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1 Apr

Combined the two leading donation-based crowdfunding sites have raised over $750 million and have created the world’s largest free donation crowdfunding site

By Robert Hoskins

San Francisco, California  – YouCaring announced that it has acquired GiveForward. GiveForward has been a pioneer in crowdfunding medical expenses for individuals and has helped people raise nearly $200 million. Combined with YouCaring, which has helped people around the world raise over $550 million for critical personal, medical, and charitable causes, this acquisition will expand YouCaring’s fundraising and donor reach.

Combined the two leading donation-based Crowdfunding Sites have raised over over $750 Million and are now the world's largest free crowdfunding site

Combined the two leading donation-based Crowdfunding Sites have raised over $750 Million and have created the world’s largest free donation crowdfunding site

For the GiveForward community, YouCaring offers an optimized on-site experience, robust marketing tools for fundraisers, real-time customer support, and the ability to reach a donor pool of six million. GiveForward users can expect increased campaign performance and an expanded customer support system to meet their fundraising goals.

Unlike other crowdfunding sites, YouCaring does not charge fundraisers a fee to raise money on the platform and relies on voluntary donations from donors to fund their operations. As a Certified B Corporation®, YouCaring is committed to advancing social good and adheres to strict standards for consumer advocacy.

“We’re excited to welcome GiveForward users to the YouCaring community. GiveForward has been a leader in medical crowdfunding for nearly a decade,” said Dan Saper, YouCaring’s CEO. “With health care costs continuing to rise for consumers, building a platform that can help relieve that stress is critically important to us. The GiveForward brand and what it stands for couldn’t be more aligned with who we are and what we do here at YouCaring.”

Desiree Vargas Wrigley, a co-founder of GiveForward, added, “We started GiveForward to help change the way people care about each other. We’re happy to see that vision expanded to the tremendous global community of supporters YouCaring has built.”

YouCaring focuses on Compassionate Crowdfunding™ and believes that no one should have to face hardship alone. Their community of worldwide donors is more than six million strong, and to date, have raised over $550 million. The company does not charge platform fees to fundraise, and like its fundraisers, relies on donations from generous supporters to finance its operation.

GiveForward has been a leader in medical crowdfunding. Since inception in 2008, GiveForward has raised nearly $200 million for people in need, and has empowered 270,000 people to raise money for their causes.

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Robert Hoskins, a seasoned Front Page PR veteran provides more than twenty-eight years of external communications, media relations, digital social media and SEO skills to Front Page PR’s crowdfunding PR and media relations service portfolio.
Robert Hoskins
(512) 627-6622

Mr. Robert Hoskins is a seasoned marketing veteran with a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses as well as Fortune 500 corporations launch successful marketing communications campaigns to gain market traction for a wide variety of products and services.
On a regular basis, Mr. Hoskins consults with crowdfunding campaign managers as well as crowdfunding sites, portals and platforms to deliver successful crowdfunding marketing campaigns.
Google search “Robert Hoskins Crowdfunding” to see why Mr. Hoskins is considered one of the industry’s foremost crowdfunding experts that has amassed a huge social media following, which is dedicated to supporting donation, rewards and equity crowdfunding campaigns.

Students Launch $25 Million Crowdfunding Campaign to Offer Everyone on Earth a Digital Ride via Spacecraft to Mars for Only 99-Cents

23 Jun

Future space travelers are encouraged to join the Time Capsule to Mars Mission, which allows anyone to upload a digital photo for only $0.99 cents that will be uploaded to a spacecraft and sent to Mars

Largest Crowdfunding Campaign Ever Plans to Offer Everyone in the World to Make the Journey to Mars for Only 99 Cents Each

Students Launch $25 Million Crowdfunding Campaign to Offer Everyone in the World a Digital Chance to Make the Journey to Mars for Only $0.99-Cents Each

By Robert Hoskins

Washington, DC – Today, the Time Capsule to Mars (TC2M), a project of Explore Mars, plans to make history by connecting humanity’s shared history with a shared destiny by allowing anyone to upload a digital photo for only $0.99 cents that will be sent to Mars via the world’s 1st Ion-ElectroSpray Propulsion Cube Satellite (CubeSat).

