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Crowdfunding Expected to be a Hot Consumer Electronics Topic at CE Week in New York

9 May

By Robert Hoskins

CE Week announced plans to host an innovative new lineup of keynotes and Crowdfunding conference sessions from the most well known names in the technology industry. The 2013 CE Week Line Shows and Exhibits are scheduled for June 26-27 at the Metropolitan Pavilion and Altman Building in New York City. This event is the official show headquarters of a week-long series of CE technology events taking place in the city over the course of CE Week, June 24-28.

CE Week LIne Shows & Exhibits is the Official Headquarters of CE Week, featuring the show’s largest exhibit floor of new products and start-ups, the largest concentration of conferences and attendees.

CE Week LIne Shows & Exhibits is the Official Headquarters of CE Week, featuring the show’s largest exhibit floor of new products and start-ups, the largest concentration of conferences and attendees.

To kick off CE Week, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is producing a Research Summit on Monday, June 24, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. This event at the High Line Hotel will provide timely intelligence on the unique and important market trends and transformations emerging in the consumer electronics industry.

Aereo Founder and CEO Chet Kanojia will join Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CEA, for an in-depth conversation about how technology innovation drives Aereo’s business strategy, at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday, June 26.

Living in Digital Times will display the best and brightest in mobile app technology at the Mobile App Showdown. During this live event at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 26, ten finalists will put their apps to the test and the audience will cast the deciding vote on the best app.

Top company executives from Pioneer, Monster, Kenwood, Toshiba, IK Multimedia, Samsung and BlueBOLT will introduce new products and discuss what’s ahead for their companies during press conferences.

The CE Week SuperSessions will address popular topics including 3D printing, crowdfunding, and the next generation of gaming. Sessions include:

Polygon SuperSession: Video Gaming’s Other Next-Gen [June 26 at 1:35 p.m.] – With so much attention focused on new video game consoles from Microsoft and Sony, both of whom are poised to usher in another “next generation” of gaming later this year, it’s easy to miss that an entirely separate alternative generation of video game consoles is taking shape. Join us as we explore this nascent “other” generation, typified by a focus on mobile hardware, open operating systems, digital delivery and an indie-friendly publishing model.
Moderator: Christopher Grant, editor-in-chief, Polygon

CNET SuperSession: Bringing 3D Printing to Consumers [June 26 at 3:15 p.m.] – We hear about new 3D printing breakthroughs almost every week now, ranging from houses to prosthetic skull implants to 3D printing on Mars. For consumers, 3D printing is either science fiction, or it suffers from the perception that it’s an expensive, time-consuming hobby with little practical utility. How can consumer-facing 3D printing companies improve their image and attract more mainstream users? Should that even be the goal? This panel will explore the issues and solutions around taking 3D printing to the mass market.
Moderator: Rich Brown, senior editor, CNET

Mashable SuperSession: The Battle Over Smartphone Screen Size [June 27 at 10:15 a.m.] – Since 2010, the average size of cell phone screens has increased by almost a full inch. Plus-size phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note have expanded the displays of all models, to the point where it’s impossible to buy a top Android phone with a screen smaller than 4.7 inches. Does this trend have a ceiling, and what does it mean for people with normal-size hands?
Moderator: Lance Ulanoff, editor-in-chief, Mashable

PCWorld/TechHive SuperSession: Who’s Fastest? Wireless Speed Test Results [June 27 at 12:15 p.m.] – PCWorld/TechHive Editor Mark Sullivan and OpenSignal Co-Founder and CEO Brendan Gill present results from their annual study of 4G and 3G wireless speeds. This year, testers visited 20 cities and measured speeds at the street level to give wireless customers independent data on which carrier offers the best speeds and coverage in the U.S.

Engadget SuperSession: Crowdfunding the Hardware Revolution [June 27 at 1:45 p.m.] – Welcome to the dawn of the age of hardware startups. Sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter have changed the way we think about starting a business, from funding to user feedback. We’ll talk to success stories about the new business paradigm and discuss some tips for getting started in the world of crowdfunding.
Moderator: Brian Heater, director of media, Engadget

The CE Week Line Shows Conference Program is part of the full CE Week conference program, including 50-plus sessions and featuring more than 150 speakers. Conference tracks include the CEA Research Summit, Crowdfunding, Women in CE Forum, Connected Car Conference, Digital Health Summit, 2nd Screen Summit, Ultra HD Conference and Techlicious Summit.

To register for CE Week visit https://secure.events-registration.com/ceweek2013/ Join in on the CE Week conversation by tweeting using the hashtag #ceweek.

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Trident Design Introduces Service to Sketch Out New Inventions via Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

17 Mar

By Robert Hoskins

The product design world is on a roll in 2013 as new Crowdfunding tools and 3-D printing advancements propel the industry. According to Trident Design Founder, Chris Hawker, “There’s never been a better time to be a product inventor.”

Trident Design Introduces Service to Sketch Out New Invention on a Virtual Napkin

Trident Design Introduces Service to Sketch Out New Inventions and Print Them on 3D  Printer

Recent results from Crowdfunding favorite, Kickstarter, show that $61.38 million has been raised in public efforts to officially launch innovative, industrial design projects. Product prototyping, which used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, can now be done on-site with new 3-D printers for less than $2,000.

“While new technology creates exciting opportunities, inventors should always keep a few things in mind before attempting to bring the next big idea to market,” says Hawker.

Not every idea is the right idea. “The best ideas come from personal experience. Look for products or tasks that annoy you and think about a better solution,” explains Hawker. Test fresh ideas with friends and family first. “If initial reactions are not emotional and if it takes too long to explain your amazing invention – you need to move on to your next idea,” adds Hawker.

Successful product designers need to be able to separate themselves from their work. “After you settle on an invention idea that you think might have potential, don’t fall in love just yet,” cautions Hawker. It is absolutely essential that inventors make sure that somebody else is not already out in the marketplace selling something similar. Just because a new inventor has never seen a related product for sale means nothing. This research can be started with a simple search on Google. Many dreams have been launched and/or shattered with this initial search.

Inventors that make it past the quick research phase with the confidence that their big idea is unique are now ready to dig a little deeper on the legal side. “For many inventors, the mere mention of lawyers and patents can send them running for this hills, but this next step might not be as hard as you initially thought,” says Hawker.  A simple patent search related to your idea can be done for free on Google within their patent search section. This phase can get pretty technical in a hurry, but it’s another great place to validate the exclusivity of your invention.

At this point in the product design vetting process, many inventors are sick of staring at a computer screen and anxious to get their hands on something. For those that are really serious about bringing their big idea to market, the next critical step involves attending a relevant trade show in the industry most pertinent to your new product. “Trade shows are the quickest way possible to get a realistic feel for your potential market,” according to Hawker. “You want to be as educated as you can in order to contextualize all your decisions as you develop your idea into something tangible for the masses.”

Trident Design works with independent inventors and innovative manufacturers to help them create game-changing products. Trident has successfully propelled over 50 products to market with an established team of designers, engineers, patent professionals and business development specialists. Today, Trident is a full-service invention incubator in the spirit of Edison’s Lab, offering product design, engineering, prototyping, branding,

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