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Rocket Bottle Plus Launches Mobile Smoothies / Margaritas Blender/Shaker Machine via Upcoming Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

5 Jul

Crowdfunders can make blended drinks such as smoothies, margaritas, or protein shakes on the go, which is perfect for the beach, floating on the river, camping, road trips, gyms, or tailgating at the game

By Robert HoskinsCrowdfunding PR

Orlando, FL – The Rocket Bottle Plus plans to take the blending world by storm and is planning the launch of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to support its fundraising effort to fund the development and manufacturing of the new innovative portable, rechargeable blender to make blended drinks such as smoothies, protein shakes or margaritas anywhere in the world.

Crowdfunders make blended drinks such as margaritas, smoothies, or protein shakes on the go and is perfect for the beach, camping, road trips, gym, or tailgating for the big game

Crowdfunders can make blended drinks such as margaritas, smoothies, or protein shakes on the go, which is perfect for the beach, floating on the river, camping, road trips, gyms, or tailgating at the game

Rocket Bottle Plus Inventor

In August of 2015, Archie Askie inventor of Rocket Bottle Plus was stationed in Afghanistan and needed a suitable device to mix his protein drinks. With limited resources, it was nearly an impossible task to find the right blender that was portable, lightweight, and easy-to-use. Archie recognized this problem and being a warrior by body, and innovator by mind, formulated the perfect device to suit his nutritional needs. This device was named the Rocket Bottle Plus.

Rocket Bottle Plus Multiple Uses

The Rocket Bottle Plus is designed to let the user make blended drinks such as margaritas, smoothies, or protein shakes on the go. The Rocket Bottle Plus is perfect for the beach, camping, road trips, gym, or tailgating for the big game because unlike traditional blenders it doesn’t require an outlet to operate. Simply charge the Rocket Bottle Plus and use it whenever you are ready to make your favorite blended drinks.

Rocket Bottle Plus Features

The Rocket Bottle Plus sports a sleek design that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Its rechargeable motor spins 6 blades at a baffling 18,000 RPM, and of course, it is lightweight and portable to make blending on the go a breeze. Other features are below:

  • Leak Proof
  • Odor and Stain Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Holds 22oz (650ml)
  • 6 blade blending system
  • Up to 18,000 RPM
  • Rechargeable Batteries (20 blends or 2 hours run time)
  • Designed in America

Rocket Bottle Plus is Odor/Stain Resistant

Surveys show that 81% of people own multiple shaker bottles and blenders, and the Rocket Bottle Plus aims to cut that number down to one for everybody. 45% of these owners replace their mixer every 6 months and 75% of these owners experienced a foul odor coming from their shaker or blender.

The Rocket Bottle Plus will be the last blender bottle you will ever need, serving as a mixer that also blends ice, fruits, and vegetables. With its odor and stain resistant design, you will be able to drink in comfort without the foul smell of previous mixes.

Overall, the Rocket Bottle Plus will eliminate the need for fragile shaker bottles and bulky blenders leaving you with more money in your pocket to buy more nutritional supplements, take a vacation, and/or spend quality time with your loved ones.

The Rocket Bottle Plus is poised to take the blending and nutritional world by storm at an affordable price. Rocket Bottle, LLC is allowing early supporters to take advantage and is offering exclusive prices and rewards via his Kickstarter campaign that is coming soon.

Sign up for the Rocket Bottle’s newsletter here https://www.rocketbottleplus.com/ to receive $20 off your first purchase.

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From Kitchen to Food Truck to Restaurant, Fundafeast.com Crowdfunding Site Helps Dreams Come True for Food and Drink Entrepreneurs

27 Feb

Fundafeast.com promises to support a wide variety of cookbooks, food trucks, restaurants and wineries to help fundraising efforts to launch a new food/drink service business

By Robert Hoskins

Based in New York City, NY, the new crowdfunding platform, Fundafeast.com, now makes it possible to fund anything from cookbooks full of great recipes to new food products all the way up to fine dining restaurant and wineries.  Crowdfunding can now be utilized to raise money for a wide variety of food and drink-related startups, new business ventures and existing restaurants that want to expand or franchise their operations with a little extra venture capital from hobby investors and micro venture capitalists.  But instead of giving up equity stakes in their companies, they simply trade great deals and VIP cards for startup cash.

Fundafeast Crowdfunding Platform for Bars, Coffee Shops, Food Trucks, Franchises, Restaurants, and Wineries

Fundafeast New York, NY Crowdfunding Platform for Bars, Coffee Shops, Food Trucks, Franchises, Restaurants, and Wineries

“Fundafeast is designed for entrepreneurs who want to make a business out of their own food or drink ‘passion’ and need some help getting their venture started,” says Cheryl A. Clements, founder and CEO of fundafeast. “Sometimes all you need to pursue a great food business is a $500 investment, but there isn’t a bank in the world that’s going to help. I myself used GoFundMe to get fundafeast started.”

On fundafeast, entrepreneurs can post profiles of their business ideas and elicit contributions. The page provides details of the food + drink-related business, explains how the funds will be spent and keeps a running total of donations. Fundafeast collects a fee from entrepreneurs that represents only 4% of the money raised versus the 5% charged by most other crowdfunding platforms. Fundafeast doesn’t charge a penalty for clients who fall short of their goal, as some other sites do, such as a higher percentage rate or not allowing them to keep funding raised short of goal. Entrepreneurs are allowed to keep all funds raised.

Fundafeast hopes to help develop restaurants, wine bars, cookbooks, food products, food inspired art, innovative kitchen gadgets or other food and drink-related ventures and promote their passion for running food and drink-related establishments.