Time to Mars Capsule Ion ElectroSpray Propulsion CubeSat Mars Mission

Students Plan to Raise $25 Million to Send Time Capsule to Mars by Launching the 1st Ion-ElectroSpray Propulsion Cube Satellite

The TC2M payload will carry digital messages from tens of millions of people from all corners of Earth in the form of text, images, audio and video clips.  The state-of-the-art “time capsule” will carry a crucible of today’s human race – to be rediscovered by future colonists of the Red Planet. Time Capsule to Mars™ intends to :

  • Enable tens of millions of people from every country on Earth to upload their pictures, short movies, text messages and other digital media to the time capsule.
  • Click here now to upload your digital payload to be sent to Mars.
  • Inspire and educate K-12-aged kids worldwide by enabling them to upload their content, track their spacecraft and lander, and participate via personalized Mission Control portals on the Internet.
  • Be the first private mission to Mars, the first student-led interplanetary mission, the first use of CubeSats for interplanetary travel, and the first trial of many advanced new technologies.
  • Unite Humanity under one mission, so we can travel together to Mars as one race, in the spirit of global cooperation and peace.

Mars Mission Technology Payload

Our technical teams are focused on designing, launching, and sending a CubeSat-based spacecraft to Mars — and landing on the surface a time capsule encoded with Humanity’s memories. Spacecraft will:

  • Consist of multiple CubeSat Class (0.3m x 0.4m x 0.1m) segments
  • Be propelled by revolutionary ion Electrospray propulsion, pioneered by MIT’s Space Propulsion Lab.
  • Deploy new technologies like inflatable antennae, deep space Internet communications, and novel interplanetary radiation sensors.
  • Be designed and constructed by technical teams from the world’s leading universities and student groups — and mentored by the space industries’ best engineering talent.

Mars Mission Crowdfunding Budget

The estimated cost of this mission is $25 million, which will cover all costs from design, to launch, to flight communications and vehicle control, to landing on Mars.

  • We need your help to make this the largest crowdfunded effort in history!
  • Uploads in the Developed World will cost $0.99; uploads in the Developing World will be free of charge for basic uploads, thanks to generous sponsorships that will be announced soon. We want everyone on Earth to have an equal chance to participate in this grand planet-wide mission.
  • The size, scope, and length of this project will require a continuous and stable flow of funds for which we will also rely on corporate donations.
  • Click here to sponsor the first package delivered to Mars.

Seeking Mars Mission Partners

This mission will aggressively partner with news, industry, and educational outlets to maximize our reach and enable us to tap into a truly global audience.

  • We want to involve all people of Earth — of all ages, backgrounds, and interests — encompassing the entire scope of Humanity and documenting Humankind in the process.
  • A focus market for educational engagement will include K-12-aged kids from all over the world.
  • We will virtually bring them along on the journey — from uploading their picture, tracing its progression through our Solar System, and right up to their landing on Mars.
  • Click here to see the Time Capsule to Mars Mission Management Team.

Time Capsule to Mars Press Conference

The project’s management team, which includes members from Duke University, MIT’s Space Propulsion Lab, Explore Mars, and retired NASA astronauts held a press conference tomorrow at 1:30 pm Eastern time in at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. This following is the recorded version.

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GiveForward Announces Strategic Crowdfunding Partnership for Medical Bills with WhatNext

15 Aug

New Alliance Paves Way for Cancer Patients to Raise Money for Medical Bills

By Robert Hoskins

GiveForward, a crowdfunding leader helping families and friends raise money for a loved one’s medical bills, is pleased to announce a new partnership with WhatNext, an online cancer support network that connects those effected by cancer to highly relevant peers, resources and information.

GiveForward will help you change someone's world

GiveForward will help you change someone’s world

“Our mission is to ‘Create Unexpected Joy’ for families by giving them a place to rally together and support their loved ones during times of medical crisis,” said Desiree Vargas Wrigley, CEO of GiveForward. “Through this partnership, we hope to help cancer patients raise money for their medical bills while supplementing the incredible support they receive through WhatNext’s community.”

