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Latina Shopping Channel Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign to Provide Latinas with a Place to Shop and Socialize

9 Jul

Comadre.com will also be a valuable networking tool to connect Latina customers with Hispanic businesses

By Robert Hoskins

Coppell, Texas – Servicing the demand for four decades of rapid growth in the Latino population, Comadre.com has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to set the stage for the launch of a new social shopping website designed especially for Latinas.

The site will be the first social shopping network built by Latinas for Latinas. It will bring together two things Hispanic women love the most: shopping and socializing. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is now underway and Comadre.com executives are excited to get their project off the ground, not only because the website will offer new shopping opportunities for Latinas, but because it will allow them to network and socialize and stay connected to their culture.

“By supporting us, you are helping to build an online community that keeps us connected to our culture, our heritage and our traditions”

“By supporting us, you are helping to build an online community that keeps us connected to our culture, our heritage and our traditions,” said Lillian Romero, Latina

“By supporting our campaign, you will help us build an online community that keeps Latinas connected to our culture, our heritage and our traditions,” said Lillian Romero, an upcoming Hispanic woman entrepreneur, who believes in the value of hard work and is eager to support other Hispanic businesses.

Comadre.com will give Hispanic women a fun, stylish and unique place to shop and socialize. The site will also be a valuable networking tool to connect Latina customers with Hispanic businesses of all types, so in essence it will be a vehicle to strengthen Hispanic economic clout and support other Hispanic entrepreneurs.

The Indiegogo campaign is underway to raise money not only to build the website, but to make it work. Comadre.com owners will use the funds to import products from across Latin America so that their selections are appealing to Latinas everywhere. They will reach out to Hispanic business owners to build relationships with those who wish to sell their products on Comadre.com.

Finally, they will invest in a targeted marketing campaign to get the word out about the site and new technology to make the site easier to use and keep it current as technology changes.

The website will be bilingual and contributors receive a variety of perks depending on their level of support. The lowest level of support is $10 and highest is $1,000. Those who support at the $1,000 level receive various perks and a lifetime “Founder Discount Card.” Site owners are quick to point out that even those who don’t invest monetarily can help the site come to life by mentioning it on their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

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New York Fashion Designers Skip “Crowdfunding” and Take a Walk Down the “Crowd Commerce” Runway

14 Apr

Global “Crowd Commerce” Concept Bypasses Crowdfunding and Goes Straight to Crowd Sales Targeting Consumers and Designers to Determine What Products Are Produced – Cynthia Rowley, Whit, and Meskita Currently Signed On

By Robert Hoskins

New York, NY – In a creative twist on e-commerce, crowdfunding, and social media, Crowdemand is a new fashion technology platform that connects consumers directly to the designers they love on their desktop, tablet, and mobile device. However unlike traditional crowdfunding sites, there are no crowdfunding profiles, no pitch videos, only the the opportunity to make a crowd purchase.

Global "Crowd Commerce" Concept Bypasses Crowdfunding and Goes Straight to Crowd Sales Targeting Consumers And Designers

Global “Crowd Commerce” Concept Bypasses Crowdfunding and Goes Straight to Crowd Sales Targeting Consumers And Designers

On Crowdemand established contemporary designers present pieces via the a new version of “crowd commerce” website, with consumers ultimately deciding which designs go into production. Crowdemand will feature select brands such as Cynthia Rowley for their launch, with the New York City based label Whit, and Brazilian designer Meskita to follow.

Designers showcase exclusive products on Crowdemand with price-points between $250 – $2,000. Each piece will fit into three categories: “Celebrity Spotting,” where designers will recreate an item worn by a celebrity, “Backed by Popular Demand,” where designers create popular pieces from past seasons, and “New Demands,” which are new exclusives for the coming seasons. This business model is the only one of it’s kind–currently designers, fashion e-commerce sites, and brick and mortar stores can only offer a selection of merchandise that has already been produced, and when the inventory runs out you’re out of luck.

Each designer individually determines the minimum number of orders required for a design to go into production, and to maintain exclusivity, Crowdemand sets a maximum number of orders that can be placed. Crowdemand will also take photos and edit the images of each design, at no cost to the designer.

Next the users, or “crowders” can pre-purchase the designs during a determined two-week campaign period, spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms, knowing that with the power of the crowd the design will get made. During the campaign process each design has a progress circle letting crowders and designers know how close they are to reaching their production goal.

Once enough crowders have pre-purchased the design, Crowdemand places an order with the designer, and products are shipped domestically and internationally within eight to sixteen weeks right to each crowder’s door. All items in original condition can be returned within 30 days, and as a bonus, for the next two weeks users who sign up and share Crowdemand with their friends will be rewarded with a $25 credit for every friend that signs up.

“This retail model is the future; it bridges the gap between consumer and designer, bringing unparalleled benefits to both parties which are unavailable within traditional retail models,” explains Liat Cohen, VP of Business Development at Crowdemand.

Both participating and future designers are excited to become a part of this unique platform because it solves a myriad of the industry’s inventory and production cost issues. Fashion houses place orders based on projections, but Crowdemand offers designers the chance to assess demand and capture pre-orders before any pieces go into production, as well as the real-time insight of what their customers, not department store buyers, are interested in wearing.

Consumers are generally sold to, not listened to, and by engaging with Crowdemand they are heard loud and clear.

By leveraging their social networks and enlisting their followers to help get designs made, they are becoming an integral part of the production process. The ground-breaking sales method of Crowdemand allows designers and customers to do what they do best: designers can create without the stress of production projections, while customers join in the process of creating an exclusive product in their size without ever having to search through racks for the right item. The future of retail lies in this model of “crowd commerce,” and Crowdemand is the first fashion e-commerce site to offer it.

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