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Who Likes Ice-Cold Beer? Crowdfunding Campaign is Offering Some Cool Deals on the World’s Coldest Coozie

23 Aug

The Coldest Cooler Coozie is an insulated, vacuum-sealed, double-walled stainless steel koozie that keeps beers and sodas ice cold for up to 12 hours

By Robert HoskinsCrowdfunding PR

White Lake, Michigan – The new Coldest Cooler Coozie works in tandem with special Coozie Ice Cubes to keep beer and soft drinks ice cold for over 12 hours and are now being offered as a Two-Pack for just $28 or $14 each via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to fund production costs. The Coldest Coozie has a watertight, screw-on top that holds any 12 0z can on top of a 2-inch thick Coozie Ice Cube. The Coldest Coozie itself is an insulated, vaccum-sealed, double-walled stainless steel koozie that keeps beers and sodas ice-cold for up to 12 hours is great for beating summertime heat. They are the perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast that likes to keep their drinks ice-cold while boating, fishing, camping, tailgating, backyard BBQs, working in the yard, or hanging out at the lake or beach.

The Coldest Coozie has a watertight, screw-on top that holds any 12 0z can on top of a 2-inch thick Coozie Ice Cube

The Coldest Coozie holds any 12 0z can on top of a 2-inch thick Coozie Ice Cube

The Coldest Cooler Coozie

A hand-held ice cooler for any beverage, the Coldest Cooler Coozie is made from stainless steel and functions similarly to any ice chest. Using ice and chilled water to lower and maintain the temperature of any drink, the Coldest Coozie’s two layers of stainless steel is vacuum sealed to achieve outstanding ice-cold water retention and that will keep ice intact for over 12 hours.

The Cookie Ice Cube is made with special ice trays in the freezer

The Cookie Ice Cubes are made with specially formed ice trays in the freezer

Coldest Coozie Ice Cubes

The secret to lowering and maintaining the temperature of any drink, the Coozie Cube is a large solid ice cube that fits perfectly at the bottom of any 12-ounce beverage can. The direct contact of the Coozie Cube with the bottom surface area of the beverage can allows maximum conduction. As a result, the temperature of the beverage inside the container is lowered and maintained.

Colder Coozie Cube Ice Trays

Made of Silicone, Coozie Cube Ice Trays make the Coozie Cubes easy to remove. Simply freeze water in the Coozie Cube Ice Tray, remove when frozen, and then place in the bottom of the Coldest Coozie to keep beverages ice-cold for hours. The special ice chamber located at the bottom of the Coldest Coozie is designed to hold one Coozie Ice Cube. These cube storage spaces feature a special ledge that secures any 12-ounce can firmly inside the Coldest Coozie and keeps it place as the ice melts.

The simplicity of the Coldest Coozie along with the ability to keep beverages ice cold for hours is what makes the Coldest Coozie unique among all other Koozies

The simplicity of the Coldest Coozie along with the freezing ability of Coozie Ice Cubes to keep beverages ice cold for hours is what makes the Coldest Coozie unique among all other Koozies

Works 5x Times Better than Plastic Ice Cubes

The simplicity of the Coldest Coozie along with the ability to keep beverages ice cold for hours is what makes the Coldest Coozie unique among all other Koozies.

The Coozie Cube lowered the temperature 5-times better than the average plastic frozen ice cubes.  The reason the Coozie Ice Cubes outperforms plastic-encased ice cubes is simple. The fluid is encased in “plastic” and plastic is more of a insulator than a conductor.  The Coozie Ice Cubes being solid ice and in direct contact with aluminum container and water are by far a better conductor of cold energy transfer to the can, which makes it the perfect cooling core within the Coldest Coozie.

After one hour the test results were as follows:

1)   The Coldest Cooler Coozie with the “Plastic Ice Cube” had a temperature drop of 6 degrees (Temperature was 69 degrees)

2)   The Coldest Cooler Coozie with the “Coozie Cube” had a temperature drop of 29 degrees) (Temperature was 46 degrees).