GiveForward will be an additional resource for WhatNext’s members, providing emotional support and financial education on how to raise money to meet the high cost of a cancer diagnosis.

“At WhatNext, we aim to provide our members with valuable resources during their fight against cancer,” said David Wasilewski, CEO and Founder of WhatNext. “Our constituents often ask about how to finance their treatment, and through our partnership with GiveForward we can now give them another effective option.”

According to a Duke University study, the average out-of-pocket cost for cancer patients with health insurance is $8,500 per year. This partnership comes at a time when health care is unaffordable for many Americans, and those patients and families affected by cancer now have a viable solution to substantial medical costs should they occur.

GiveForward is the leading crowdfunding site focused on helping families and friends raise money to help offset a loved one’s medical bills. Co-founded in 2008 by Desiree Vargas Wrigley and Ethan Austin, GiveForward has raised over 53 million dollars and helped thousands of families across the country. WhatNext is the premiere online community for cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers looking to connect with peers and access highly relevant resources and information.

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Search for Crowdfunding Jobs on the Crowdfunding Press Center’s New Crowdfunding Career Center Job Board

1 Aug

Search for New Crowdfunding Job Openings/Post Free Crowdfunding Career Help Wanted Advertisements

The Crowdfunding Press Center has now opened a Crowdfunding Career Center Job Board to provide a place for Crowdfunding sites and platforms to begin posting job openings as the Crowdfunding industry grows.

Advisory Board of Crowdfunding Experts

For example, please consider joining the Crowdfunding Press Center’s Advisory Board of Crowdfunding Experts, which is now actively seeking to fill the Crowdfunding positions listed below.  Click here to submit your 30-second business pitch.

  1. New Business Development Director
  2. Public Relations Director
  3. Media Relations Director
  4. Investor Relations Director
  5. Industry Analyst Relations Director
  6. Fundraising Campaign Director
  7. Crowdfunding Escrow Director
  8. Broker/Dealer Director
  9. Crowdfunding Campaign Director
  10. Perks/Promotional Items Director
  11. SEC Compliance Director
  12. Social Media Director
  13. SEO Digital Content Director
  14. Database Marketing Director
  15. Financial Data Mining Director
  16. Information Technology Director
  17. Legal Counsel Director
  18. Human Resources Director

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Tyger Gilbert Launches “Reinventing Civilization” Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo in Phoenix, Arizona

6 Jul

Overcoming the “Insanity of Humanity” by Choosing Ways to Survive Together as Individuals Without The Use of Force

Reinventing Civilization by Overcoming the Insanity of Humanity

Reinventing Civilization by Overcoming the Insanity of Humanity


My name is Tyger Gilbert.

I’m a writer, artist, photographer, web designer and programmer, and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve been here since right after dirt was invented out in the Sonoran Desert and I’ve seen a lot of things happen over the years. I’ve been blessed and cursed with an IQ that is in the top 1% of the population, and it has made me see things very differently from most people a lot of the time.

Because of this, I’ve felt like an outsider looking in for much of my life, but by a great deal of introspection, I have come to realize that a lot of people feel this way about many aspects of their lives, too. My ongoing fascination with philosophies of the world throughout history has also produced unexpected but valuable conclusions on common perceptions and how things really are.

You and I probably agree on a lot of thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs about how the world is being run these days. I get really angry when I watch the nightly news or read about all the wars, the hunger, sickness, and protests all over the globe. I feel so helpless that I can’t do anything to stop all the pain and suffering I see. I am very disappointed that none of the prominent religions seem to provide answers to these problems, and in fact are often the cause of them. I get frustrated by all the promises made by politicians everywhere who say they will find and implement solutions, but never do. I suspect you often feel the same as I do about these conditions.

The world is still rampant with wars, hunger, violence, and sickness even in this modern age.

If you do feel upset by these things, I hope you will help me with this book I’m writing that I believe provides workable answers and reveals ways you or anyone else can put them into action to benefit a lot of people. People you love and want to see happy. And you will be able to use these revolutionary new concepts that I describe to achieve your own personal freedom as well.

