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Levitat Aerial Yoga Mats Soar Past Kickstarter Crowdfunding Goal for Triangle Hammocks that Support the Whole Family

24 May

Installation takes three minutes, making it perfect for yoga, having a family picnic, camping or just enjoying the backyard

Barcelona, Spain – In just one week Levitat Aerial Yoga Mats have eclipsed their crowdfunding goal, raising more than $70,000, and counting. Early-bird pricing is still available on Kickstarter.

Levitat Aerial Mats soar past Kickstarter crowdfunding goal for Triangle Hammocks for yoga or relaxing with friends and family

Levitat Aerial Mats soar past Kickstarter crowdfunding goal for Triangle Hammocks that are perfect for yoga, having a family picnic, camping or just relaxing in the backyard watching shooting stars

The Levitat team sought to make the most versatile hammock in the world, for fun, relaxation, or workouts and yoga. Levitat aerial mats are lighter than two water bottles and come stored in a handy backpack – and are easy to set up.

“It takes mere minutes for anyone to create their own personal oasis where they can play, workout, or recline in the trees and relax in nature,” said Enoc Armengol, creator and co-founder of Levitat. “We are thrilled that our concept has been met with such enthusiasm in the crowdfunding arena.”

Unlike other hammocks on the market, Levitat can safely and easily be hung between two trees and a pole using reinforced tension T-straps. Installation takes three minutes, making it perfect for catching a game, having a picnic, camping, or star gazing in the backyard. For those who prefer a roof over their head, Levitat can also be set up indoors using walls or a framed base. “We wanted to elevate the experience of hanging out and making new memories,” adds Armengol.

Levitat’s Potential Uses:

  • Outdoor or indoor fun and relaxation, whether used solo or as a multi-person hammock
  • Meditation, reading, or enjoying music – allowing users to take their mindfulness to a higher level of absolute peace and comfort
  • Yoga, offering yogis a new way to challenge themselves and focus more
  • Cross-training, which improves core strength and balance

For more information and early-bird discounts visit the Levitat Crowdfunding Campaign Page on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/levitat/levitat-the-revolutionary-aerial-mat/

Levitat was created from the simple idea that a suspended mat could elevate, transform and help center a yogi’s training and life. With unparalleled focus on design and innovation, the aerial mat offers ample space, combined with breathable, weather-resistant mesh perfect for any type of activity – or to sit back and relax. The versatile 360-degree design also creates a unique new experience for the user.

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Crowdcube’s Spain Equity Crowdfunding Site Surpasses €1 Million for Six Startups

30 Mar

A Barcelona-based drone company,HEMAV, broke the record for the largest equity crowdfunding round in Spain raising €450,000 in just six days

By Robert Hoskins

Spain – Crowdcube opened its Spanish operation just nine months ago. Since it launched, over €1 million has been raised by its investor base who can invest anything from €10. The largest investment to date has been €112,000 and the average investment €3,290. The finance raised has funded six businesses operating in a range of sectors including food and beverage, finance and business services.

Crowdcube enables anyone to invest alongside professional investors in start-up early stage and growth businesses

Crowdcube.com enables anyone to invest alongside professional investors in start-up early stage and growth businesses through equity, debt and investment fund options

One of the businesses to raise finance on the platform was HEMAV, a Barcelona-based drone company, which broke the record for the largest equity crowdfunding round in Spain. The company raised €450,000 in just six days after attracting investment from more than 70 people.

The most recent business to successfully raise investments on the site was Zank, a peer-to-peer lending platform, which raised €245,000 from over 70 investors. As part of the round, the company also received funds from ESADE Ban, the business angel network of the ESADE business school . Zank was the first lending platform in Spain to secure funding through crowdfunding.

Crowdcube Spain has also raised investment for, Iberic Box, a company that sells traditional Spanish food; Eureka Startup Experts, a marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with advisors and industry experts; FoodintheBox, a subscription box service for cooking ingredients; Seedbox, a subscription box for growing vegetables at home.

Managing director of Crowdcube Spain, Pepe Borrell, commented, “There is a real gap in funding for start-ups and early stage businesses in Spain so I’m pleased that we’ve already been able to fund six businesses and that Spanish investors are embracing crowdfunding. The alternative finance sector has grown at a rapid pace in the UK and we’re now seeing the same trends emerge in Spain. There’s a huge potential market for crowdfunding in Spain so we’re excited about the future of Crowdcube Spain.”

Darren Westlake, CEO and co-founder of Crowdcube added, “Having a strong presence at a local level is key to the success of our overseas operation, and to ensuring Crowdcube’s remains the world’s leading investment crowdfunding platform; so it’s great to see Spain achieve these milestones at such an early stage.”

There are currently eight businesses on Crowdcube Spain pitching for a total investment of €995,000.

Crowdcube Spain is one of seven partnerships in Crowdcube’s overseas operation, the company now has platforms in Brazil, Sweden, Dubai, Poland, Italy, Spain and New Zealand.

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