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New U.S. Hybrid Rewards and Equity-Based Crowdfunding Site Based in Columbus, OH Surpasses $100 Million Milestone

17 Apr

The Fundable crowdfunding site allows entrepreneurs to launch rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns first, followed by equity crowdfunding campaigns backed by accredited equity investors

By Robert Hoskins

Columbus, OH – In a prelude to what may become the industry norm, announced that backers and accredited investors have pledged over $100 million in funding commitments for both rewards-based and equity-based crowdfunding campaigns. During the past 18 months, startups across all industries have utilized Fundable to move their businesses forward. Different from any other crowdfunding platform, Fundable is dedicated exclusively to helping businesses as they seek early stage growth capital. The crowdfunding platform claims to be receiving over 15,000 new company registrations each month.

The Fundable crowdfunding site allows entrepreneurs to launch rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns first, followed by equity crowdfunding campaigns backed by accredited equity investors

The Fundable crowdfunding site allows entrepreneurs to launch rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns first, followed by equity crowdfunding campaigns backed by accredited equity investors

According to Fundable CEO Wil Schroter, “We are thrilled with the incredible success that companies have found through Fundable. It’s amazing to see companies using funding to grow real businesses that are creating jobs and making an impact on the economy.” A veteran entrepreneur himself, Schroter has nearly 20 years of experience founding successful venture-backed startups. Schroter knew firsthand that access to early stage capital was a critical problem for emerging entrepreneurs, and wanted to create a platform to solve this.

Schroter says, “the success of Fundable’s hybrid rewards and equity system proves the need for additional expansion capital after a successful rewards campaign. Companies can prove demand for their business through a rewards campaign, and then meet demand and continue to grow through an equity crowdfunding campaign.”

Due to Kickstarter’s and Indiegogo’s lack of equity investment options,  successful crowdfunding campaigns are the taking the next step on Fundable when seeking addition rounds of funding.  For example, HIDDEN, Ube and Uncharted Play all utilized Fundable to raise additional expansion capital.

Unlike Kickstarter, which experienced a huge backlash from Oculus backers that cried foul when their early rewards -based  crowdfunding campaign raised $2.4 million dollars to launch the virtual reality computer goggles product line, Fundable can follow initial seed funding rounds with equity investment deals.

But just like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and more than another 1,000 crowdfunding platforms worldwide, Fundable is not allowed by the SEC to allow unaccredited investors to invest in equity investment deals.

Hopefully by the 3rd quarter of 2014 the rest of United States will be given the opportunity to strike it rich by investing in small startups.  If pledgers are willing to back a set of Oculus goggles for $300 to jump start a business, the same backers should certainly should have been allowed to recoup their investment when Oculus accepted a $2 billion buyout from Facebook.  According to Forbes, that $300 investment risk would have paid hobby investors a whopping $20,000 return on investment on their investment. is one of the largest business crowdfunding platforms, with over $100 million in commitments, and is dedicated exclusively to helping entrepreneurs. Different from any other crowdfunding platform, Fundable offers both rewards and equity business crowdfunding options.

In an upcoming crowdfunding trend, Fundable recently acquired LaunchRock, a premiere tool for launching startup ideas, in order to acquire over 500,000 registered startup companies, 10 million users, and 15,000 companies.

The crowdfunding site is the brain child of veteran entrepreneurs who have raised countless venture capital and angel investment rounds to finance early stage growth startups.

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To Celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the 2012 JOBS Act, Front Page PR Offers Low-Cost License Fee to Start Crowdfunding Training Classes throughout the United States

4 Apr

License Agreement offers Chambers of Commerce, SBA Offices, Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), SCORE & Startup Incubators and Business Accelerators the Opportunity to Offer Front Page PR’s Content to Launch Their Own Crowdfunding Training Programs

 By Robert Hoskins

AUSTIN, TXFront Page PR announced a new low-cost licensed crowdfunding training class that will provide non-profits, economic development, Meetup groups and government agencies such as the Small Business Administration (SBA) with the basic training materials needed to begin educating entrepreneurs, veterans, startups, small businesses, high schools, junior colleges, universities and employment agencies on how to use crowdfunding to eradicate unemployment by facilitating new businesses and creating new jobs throughout the United States.

Front Page PR is the #1 Crowdfunding PR firm in America

Front Page PR is the #1 Crowdfunding PR firm in America

For only $300 per year, licensees will receive the training materials needed to launch a crowdfunding advocacy training program in their community. The low price point should allow crowdfunding educators and experienced public speakers to break even on the very first class by charging attendees $25 or more to attend the seminar. Click here to buy a one-year license.

“Most Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) charge an average of $49 per class to attend classes on how to write a business plan, how to get a bank loan, how to seek venture capital, or how to seek alternative financing to start up a small business,” said Robert HoskinsFront Page PR’s Director of Crowdfunding Campaigns. “At this price tag, our Crowdfunding Training Program will only take six paying customers to fund a full year’s subscription. After the initial cost, training 20 people per month at $49 would generate approximately $11,460 per year in revenue.”

Front Page PR will provide free Crowdfunding Training Class Workshops for instructors who want to provide the Crowdfunding Training Class, but have no knowledge of the crowdfunding industry or experience in teaching their communities how to launch successful crowdfunding campaigns. In addition, the workshops will include free press release templates and teach instructors how to utilize cost-effective PR/media relations programs to raise awareness for the classes within the local community.

Front Page PR’s Crowdfunding Seminar materials include:

  • How to Plan a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
  • How to Conduct a Crowdfunding Competitive Analysis
  • How to Shoot a Crowdfunding Pitch Video
  • How to Write a Persuasive Crowdfunding Profile
  • How to Offer Effective Perks & Rewards
  • How to Set Up a Realistic Fundraising Goal

Even Fortune 500 corporations can get involved. Many large companies such as IBM have launched intranet crowdfunding programs to incentivize their employees. Crowdfunding campaigns can be used as an excellent research and development tool. Internal crowdfunding campaigns can be used to fast track great business ideas upward to management based on employee support, which completely bypasses the typical roadblocks that thwart innovation.

Front Page PR’s crowdfunding training class rollout will target AtlantaAustinBaltimoreBirminghamBostonCharlotteChicagoColumbusD/FWDetroitHoustonIndianapolisJacksonvilleLos AngelesMemphisMilwaukeeNew YorkPhiladelphiaPhoenixSan AntonioSan DiegoSan FranciscoSan JoseSeattleWashington, DC and Wichita. Additional markets will be added based on market demand.

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