This book is the culmination of many years of philosophical analysis and soul searching for me. I disagreed with much of what I was taught by my parents and teachers in school because it just didn’t make sense to me. I struggled with that most of my life until just a couple years ago when I realized that most everything I had been taught was wrong! And it was not that my parents and teachers and everyone else meant to deceive me, it was that what they were taught and believed is not how things really are, not then, and surely not today.

Civilization favors the wealthy with power, privileges, and opportunities

I now recognize that civilization is structured in ways that are inherently corrupt and immoral. It openly favors only select groups with power and privileges while sentencing the bulk of humanity to virtual slavery, requiring them to suffer a basic, minimal existence in order to support and serve the interests of the wealthy. Creative thought and individuality are suppressed in favor of the opinions and the dictates of the ruling elite. Elections change who makes the rules of the game of Life, but they never significantly alter how the game is played. Those who benefit from this arrangement do not want to see things be any different, but if you are like me, the way many things are being done just isn’t right to you.

How to fix those things is surprisingly simple, however.

Most of the world’s population lives in abject poverty

Religion and politics have failed to provide workable answers to the problems of wars, violence, sickness, starvation, and most other forms of human misery for more than the last 2000 years. I say it’s time to start doing things differently and choose some alternatives to these institutions.

All the governments and different religious belief systems cause more pain and suffering in the world than they cure or prevent. They create lots of impressive buildings, but despite their best efforts, neither has adequately provided what is really needed for anyone but the rich and powerful. With the world’s population at over seven billion and growing exponentially, the problems quickly will get far worse than anyone can imagine.

Governments and religions have built lots of big fancy buildings, but haven’t ended human suffering.

Air pollution, a lack of clean water, trash everywhere, the destruction of natural forests, changes in climate and weather, crop failures, extreme overcrowding, and vastly inadequate food supplies are devastating the human condition today, never mind what horrible things will likely happen in the future. Though science and technology have made some people in advanced countries more comfortable and extended their life expectancies, the incredible, senseless suffering of humanity continues throughout most of the world.  Why?

Overpopulation is destroying the environment everywhere throughout the world today. 

The reasons are rooted in the very nature of the human species. Civilization was founded on the formation of groups and the use of these groups to control and develop resources for the benefit of the group. Leaders of groups wanted to exert control over the thinking and behavior of individuals in the group so they could ensure they got the results they wanted. Loyalty was essential, and dissent was overcome by the use of force. Apparently, leaders today don’t see how these ways aren’t working well in modern times, as they persist in trying to use bigger and bigger groups as their tools for everything.

Politicians . . .You see one, you’ve seen them all . . . because they all are essentially the same.

The right solutions to these problems will come from placing the needs of the individual above or equivalent to the needs of the group, and from recognizing and valuing individuals as being important to everyone. Control of actions and motivation to perform for the benefit of a group must come from within each person. Good thoughts and behavior can not be externally imposed by group rules which require compliance through threats and intimidation and the use of actual physical force. That just fails miserably in so many ways.

Good thinking and behavior cannot be imposed on others through the use of force

The wonderful idea of personal freedom and independence is a fairly recent development for Mankind as it requires critical thinking to override natural instincts and ages of mental conditioning. That’s not widespread, yet, but easy to accomplish once old habits of compliance are abandoned and hope sets it. New social values can be established the same ways existing values always were – by friendly discussion, comparison of personal values and needs, and common agreement among individuals. Violence and use of force do not have to be part of the equation

This book describes the philosophy of Individualism for true personal freedom and provides practical ways to implement it in a society that is brainwashed to socialism and total control by governments at all levels. It emphasizes the necessity for voluntary cooperation – not compulsory obedience – to satisfy the needs of civilization at large and fulfill the desires of every person in it. The logic and morality of the methods advocated are substantiated with examples from the ways the world currently works and are demonstrated to be realistic. They aren’t just ideas I came up with all by myself. Several well-known and respected philosophers and writers like Henry David Thoreau, Ayn Rand, Max Stirner, William Godwin, and Benjamin Tucker have all embraced Individualist beliefs and have been a great inspiration to me.

