Hourly Rates

Crowdfunding Marketing, PR and Social Media Management Services

Need help planning a crowdfunding marketing campaign?  Front Page PR provides the following services to support rewards-based, perks-based and equity-based crowdfunding marketing campaigns:

Crowdfunding Marketing Services Hourly Rate
Crowdfunding Consulting $150
Competitive Analysis $150
Crowdfunding Profiles $200
Crowdfunding Perks $200
Campaign Management $200
Media Outlet Research $150
Building Media Lists $150
Media Relations Campaigns $200
Write Press Releases $150
Develop Interview Message Maps $150
Social Media Management $75
Email Marketing Campaigns $75
WordPress Websites $100
Event Marketing/Trade Shows $150
Newswire Charge $250

In addition, we also sell white papers for $20 that allow anyone to take a short cut to knowledge on how to plan the various parts of a crowdfunding campaign, which can be purchased online with any valid credit card. Simply click on any link, pay with a credit card and you will receive a URL where each white paper can be downloaded.

Recommended Crowdfunding Tutorials:

  • $20 – How to Conduct a Crowdfunding Competitive Analysis
  • $20 – How to Shoot a Perfect Crowdfunding Pitch Video
  • $20 – How to Write a Persuasive Crowdfunding Profile
  • $20 – How to Offer Rewards/Perks to Pre-sell Products
  • $20 – How to Use Rewards/Perks for A/B Testing
  • $20 – How to Set Achievable Fundraising Goals 
  • $20 – How to Explain Planned Funds Usage
  • $20 – How to Build a Dynamite Management Team
  • $20 – How to Set Up a Press Room to Get More Media Coverage
  • $20 – How to Create a Crowdfunding Timeline

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