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RealtyWealth Launches Houston Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform to Meet Foreign Demand for Passive Income

21 Nov

RealtyWealth allows accredited investors in the US, South Africa, China, and Canada to invest in institutional quality, corporate backed lease properties from credit rated tenants such as McDonald’s, Walgreens, Starbucks and Walmart

By Robert Hoskins

Houston, Texas –RealtyWealth.com announced the launch of the first commercial real estate Crowdfunding platform dedicated to Single Tenant Net Lease “STNL” investments. Targeting accredited investors in the US and global investors in South Africa, China, and Canada, RealtyWealth.com provides the opportunity to invest in institutional quality, corporate backed lease properties from credit rated tenants such as McDonald’s, Walgreens, Starbucks and Walmart.

RealtyWealth.com Net Lease Real Estate Investing Made Simple in Houston, Texas

RealtyWealth.com Net Lease Real Estate Equity Crowdfunding/Investing Made Simple in Houston, Texas

RealtyWealth is also the first portal to offer passive realty investments to foreign investors seeking the stability and yields of US Real Estate Assets. Chinese investors have been particularly active, with investments in US commercial properties jumping 10-fold from 2012 and expected to reach $10 billion in 2014 according to Real Analytics.

The last six months have seen significant development within the real estate Crowdfunding market and RealtyWealth.com is poised to take advantage of this heightened interest from investors, developers and intermediaries. Over $700M has been raised by Real Estate Tech Startups since 2012 with peer sites Fundrise and RealtyMogul boasting $100M+ post Series A valuations.

Taking advantage of this foreign investor wave, RealtyWealth have built key marketing relationships with international consumer sites like Juwai.com- the largest outbound Chinese investment portal for US properties– and have distribution partners arranged or under discussion in South Africa, Latin America and Canada.

RealtyWealth.com operates as an aggregator of local and foreign investors seeking stable US-based Real Estate Investments,” said Sam Vogel, co-founder. “STNL products offer long-term, corporate-backed, passive income with an inflation and currency hedge to our investors.”

STNL Investments offer passive investments consisting of long-term leases, guaranteed by the Corporate Tenant.  Tenants are responsible for ALL incidentals including taxes, insurance and maintenance – normally the landlords’ responsibility. Many leases have rental bumps to keep pace with inflation and investors can depreciate the property against tax. In the unlikely event that the tenant defaults, the investor still owns the underlying property.

Whereas UHNW, Family Offices, Hedge Funds and REITS have invested in STNL investments for decades, less than 10% of the 8.7 million Accredited investors in the USA are aware of these investments.

“NNN Investments are essentially corporate bond-type investments in real estate wrappers,” said Bryan Smith, co-founder and CEO.”Compare investing in Starbucks stock at 1.6% dividend versus acquiring a corporate backed Starbucks lease achieving returns of 6% to 7% unlevered?”

RealtyWealth’s  proprietary, state-of-the-art platform and dashboard allows investors to review properties, make investments, track portfolios and receive statements, earnings and tax computations all online.

RealtyWealth are working closely with developers, brokers and intermediaries in the CRE market to introduce STNL investments in the US and abroad.

From only $5,000 a month, investors can invest in these appealing properties and enjoy the opportunity to build value over the long term.

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NXGen Capital Launches Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding Site for Developers, Promoters and Institutional Investors 

14 Jul

New commercial real estate equity crowdfunding site offers investors a robust pipeline of high-quality, high-yield, pre-vetted investment real estate properties across the western United States

By Robert Hoskins

Fair Oaks, CaliforniaNXGen Capital.com launched a new real estate equity crowdfunding site that provides accredited investors access to pre-vetted commercial investment properties across the western United States. The website debuts with a robust portfolio of available commercial projects, ranging in scope from exclusive hotels, luxury condos and office space to assisted living and memory care facilities. For example, a recent assisted living and memory care facility in Citrus Heights, Calif. has already raised over $1.1 million of its initial $2.1 million equity goal.

NXGen offers investors a robust pipeline of high-quality, high-yield, pre-vetted investment real estate properties on a consistent basis

NXGen offers investors a robust pipeline of high-quality, high-yield, pre-vetted investment real estate properties on a consistent basis

Each project on the site has been thoroughly investigated prior to being offered to the public. This information is openly shared on the website in the form of general property statistics, financial summaries, financial overviews and market summaries—so investors can quickly assess a project’s potential.

Additionally, investors are able to quickly and easily conduct their own due diligence across multiple projects at a time, since all projects fall under themed commercial categories. The entire crowdfunding process can be completed online and easily tracked through the customer login feature.

