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AlgoValue Rolls Out Easy-to-Use “Enterprise Valuator,” a Highly Advanced Automated “N” Process which Valuates Both Private and Publicly Traded Companies

16 Sep

Its growing suite of solutions provides fast, accurate, and cost-effective valuations for accounting firms, VCs, private investors, startups, law firms as well as crowdfunding and secondary market platforms

By Robert Hoskins

New York City, New York – AlgoValue announced the latest product in the company’s unique line of valuation products and solutions: Enterprise Valuator. The easy to use Enterprise Valuator is based on a highly advanced automated “N” process which valuates both private and traded companies and uses the same methodology followed by valuation firms, investment banks, and major worldwide accounting firms, including the ‘Big 4’. The solution easily enables users to valuate any company – whether or not it is at seed stage, generating revenue, or profitable. With instant access to a database of current and historical multiples from over 11,000 comparable traded companies, Enterprise Valuator delivers results in minutes.

AlgoValue Rolls Out Easy-to-Use "Enterprise Valuator," to Valuate Both Private and Publicly Traded Companies

AlgoValue “Enterprise Valuator” for Both Private and Public Traded Companies

Founded in Tel Aviv in 2011 by former PriceWaterhouseCoopers valuation experts Raphael Meyara and Tsachi Hageg, AlgoValue is streamlining the way valuations are performed. The company has enjoyed a rapid rise in usership, with a wide client base that includes accounting firms, valuation firms, VCs, private investors, startups, and law firms – as well as crowdfunding and secondary market platforms. Its growing suite of solutions provides fast, accurate, and cost-effective results that empower users and bring transparency to valuations done for a wide variety of purposes (financial reporting, tax compliance, capital raising, negotiating term sheets, pricing private share placements and trades, management/board decision making, and more). Furthermore, all of AlgoValue’s products are AICPA, US GAAP, and IFRS compliant.

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AlgoValue’s Enterprise Valuator perfectly complements the company’s other products: the Term Sheet AnalyzerTM, and the 409A/ASC 820 Compliance WizardTM. The Term Sheet Analyzer is a one-stop solution for calculating ‘what-if’ scenarios and simulations of equity financing events and the creation of investment waterfalls. The Compliance Wizard offers an efficient, comprehensive solution for performing and auditing valuations of equity securities of private companies for tax (409A) and financial reporting (ASC 820). Both products provide a complete solution which avoids costly Excel errors.

As with all of AlgoValue’s solutions, users can share the inputs and outputs of Enterprise Valuator in a secure, real-time environment with all parties involved in any valuation or transaction pricing exercise. Enterprise Valuator is attractively priced at $60 U.S. per month per user, including unlimited use of the software.

“The Enterprise Valuator – by using multiples of comparable companies – gives our team a highly effective, easy-to-use tool for the valuation of traded companies, private companies, and startups. And the pricing can’t be beat!”

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