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Fraud: Enough with the Rhetoric – Investment Crowdfunding Works. Here’s the Proof

5 Jan

A polluted rhetoric on Crowdfunding has tried emerge. It asserts that investment crowdfunding will be a cesspool of fraud, certain to bamboozle layman investors out of their hard-earned money. It proclaims crowdfunding represents a grave threat to investors, set to open a “floodgate of fraud.”  But it completely ignores the data; completely disregards the truth. The truth is: investment crowdfunding works. And using data, Jonathan Sandlund, The Cafe Crowd proves it with data from the UK’s very successful equity crowdfunding portals.

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America’s Highest Growth Companies by Industry and Region

27 Dec

Looking for research information on what will be the highest growth industry sectors and regions for the Crowdfunding industry? The future is hard to predict, but history is usually a good place to start. This infographic from the Kauffman Foundation shows the highest growth companies in America by industry sector as well as the density of their geographic location.

America's Highest Growth Companies by Industry and Region

America’s Highest Growth Companies by Industry and Region

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