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Amaker3D Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Dual-ARM OpenSource 3D Printer

14 Apr

Amaker3D aims to raise the 3D printing capability and to create a new intuitive 3D printing experience for everyone from beginners to professionals

By Robert Hoskins

Singapore – Amaker3D has announced that they will be launching pre-orders for their new 3D printer, Amaker 3D printer on Kickstarter, one of the world’s leading platforms for creative and innovative projects.

Amaker3D aims to raise the 3D printing capability and to create a new intuitive 3D printing experience

Amaker3D aims to raise the 3D printing capability and to create a new intuitive 3D printing experience

“We’re thrilled and honored to be on Kickstarter. There are strict requirements to fulfill for technology projects in all aspects of design, functionality, operations and manufacturing plans etc. We’ve adhered to the vetting and criteria selection process,” says Shufen Yeo, Amaker3D’s co-founder. “We’ve designed Amaker from the ground up and we’re excited to present the new features this 3D printer offers.”

Amaker3D aims to raise the 3D printing capability and to create a new intuitive 3D printing experience for everyone from beginners to professionals. The printer is designed with next generation electronics using ARM processors and touchscreen LCD. The sleek printer design is built with aluminum structure and integrated threaded lead screw stepper motors for precise motion control and high efficiency. Timing belts or couplings are no longer needed. This design ensures printing accuracy of a CNC on a 3D printer.

“Designed with users’ experience in mind, we’ve added a full color touch screen LCD to allow easy control of the entire printer,” says Yeo. “Various printer actions have been coded into selectable utilities for easy activation via LCD. AMAKER 3D printer empowers users to print in multi colors. Users can easily switch colors anytime during printing to create unique effects.”

“We look forward to using exciting new filament materials on Amaker 3D printer,” says Siew Hong Goh, Amaker3D’s co-founder. “To ensure good 3D printer performance, our beta printer prototype has been subjected to three months of vigorous stress testing. Hot end has been tested to function at a high temperature up to 315°C. These testing results helped confirm that we have a robust 3D printing solution. We want to introduce a 3D printer that not only prints well, but well built to last long printing hours and with the ability to explore new materials.”

Amaker3D has decided to open source this new design as the founders strongly believe that an open source environment stimulate creativity. Amaker3D founders are inspired by the open source community and would like to contribute to the community.

Amaker3D is offering the Amaker printer bundled with filament spools in the Kickstarter campaign. All printers are functionally checked with actual 3d printing, therefore it is meant to function out of the box with minimum set up.

Amaker3D has also released two videos. The first video shows the internal mechanisms of the Amaker 3D printer in action. The video demonstrates the printing of a vase with user friendly touchscreen LCD interface. It also shows that the printed part can be easily removed from the platform.

The second video shows the ability of Amaker™ to print multiple colors in the same object. It does not require re-creation of the 3D model nor any code editing to achieve this build. Users can easily switch colors anytime.

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Crowdfunding Industry Takes on Depth with with Successful Kickstarter 3D Printer Campaign

13 Feb

By Robert HoskinsFront Page PR

DeltaMaker reached its funding goal of $107,000 and surpassed it within the first few days of launching the project on Kickstarter. So what does this mean for the 3D printer? Since DeltaMaker has reached its goal and raised the necessary funds, the creators are now able to move the project to the next phase; production. But, with just over two weeks left in the printer’s Kickstarter campaign, the DeltaMaker creators plan to make a grand exit and put DeltaMaker on the map.

DeltaMaker Personal 3D Printer Takes Crowdfunding by Storm

DeltaMaker Personal 3D Printer Takes Crowdfunding by Storm

Why has this particular 3D printer gained so much popularity? It’s simple: DeltaMaker’s clean and elegant feel positions the 3D printer as an entertainment piece, fit for desktops, classrooms, living rooms, waiting rooms and more. Gone are the days where 3D printers are created for industrial spaces, spitting out prints somewhere in a back room.

“A 3D printer doesn’t have to look like a microwave oven,” says Zack Monninger, one of the four founders of DeltaMaker. “…so we created a 3D printer that runs faster, looks better and is just more fun to watch. The DeltaMaker prints big and it prints fast!”

So how exactly does a 3D printer work? Making objects is usually a subtractive process, meaning an object is created by starting with a block of material and carving around it until the final object has been created. However, 3D printing is an additive process in that it lays down successive layers of filament until the desired object has been created.

3D printing has come a long way since it was first developed in the mid 1980s and the technology is now used in jewelry, footwear, industrial design, architecture, engineering, construction, automotive, aerospace, medical industries, education, geographic information systems and many other fields.

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