“In the last year or so, real estate crowdfunding has made earning power available to the public at large,” said Brian Clark, co-founder and managing director of NXGen Capital. “But we see NXGen Capital as the next generation of real estate crowdfunding. We want to bring greater transparency to the real estate crowdfunding platform and put all investors on a level playing field. Potential investors no longer need to be ‘in-the-know’ in order to diversify their portfolio.”

Due to its close relationships with developers and other industry professionals, NXGen plans to offer investors a robust pipeline of high-quality, high yield investment properties on a consistent basis. Clark added, “Investors will always have a wide range of real estate deals to choose from at any given time.”

With so much volatility in the stock market, investors are flocking to invest in tangible assets. Investors far and wide have already been attracted to the returns that NXGen Capital offers through developers, promoters and directors supplying high-quality real estate investment opportunities. While other real estate crowdfunding platforms typically offer 10-18% returns, the lowest annual return currently offered on the NXGen portal is 25% and some projects reach 40% or more.

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Search for Crowdfunding Jobs on the Crowdfunding Press Center’s New Crowdfunding Career Center Job Board

1 Aug

Search for New Crowdfunding Job Openings/Post Free Crowdfunding Career Help Wanted Advertisements

The Crowdfunding Press Center has now opened a Crowdfunding Career Center Job Board to provide a place for Crowdfunding sites and platforms to begin posting job openings as the Crowdfunding industry grows.

Advisory Board of Crowdfunding Experts

For example, please consider joining the Crowdfunding Press Center’s Advisory Board of Crowdfunding Experts, which is now actively seeking to fill the Crowdfunding positions listed below.  Click here to submit your 30-second business pitch.

  1. New Business Development Director
  2. Public Relations Director
  3. Media Relations Director
  4. Investor Relations Director
  5. Industry Analyst Relations Director
  6. Fundraising Campaign Director
  7. Crowdfunding Escrow Director
  8. Broker/Dealer Director
  9. Crowdfunding Campaign Director
  10. Perks/Promotional Items Director
  11. SEC Compliance Director
  12. Social Media Director
  13. SEO Digital Content Director
  14. Database Marketing Director
  15. Financial Data Mining Director
  16. Information Technology Director
  17. Legal Counsel Director
  18. Human Resources Director

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NowStreet Brings Wall Street Closer to Crowdfunding and P2P-Lending through Free May Crowdfunding Webinars

16 May

Free Crowdfunding webinars to ensure that broker-dealers, investment bankers, financial advisors, issuers and investors of all sizes capitalize on imminent Wall Street transformation.

By Robert Hoskins

NowStreet Media announced its “Capitalizing on Financial Innovation” webinar series, aimed at helping broker-dealers, investment bankers, financial advisors, issuers and investors of all sizes succeed in a financial industry that is in the midst of extraordinary change.

NowStreet Crowdfunding Webinars

NowStreet Crowdfunding Webinars

“As the popularity for neoteric crowd-financing methods such as P2P lending and crowdfunding continues to mount, we are witnessing the rapid disintermediation of Wall Street. As a result, traditional banking and brokerage revenue models are becoming obsolete, conventional capital raising techniques are no longer viable, and investor demand for alternative assets is escalating. The objective of our webinar channel is to ensure that both the financial community as well as the investing public are properly prepared to capitalize on the imminent market transformation,” stated Dara Albright, NowStreet’s CEO.

NowStreet’s ground-breaking webinar channel features trendsetting discussions and indispensable insight from the very individuals who are shaping tomorrow’s capital markets. As part of an educational outreach program, the webinars are free to all participants.

May 16, 2013, 1pm EST

Pre-JOBS Act Crowdfunding – The Intrastate Exemption
Learn how intrastate crowdfunding is on the verge of setting the national crowdfunding precedent, uniting communities and inspiring local economic growth. Presented by Douglas S. Ellenoff, Partner at Ellenoff, Grossman & Schole; *Richard J. Salute, CPA, Consultant with extensive expertise in capital markets and securities regulations; Jeff Bekiares and Megan Johnson, Co-Founders of SparkMarket, the nation’s first bonafide crowdfunding portal allowing unaccredited investors to legally crowdfund via intrastate exemption.

May 30, 2013, 1pm EST

An Inside Look at the Explosive Growth of P2P & Online Lending
Recognized P2P thought leader, Peter Renton, Founder of Lend Academy & author of The Lending Club Story, will discuss the rapid growth of P2P & Online Lending as well as the economic implications of Google’s recent investments into Lending Club & On Deck Capital. He will also show participants how to maximize P2P returns and capitalize on the proliferation of the industry.