The Coolest Cooler Coozie and Coozie Cube Ice Trays are crowdfunding on Kickstarter right now for as low as $14 each at

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Robert Hoskins, a seasoned Front Page PR veteran provides more than twenty-five years of external communications, media relations, digital social media and SEO skills to Front Page PR’s crowdfunding PR and media relations service portfolio.
Robert Hoskins
(512) 627-6622

Mr. Robert Hoskins is a seasoned marketing veteran with a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses as well as Fortune 500 corporations launch successful marketing communications campaigns to gain market traction for a wide variety of products and services.
On a regular basis, Mr. Hoskins consults with crowdfunding campaign managers as well as crowdfunding sites, portals and platforms to deliver successful crowdfunding marketing campaigns.
Google search “Robert Hoskins Crowdfunding” to see why Mr. Hoskins is considered one of the industry’s foremost crowdfunding experts that has amassed a huge social media following, which is dedicated to supporting donation-, rewards- and equity-based crowdfunding campaigns.
Advertisement Launches 1st Equity Crowdfunding Site in Detroit for Non-Accredited Investors and Entrepreneurs

25 Feb

Under the Michigan Invests Locally Exemption (MILE) Act, New Rule Allows Non-Accredited Investors to Invest Alongside Angel Investors for 1st Time in 80 Years

By Robert Hoskins

Detroit, MI – announced that it launched the 1st equity crowdfunding site in Detroit to connect Michigan-resident investors and Michigan-based businesses that are seeking growth funding. The equity crowdfunding site is  the first portal based in Michigan to allow investors to participate in private equity investments in exciting local startups, expanding businesses, and real estate. All investors, regardless of income, are able to participate in funding the future. Investing in exciting local Michigan businesses has never been easier. 

MichiganFunders Equity Crowdfunding Site for Non-Accredited and Angel Investors

MichiganFunders Equity Crowdfunding Site for Non-Accredited and Angel Investors

Following the passage of Public Act 264, co-founders David Tessler, local attorney Jeffery Freeman, and Niles Heron partnered to build the platform, which will for the first time, open up investment opportunities to Michigan-based non-accredited investors. The site launched in February 2015 and will be open to both prospective investors and entrepreneurs. 

According to a leading research report, How Accelerators Kickstart Startup Ecosystems by TechCocktail, “In 2013, over $120 million in venture capital was invested in 40 Michigan companies, the most deals done in a single year in the past decade. The state now boasts 33 venture capital firms (50% more than 2008), $1.6 billion of capital under management, and over 90 investors (84% more than 2008). Its Q2 investments in 2014 landed it #11 among US states.”

In 2014, Google recognized the huge potential for growth in Detroit and launched Grand Circus Tech Hub located inside M@dison Block to provide financial support and resources for entrepreneurs.  The investment is a sign that even Internet Moguls do not forget their roots. Google co-founder Larry Page was born in East Lansing, less than 100 miles from Detroit, and graduated from the University of Michigan.

Equity Crowdfunding will augment Michigan’s ability to provide additional seed investment capital to their growing network of entrepreneur and startups organizations such as:

Michigan is the 10th most populated state in America, and growing yearly, with almost 10 Million residents. The state contribute’s in excess of $400 billion to the national GDP, which is more than Thailand, Austria, and a host of other countries produce for themselves yearly. Detroit was recently ranked a top-city for entrepreneurship and startups by Forbes.

The Michigan Invests Locally Exemption (MILE) opens up small business securities investments to all Michigan residents in a way not available nationally, or in the majority of other states. We’re from here, based here, and committed to working with local investors and small businesses to bridge the gaps.

“Michigan Funders firmly believes that the pursuit of dreams is an inalienable right, and should not be denied or deferred because of access or wealth. Within that is our belief that investors should be allowed access to investments, and businesses should be allowed access to capital – both within a truly democratic market,” said Niles Heron, Chief Business Development Officer at Michigan Funders.

Built on the CrowdEngine crowdfunding platform, state residents can now invest up to $10,000 per investment, per year, in startups, existing businesses, and real estate via crowdfunding platforms.