Henry David Thoreau

Ayn Rand

Benjamin Tucker

Slavery was once condoned by various governments but it is now illegal and unacceptable everywhere. This major change in social values didn’t happen overnight, but gradually people realized the horrible immorality of it and now consider it an extremely reprehensible practice.

New concepts like “voluntary taxation” or “free participation” are rejected by many people as being unworkable because equal contributions and the allocation of benefits cannot be enforced, and the redistribution of wealth cannot be directed and controlled by the politicians. Yet, these methods are in use in many places in many ways today and are actually quite feasible for making good things happen. Their perceived weaknesses are actually their strengths that make them fair and usable for everyone, not just the powerful.

Slavery was accepted for most of human history, but attitudes about it have changed drastically.

Crowd funding is an example of how projects can be financed voluntarily and without the use of force. Instead of some politicians or bureaucrats, the people who are providing the money are the ones who decide which projects are funded and get done and which do not. Can you imagine if citizens could directly decide what their government taxes would support? A lot of wars might never be started, never mind go on for years and years.

Revolutionary ideas like these can be implemented right now by injecting them into the functionality of governments and large corporations the world over and eventually will prove to be more equitable and humane ways of handling the interpersonal relationships of people than direct force and coercion. No matter what your political or religious beliefs are now, these universal concepts will work for you.

People everywhere are happier when they can choose what they want for themselves. 

It’s time to move from an authoritarian-based society, one that imposes rules and causes damage and suffering when it enforces laws with strict penalties for non-conformance, to a society that is peer-based and works well because it is built on values and sound principles. This will motivate people to participate and perform in ways that are good for everyone. People are happier and a lot more productive when they do things because they want to, not because they have to do them. The freedom to choose is what enables this, and making the game a win-win-win situation is how multiple beneficial choices are created for every player in the game and success becomes the only alternative.

The ability to communicate, spread ideas, and change attitudes has never been greater than now

I don’t expect to “save the world” with this book, but I can help point the way toward a better way of living for a lot of people by influencing how they choose to value themselves, other people, and Nature itself – by simply “changing one attitude at a time.” Great ideas, when successfully put into action, will spread faster today than at any other time in history, and they can quickly become the accepted way of thinking. I’ve been working on these concepts for a long time, and the details are finally coming together. With the popularity of social media and networking at a high point, the precarious state of the global economies, and general dissatisfaction with all forms of governments now, I believe it is the right time for this book to have a meaningful and significant positive impact.

It will take more than hoping and praying to bring about significant changes for Humanity

Wishing things were different won’t change anything. The human race is in a desperate situation. It will take some effort by everyone who recognizes action is needed before it is too late to have any meaningful effect. Don’t just keep making the same mistakes over and over, letting someone else decide and control your life, all so you can barely get by while they become more wealthy. Join me NOW and help make this book become a source of inspiration and guidance to stop the march of all of civilization toward the extinction of mankind.

The time is right for this – it needs to happen NOW!

Please contribute what funds you can today, and then give me your opinions and criticisms as I complete the writing of this very important book. If you like this presentation, which is a good example of how I think and write, and if you agree with even half of what it says, you will love the book. It will be much more comprehensive and include lots of examples of how things can be improved and even drastically altered for the good of everyone by making only small but significant changes to how things are structured and done. I assure you that you will be glad you contributed to it and proud you were a part of its creation.

– Tyger Gilbert Partners with Non-Profit Chicago to Promote Crowdfunding Campaigns

26 Jun

Chicagoland’s Nonprofit Chamber of Commerce Partners with FunderHut for community-crowdfunding platform

By Robert Hoskins

The FunderHut team is very excited to announce our new partnership with Chicago Non-Profit, Chicagoland’s Nonprofit Chamber of Commerce! FunderHut is a community-crowdfunding platform, and although we’re national, what better way to start than with our own Chicago community? We’re extremely excited to be working together to make a positive impact in the community.

FunderHut's team believes the community plays an essential role in our everyday lives. Whether it's your family, your neighborhood, your social clubs, or the worldwide community, these are the people and the environment that construct who we are, so why not make it better? Our motto is Finding Unity By Funding Community.

