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Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Raises Money for Wavepod Technologies’ Smart Wi-Fi Device that Connects Home Security Devices

28 Jun

Homsecure is designed to connect existing home alarm systems and send alerts to a user’s smartphone while they’re away

By Robert HoskinsCrowdfunding PR

Dublin, California – After launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter less than a month ago, Wavepod Technologies now offers Homsecure, a smart device allows users to upgrade their home security systems using smart technology at a more affordable price than competitors. Homsecure allows users to stay more connected with the status of their home, and requires very little setup.

Homsecure is a smart WiFi device that connects your existing home alarms and provides alerts on your phone when you are away

Homsecure is a smart WiFi device that connects your existing home alarms and provides alerts on your phone when you are away

“Our friends and family are already using Homsecure, all with great results!” said Sundeep Chauhan, CEO of Homsecure. “In the process, we have established partnerships locally and abroad to enable us to successfully manufacture Homsecure.”

Having a secure and safe home is invaluable. Homsecure creates an added sense of security using smart technology and notifying owners when something goes wrong. Not only will consumers feel more at ease about the status of their home when they are away, but Homsecure also works seamlessly with existing alarms. This means installation is easy and allows for all of the benefits of smart technology, without the need to replace the entire system.

Integrating pre-existing alarms ensures that Homsecure is fully equipped to keep a user’s home safe while also maintaining assurance. Leaving the home can be hard for certain people. This device is able to give homeowners peace of mind. Additionally, in case of power outages, internet connection issues, or tampering, Homsecure is computerized to send notifications immediately.

Cheaper than other alternatives currently on the market, Homsecure only requires one device to fully function throughout the entire home. Companies like ADT charge hundreds of dollars a year for the same capabilities that Wavepod Technologies has created through this device.

The team has been working extremely hard to ensure Homsecure is not only a concept, but an actual product. Wavepod Technologies has already developed both an iOS and an Android app, a cloud platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and successfully manufactured the final design prototype. In the process, they have established partnerships locally and abroad to enable them to successfully manufacture Homsecure.

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