“CrowdEngine is proud to have been part of many crowdfunding ‘firsts’, and this is another key milestone in bringing equity crowdfunding to the world. This is the same technology trusted by investors and entrepreneurs around the world, but now we’re enabling a new investment experience for intrastate crowdfunding portals that is accessible, efficient, and secure,” said Jim Borzilleri, President.

Accelerators and Incubators can use CrowdEngine’s software to launch their own equity crowdfunding site that features:

  • User-Friendly Tools  – That simplify the creation, promotion and securing of new investments for small businesses.
  • Align Investors to Investments – With access to a broader range of locally based investments not limited by federal requirements of existing personal relationships, “accredited” investor status, or other federal compliance requirements.
  • Streamlined due diligence  – A new population of investors and entrepreneurs can focus more on fundraising instead of paperwork, with digitized templates, automation and e-signing during the checkout processes. 
  • Increased Convenience –  Michigan residents can now browse investments anytime, from anywhere, on any device.
  • Investor Management – Once investments are complete, companies and entrepreneurs have one simple tool for investor communication, payouts, dividends, and quarterly updates.

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To Celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the 2012 JOBS Act, Front Page PR Offers Low-Cost License Fee to Start Crowdfunding Training Classes throughout the United States

4 Apr

License Agreement offers Chambers of Commerce, SBA Offices, Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), SCORE & Startup Incubators and Business Accelerators the Opportunity to Offer Front Page PR’s Content to Launch Their Own Crowdfunding Training Programs

 By Robert Hoskins

AUSTIN, TXFront Page PR announced a new low-cost licensed crowdfunding training class that will provide non-profits, economic development, Meetup groups and government agencies such as the Small Business Administration (SBA) with the basic training materials needed to begin educating entrepreneurs, veterans, startups, small businesses, high schools, junior colleges, universities and employment agencies on how to use crowdfunding to eradicate unemployment by facilitating new businesses and creating new jobs throughout the United States.

Front Page PR is the #1 Crowdfunding PR firm in America

Front Page PR is the #1 Crowdfunding PR firm in America

For only $300 per year, licensees will receive the training materials needed to launch a crowdfunding advocacy training program in their community. The low price point should allow crowdfunding educators and experienced public speakers to break even on the very first class by charging attendees $25 or more to attend the seminar. Click here to buy a one-year license.

“Most Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) charge an average of $49 per class to attend classes on how to write a business plan, how to get a bank loan, how to seek venture capital, or how to seek alternative financing to start up a small business,” said Robert HoskinsFront Page PR’s Director of Crowdfunding Campaigns. “At this price tag, our Crowdfunding Training Program will only take six paying customers to fund a full year’s subscription. After the initial cost, training 20 people per month at $49 would generate approximately $11,460 per year in revenue.”

Front Page PR will provide free Crowdfunding Training Class Workshops for instructors who want to provide the Crowdfunding Training Class, but have no knowledge of the crowdfunding industry or experience in teaching their communities how to launch successful crowdfunding campaigns. In addition, the workshops will include free press release templates and teach instructors how to utilize cost-effective PR/media relations programs to raise awareness for the classes within the local community.

Front Page PR’s Crowdfunding Seminar materials include:

  • How to Plan a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
  • How to Conduct a Crowdfunding Competitive Analysis
  • How to Shoot a Crowdfunding Pitch Video
  • How to Write a Persuasive Crowdfunding Profile
  • How to Offer Effective Perks & Rewards
  • How to Set Up a Realistic Fundraising Goal

Even Fortune 500 corporations can get involved. Many large companies such as IBM have launched intranet crowdfunding programs to incentivize their employees. Crowdfunding campaigns can be used as an excellent research and development tool. Internal crowdfunding campaigns can be used to fast track great business ideas upward to management based on employee support, which completely bypasses the typical roadblocks that thwart innovation.

Front Page PR’s crowdfunding training class rollout will target AtlantaAustinBaltimoreBirminghamBostonCharlotteChicagoColumbusD/FWDetroitHoustonIndianapolisJacksonvilleLos AngelesMemphisMilwaukeeNew YorkPhiladelphiaPhoenixSan AntonioSan DiegoSan FranciscoSan JoseSeattleWashington, DC and Wichita. Additional markets will be added based on market demand.

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