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Crowdfund it Today Partners with CommunityLeader to Deliver Crowdfunding Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small Businesses in Atlanta

2 May

By Robert Hoskins

Crowdfund it Today has partnered with CommunityLeader to educate, empower and encourage business owners to effectively grow their business with crowdfunding financial tools by leveraging the greater Atlanta metro business community.


Atlanta-based “Crowdfund it Today” expands its business development services for individuals and organizations that want to take a leadership role in the emerging Crowdfunding market

“Companies are chomping at the bit for new capital. With the rapidly emerging industry of crowdfunding, I have found that both individuals and organizations are searching ways to raise capital or play in this exciting market,’” said Rod Reed, founder and CEO of Crowdfund it Today. “I see hundreds of businesses, organizations and the community benefiting from participating in or supporting crowdfund raises through our platform.”

“I’ve been in the financial field for over 17 years, in various positions in the financial industry managing over 500 clients and more than $300 million in assets under management, so I know why investors invest,” Reed continues. “Now, I’m positioned to use this knowledge to assist entrepreneurs on how to grow their business through the effective use of crowdfunding.”

Crowdfund it Today can help businesses seeking to raise capital through crowdfunding; professionals expanding their business to include crowdfunding related services; financial advisors seeking to include crowdfunding in their portfolio of tools; and organizations seeking to support business development in their Atlanta community.

“We have found that local business and community leaders are overwhelmed with the process and rules surrounding crowdfunding,” said Joseph Barisonzi, CEO of CommunityLeader, Inc. “Crowdfund it Today provides an learning platform that removes the uncertainity and complexity surrounding crowdfunding, and show local business owners how they prepare for a financial boost today.”

CommunityLeader is an industry leading full-service provider of custom and private-labeled crowdfunding platform solutions for individuals, organizations and businesses seeking to sponsor, host and run their own crowdfunding portals. Crowdfund it Today is built on a CommunityLeader platform. Together, crowdfunding partners will make a positive impact in the greater Atlanta metro area helping businesses grow while creating new and sustainable jobs.”

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Please click here to help us Crowdfund this website continued editorial development.

Please click here to help us Crowdfund this website’s editorial development

CommunityLeader Launches 85% Finance Program for Qualified Broker/Dealers that Want to Launch a Turnkey Crowdfunding Platform

27 Apr

By Robert Hoskins

CommunityLeader, Inc. announced it has secured the necessary capital resources to provide financing for the development and launch of turnkey crowdfunding portals for qualified broker/dealers.  CommunityLeader is an industry leading full-service provider of custom and private-labeled crowdfunding platform solutions for individuals, organizations and businesses seeking to sponsor, host and run their own crowdfunding portals.

CommunityLeader Launches 85% Finance Program for Qualified Broker/Dealers that Want to Launch a Crowdfunding Platform

CommunityLeader Launches 85% Finance Program for Qualified Broker/Dealers that Want to Launch a Crowdfunding Platform

“Our complete portal solution provides a community-focused business professional or organization everything they need to launch a compliant crowdfunding portal,” said Joseph Barisonzi, CEO of CommunityLeader, Inc. “As of today, no longer should cash flow be the barrier to building a crowdfunding portal.”

“Launching a crowdfunding portal is much more than an investor-facing website,” stated Jennifer Amys, CommunityLeader’s CIO. “It is about having the systems in place to effectively solicit and promote a qualified investment opportunity to a qualified investor, manage the settlement and fulfillment process, and then provide transparent ongoing support. A CommunityLeader crowdfunding portal has the power to manage all of the required and necessary steps.”

CommunityLeader’s financing option provides qualified portal partners the opportunity to minimize their upfront financial outlay so they maximize the resources they have for recruiting quality businesses and educating investors. CommunityLeader is offering three financing packages designed for individuals and organizations seeking to launch an integrated community-based crowdfunding portal.

“Everyone who wants to launch a portal has to consider whether to build their own system or to partner with an experienced platform provider,” said Scott Bachman, CommunityLeader’s CMO. “The CommunityLeader Portal Platform solution makes this an easy choice. For probably less than 20% of the cost of building out a proprietary solution, we can deliver a personalized portal with everything needed to solicit and sell securities in today’s regulatory environment.”

CommunityLeader is seeking portal operators who have deep connections in their chosen community. Communities may be geographic, industry, affinity or business model; and will evaluate qualified operators on depth of their business plan and their personal and professional attributes. With as little as 15% down, CommunityLeader’s financing packages cover the upfront license fee, configuration, custom development and training.

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