

Co-founded by three women with Vermont Law School ties ̶- two current JD candidates, Shannon Clarke and Brianne Fischer, and one master’s program (MELP) alumna, Susan Goehring Bailey – the founders credit their time at Vermont Law School and its environmental curriculum for enabling their business concept to grow. The executive team is comprised of these three, acting as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer respectively, and Burlington resident Casey Lyon, who is Chief Technology Officer.

“Our scope of impact surpasses typical crowdfunding platforms because our value comes from connecting individuals to create a community working together to improve and invest in the environment,” explained the EcoHub’s Co-Founder and CEO Shannon Clarke, “Our mission is to leave the world better than we found it and with your help we can do that and make it possible for millions of others to do the same.”

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