FunderHut’s team believes the community plays an essential role in our everyday lives. Whether it’s your family, your neighborhood, your social clubs, or the worldwide community, these are the people and the environment that construct who we are, so why not make it better? Our motto is Finding Unity By Funding Community.

From networking events to educational events to fundraising events, Chicago Non-Profit is the number one resource for Chicagoland’s non-profits, using their extensive knowledge and resources to help their members achieve their goals. As fundraising continues to be a primary concern for these organizations, the idea of crowdfunding only seemed natural, and FunderHut welcomed the opportunity to help Chicago’s non-profits raise money and build awareness, as well as the added benefit of an increased donor base. The vision and vast network of Chicago Non-Profit, with non-profit categories ranging from Arts Awareness to Community Works to Medical Research, helps create a partnership with a shared mission in mind, improving our community.

What’s our goal? To provide non-profits with the resources they need to launch an online fundraising campaign, while receiving full support from the collaboration between Chicago Non-Profit and FunderHut.

As an exclusive benefit to Chicago Non-Profit members, we’re also returning 20% of the contribution fees. What this means is that not only is it absolutely free to sign up and create your campaign, but 20% will be given back to member organizations that launch their campaign on FunderHut. Offers Crowdfunders 100% Free Crowdfunding Opportunity to Launch Fundraising Campaigns with Zero Service Fees

23 Jun

Crowdvance is poised to disrupt the entire online fundraising industry by serving as the for-profit fundraising platform that passes 100% of donations received to organizations for processing and that rewards donors for their donations

By Robert Hoskins announced plans to drop the Crowdfunding service fee they deduct from donations to zero percent, down from 6.5%. By removing the company’s service fee, becomes the first for-profit online fundraising platform to be 100% free.  Most other crowdfunding and fundraising platforms continue to promote the same model: no cost to sign up, but the various platforms deduct 3-10% from donations as a service fee on top of universal credit card processing fees. Crowdvance now offers one of the the only online fundraising platforms on the planet that does not deduct an additional service fee on top of standard credit card fees. Now the Only Fundraising Platform on the Planet to not Charge a Service Fee and to Reward Donors Now the Only Fundraising Platform on the Planet to not Charge a Service Fee and to Reward Donors

“When we launched Crowdvance, we set out on a mission to help organizations run more engaging, effective, and efficient fundraisers,” said Dylan Fox, Crowdvance’s CEO.  “We got the engaging part down by rewarding donors with gifts from great national companies we partner with, but our fee was getting in the way of our company reaching all of our goals.”

Crowdvance announced this service fee reduction after completing a recent round of seed-stage financing. “After we closed our seed round, we were able to think longer term, and that’s when our team realized we wanted to go big and really change the game,” said Fox.’s 100% free model is not the only unique aspect to its fundraising platform. The company strives to be more than just a passive middle-man like other fundraising websites. It does this by forming partnerships with national companies to arrange exclusive gifts for donors to choose from as a reward for their donation. Current partners include companies like Hulu and Fathead.

“We saw that donors were getting burned out with traditional and online fundraising campaigns,” said Zachary Herman, CMO of Crowdvance. “With traditional fundraisers, small organizations are wearing out donors by trying to sell them the same bland fundraising products every year. How many tubs of popcorn or t-shirts can someone buy? And with more organizations making the switch to online fundraising, donors are experiencing fatigue. We solve that problem by rewarding donors for their good behavior. Donors can save on things like concert tickets or pro-sports tickets, or even on jewelry, as a reward for contributing through Crowdvance to an organization they care about. Plus, now a donor can have their donation go where it is intended to go.”

As the only for-profit fundraising platform that passes on 100% of donations received for processing, Crowdvance is poised to disrupt the entire online fundraising industry.

“We can support a 0% service fee because of our innovative business model,” said Fox. “We’re focusing on the value we deliver to national companies as our main business, and passing the benefits back to the organizations that use our platform to raise funds, making it entirely free.”

Crowdvance has always had a values focus. It won first place in the international Values and Ventures Business Plan Competition in April, 2013 and now the company feels even stronger about its ability to focus on its values mission.

“Over the next few months, we’re going to open the Crowdvance platform to the masses, and are going to become the standard for fundraising. Our model just makes sense,” says Fox.

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