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GridShare Launches New Equity Crowdfunding Site to Provide Investment Opportunities for Solar, Wind and other Types Renewable Energy in the United States’ Booming Clean-Technology Industry

8 Jun

The GridShare Equity Crowdfunding Platform allows accredited and non-accredited investors to make very affordable investments in solar, wind and other types of renewable energy projects and clean-tech companies to raise debt or equity, opening up the renewable energy industry to a larger pool of investors

By Robert Hoskins

Portland, Oregon – GridShare.com announced that it has launched its new independent platform offering debt and equity crowdfunding investments that anyone in the United States as well as accredited investors can provide seed stage funding and venture capital to help renewable energy projects and clean-tech companies fund startups, expand businesses and launch new green energy power projects. The clean tech online investment platform allows investors to independently engage with green project owners to learn about and finance deals that will  help reduce America’s carbon footprint and slow down rapidly advancing global warning.

GridShare enables everyday people to invest in renewable energy projects and clean tech companies

GridShare enables everyday people to invest in renewable energy projects and clean tech companies

“Raising money has been a huge impediment to the growth of the capital-intensive renewable energy industry,” said Jack Jacobs, CEO and Co-Founder of GridShare. “Now, with GridShare’s help, a project developer or clean-tech venture can tap into a new funding channel and ultimately spend less time fundraising and more time focusing on its core business.”

GridShare is funding portal authorized by the SEC and FINRA to conduct securities offerings under SEC Regulation Crowdfunding. Initial offerings on GridShare.com include a $250,000 secured debt offering for a community solar project, a $350,000 equity offering for a floating solar project and a $100,000 secured debt offering for a community wind project.

Floating on water, this 1.2 MW solar project in wine country (Sonoma County, California) is part of nearly 20 MW of floating solar projects awarded to Pristine Sun

Floating on water, this 1.2 MegaWatt solar project in wine country (Sonoma County, California) is part of nearly 20 MegaWatts of floating solar projects awarded to Pristine Sun

Initial offerings on GridShare.com include a $100,000 secured debt offering for a community wind project

Offerings on GridShare.com include a $100,000 secured debt offering for a community wind project

Posting a project on GridShare is free and easy. Once the GridShare team approves the project, it will be published online. Investors will then have the opportunity to review the project details, and invest online. With respect to US offerings, GridShare earns a commission from the offeror only if its funding goal is fully achieved. GridShare also offers optional services, such as assistance in preparing listing materials, filing forms, facilitating investor webinars, and managing the security offerings.

Potential investors can peruse investment opportunities in a variety of renewable energy sectors. GridShare also intends to host funding opportunities for energy efficiency initiatives and early-stage clean technology ventures.

“For too long, large financial institutions and accredited investors have controlled the financing for renewable energy. Finally, project developers like Pristine Sun can rely on GridShare to facilitate innovative solar investments available to all investors,” said Troy Helming, President of Pristine Sun, a major developer of solar projects in the US, and the sponsor of two listings currently hosted on GridShare.com. “Pristine Sun can now get support from the crowd to complete its solar projects, and the crowd can now own part of our projects and participate in the growing market for clean energy in the United States.”

GridShare is an online crowdfunding platform for renewable energy and clean-tech projects registered with the SEC and FINRA, which enables everyday people to invest in renewable energy projects and clean-tech companies based in the US.  By significantly expanding the funding options available to business owners and project developers, GridShare opens up the renewable energy industry to a much wider audience of non-accredited investors.

The platform is a clean technology agnostic, posting investment opportunities from all types of renewable energy projects and clean-tech companies. GridShare allows renewable energy projects and clean-tech companies to raise debt or equity from investors. By diversifying the available investment opportunities, GridShare offers a more inclusive environment for non-accredited and accredited investors alike.

GridShare International, LLC, which is not registered with the SEC,  but does assist issuers in countries other than the United States in listing securities offerings in their own countries.

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RE-volv’s IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign Successfully Raises $50,002 to Fund 36-kW Community Solar Project to Power Organic Food Cooperative in San Francisco 

4 Mar

“Solar Seed Fund” finances solar clean energy projects for non-profits and cooperatives by crowdfunding tax deductible donations to fund 20-year solar leases that give back to the community

By Robert Hoskins

San Francisco, California –  RE-volv, a San Francisco-based nonprofit, successfully completed its third crowdfunding campaign on Thursday, raising over $50,000 to finance a 36-kW solar array for the Other Avenues Food Cooperative in San Francisco. RE-volv’s innovative solar financing model, the Solar Seed Fund — the first of its kind — uses crowdfunding to grow a revolving fund that’s continually reinvested in community-based solar projects.

SolarSeedFund Raises Money on Indiegogo to Support Community Solar Project

SolarSeedFund Raises Money with Crowdfunding to Build Community Solar Projects

“People are sick of waiting for leaders to take action on climate change. They want to lead the way in their own communities and RE-volv is giving them a tool to do that.” said Andreas Karelas, Executive Director of RE-volv. “Having completed three successful campaigns, we see that this model is replicable and poised to grow rapidly.”

During its first three Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns, RE-volv has raised over $121,000 from close to 900 donations from people in 38 states and 22 countries. This money is being utilized to finance three community-based solar projects amounting to 68kW of solar capacity.

RE-volv finances solar energy projects for non-profits and cooperatives that serve their community. RE-volv covers the initial costs of a 20-year solar lease by crowdfunding tax deductible donations.

As communities pay RE-volv back through a solar lease over time, RE-volv reinvests those funds plus interest into new projects for nonprofits and cooperatives creating a revolving fund for solar energy that serves the community.

“I’ve been working on this project for eight years, and it’s been difficult to find the right fit for financing this solar project,” said Other Avenues president Darryl Dea. “So when RE-volv came around it was a perfect fit for us because not only do they work with nonprofits and co-ops, but we’re able to contribute to this fund which will further create more solar projects.”

Leading up to Global Divestment Day last week, Bill McKibben, author and founder of 350.org, added, “As everyone’s divesting, might be worth donating a little money to this Solar Seed Fund” which resulted in increased donations for the campaign.

Another factor that helped RE-volv reach its crowdfunding goal was being selected as a winner of the OpenIDEO Renewable Energy Challenge two weeks ago.

As a result, RE-volv will receive resources and support from innovative design firm IDEO and leading environmental foundation, the 11th Hour Project. Open IDEO described RE-volv’s model in this way: “The Solar Seed Fund isn’t your grandma’s crowdfunding platform… It’s a positive feedback cycle that encourages communities to rapidly transition to solar.”

Winning the OpenIDEO challenge adds to a growing line of support for RE-volv. RE-volv has received support for its work from Audubon’s Toyota TogetherGreen program, the San Francisco Foundation, the Rose Foundation, the Yahoo Employee Foundation, Patagonia, KIND Healthy Snacks, Aveda, and Whole Foods.

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