Fundafeast.com is a new rewards-based crowdfunding platform uniquely designed to help raise funds for entrepreneurs with a wide variety of food- or drink-related business ideas. Fundafeast.com, which went live on Feb. 1, 2014, and give entrepreneurs a crowdfunding profile page to describe their business idea in detail, set a fundraising goal and track contributions as they come in.

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New Restaurant and Food Truck Crowdfunding Platform Allows Anyone to Launch a Food Service Business

23 Apr

By Robert Hoskins

Foodstart.com opened its virtual fundraising doors for restaurants nationwide in the United States to provide a new finance to help restaurant and food truck owners can raise capital online in small increments from their extended community of friends, family, and future customers. Only instead of a cash return, backers receive perks and rewards like free dessert, discounts, and cooking workshops.

Restaurant and food truck owners now can raise capital online in small increments from their extended community of friends, family, and future customers.

Restaurant and food truck owners now can raise capital online in small increments from their extended community of friends, family, and future customers.

Among its unique offerings: a$1,000 seed-match for businesses, physical cards for backers, and a free, social-media marketing program.  In other words, Foodstart.com enables debt-free financing while also creating a loyal customer base.

“We did a lot of research before starting,” Founder Alex Sheshunoff said.  “Turns out, when it comes to restaurants, many people want to feel like they are on the inside as much as they want a specific financial return. Which makes sense. If you give a friend $200 for his restaurant, you don’t want an 8% return on your money – that’s $16.  Instead, you want your name on a menu item and a behind-the-scene tour.”

Sheshunoff explained that he came up with the idea after being unable to invest in a friend’s new restaurant.  “My friend had a good concept and a great location. I wanted to give him $500, mostly so I could say I was an early backer.  He wanted to take it, but there was no mechanism for him to handle such a small amount. I figured we weren’t the only one with this problem – there are 22,000 independent restaurants started every year.”

Foodstart.com has been up in beta for just a few months, but already more than 30 restaurants and food trucks have signed on, perhaps enticed by its low 4% fee and lack of setup costs.  One was Wilson’s BBQ in Fairfield, Connecticut.  Proprietor Ed Wilson wanted to expand to a second location so turned to Foodstart. “After I posted my campaign,” Wilson explained, “Foodstart sent me some custom fliers.  Turns out, one of my customers is an investment banker, and it looks like we’re going to get all of our funding!”

Sheshunoff chose to focus restaurants and food trucks because of the emotional appeal they have for people.  “No one is really excited to invest $100 in a friend’s dental practice to get a free teeth cleaning.”  He admits that raising money from a broad group isn’t a new idea. “The Green Bay Packers first sold shares to the public in 1923.  Even though shareholders get only a certificate and a behind-the-scenes tour, they now have 360,000 shareholders  – and the most passionate fans in football.  We’re just applying the samBe concept to restaurants.”

Foodstart.com advisory board member, Steve Rockwell a restaurant industry consultant and former equity research analyst, said this kind of community-funding model will be a key part of restaurant finance in the future. And Rockwell should know.  He’s helped companies such as Ruby Tuesday, Outback Steakhouse, Papa John’s, and Jamba Juice raise over $1 billion in public and private equity. “Most independent restaurant owners have limited financing options.  A platform like Foodstart’s not only helps them raise capital, but almost as importantly, it creates a network of loyal customers.  And that’s something traditional sources of capital have a hard time doing.”

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Oak Park Cafe Perks up Coffee Connoisseurs in Chicago with Indiegogo Perks-Based Crowdfunding Campaign

1 Mar

New Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign offers coffee drinkers in Chicago a great deal! In honor of their new café in Oak Park, Illinois, Mojo Express is offering an amazing deal to their supporters. Exclusively at Mojo Express’ Indiegogo Campaign, visitors have the opportunity to get unlimited gourmet coffee for the rest of the year, over $500 in value, for only $150. For that low price, supporters get a custom Mojo Express travel mug with unlimited coffee and tea refills through 2014, redeemable at any Mojo Express location.

Mojo Expresss Serves Up Gourmet Coffee to Crowdfunders the Chicago Area via Indiegogo Campaign

Mojo Expresss Serves Up Gourmet Coffee to Crowdfunders in the Chicago Area via Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

“I want to give my customers an awesome deal as a way of saying thanks for loving my mobile coffee bus,” Mojo Express owner Renee Estese-Long commented. The unlimited coffee is just one of several great specials coffee lovers can indulge in. This offer is only available through the company’s Indiegogo campaign.

With the funds raised, Estese-Long will renovate the retail space on Lake Street and turn it into a café the community will love. By offering fantastic promotions all her customers can enjoy, Estese-Long is changing the way people think about Crowdfunding and her coffee. Her goal is to take her popular mobile coffee bus and turn it into a comfortable space the community will come to know and love.

Mojo Express is more than your average coffee shop, serving organic and fair-trade coffees along with delicious sweet potato pies, homemade baked goods and delectable pancakes through a partnership with the other popular Chicago food truck, Babycakes. The company supports small farmers, sustainable coffee, as well as the Lupus community.

Some of the other amazing offers include:

  • For $350, supporters get a limited edition Mojo Express Travel Mug with unlimited coffee for the rest of the year and all of 2014.
  • For $450, supporters get the mug and unlimited coffee described above AND a freshly-baked pie every month for a year.
  • For $5,000, Mojo Express will personally deliver coffee to the supporter and his or her office for an entire year.
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